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    40 Things No One Ever Told You About Being "The Smart Kid"

    Not trying to be arrogant or anything, but come on, you're getting A's all over the place. But there's a lot more behind that 98 than a week of straight studying.

    1. Okay, let’s be honest: If you were homeschooled, you would have no friends.

    You're not fooling anyone. People cheating off you is a fact of life.

    2. The “dumb” (average, whatever) kids LOVED you….

    At least until they got an “A” on that test. Now it’s, “what’s your name again?”

    3. Speaking of A’s, you don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but a B IS NOT OKAY.

    4. Though there were probably at least 1 or 2 D’s that you just didn’t give a crap.

    Go post that 70 on the fridge right next to your 100 because why not.

    5. Btw, we do cheat. That's a thing. You guys are smarter than you think, Mr and Miss "Average".

    We'll never admit it, though.

    6. You either didn’t think you were as smart as everyone told you,

    And DANG those expectations made you hyperventilate.

    7. Or you knew you were smart and flaunted that ish!

    Have no shame

    8. Don't be fooled- all the humble smart kids hated the bragging smart kid just as much as everyone else.

    With a PASSION.

    9. Especially when they got that 100 while you tackled a 92. KILL ME NOW.

    You better believe they won't let this go.

    10. The teacher needs help grading after school? Well you did have a funeral to go to…

    Grandpappy would have understood.

    11. You will never love homework, but the world felt wrong without it.

    Surprise, surprise, we dreaded those English papers just as much.

    12. It was your goal at the beginning of each school year to figure out exactly what kind of student each of your teachers loved the most, and become that student.

    I BOW DOWN, oh one-who-decides-my-future.

    13. We get really confused when you call up asking what the homework was at 11 PM on a Sunday night

    Man what you been doing?

    14. Trying to find an S.O. who's just around the same smart-level as you, not cocky, and not mega boring as a challenge we rarely live up to.

    Get me some trigonometry-lovin' comedians, is that too much to ask?

    15. I'm sorry, but it is SO hard not to correct you constantly. Consider yourself lucky some of us learn self-restraint.

    16. Some of us didn’t like gym- not always because we weren’t athletic, but seriously, that class was boring and completely unuseful.

    HAHAHAHA, oh you're so funny, haha yeah-


    17. No, I don't spend all my free time reading and studying the periodic table. Don't be rude.

    18. If you came from a smart family, none of your friends ever understood their jokes, but you loved them.

    And you always had to live up to those ever-so-perfect standards. Oh, bite me.

    19. Because of this, you often found yourself making adults crack up instead of kids your own age.

    So maybe SOMETIMES we were lonely.

    20. You always felt a little far ahead of everyone else, but realized later you were so, so wrong.

    Especially when you tried to do homework with the smarter kid.

    Suddenly it all makes sense.

    21. We didn't all expect to go to Harvard and become some famous lawyer. I wanted to be a policewoman.

    Our valedictorian ended up a homeless backpacker because she wanted to. You never know.

    22. Being the smart kid that skipped a grade was an ENTIRELY different ballpark.

    Fitting in was difficult, but at least you were the cute one. Didn't make them think you were any less nerdy, though. :(

    23. You were the teacher’s favorite student, even if you knew they were a terrible teacher and hated their class.

    You weren't the teacher's pet. Everyone else just didn't seem to care. This concept confused you.

    24. You understood the teacher’s hatred of certain students, and could read their facial expressions like a pro.

    And yet they said she was, "Like meanest teacher in the whole school". Maybe she wouldn't yell at you so much and you weren't such an obnoxious imbecile, huh?

    25. But this didn’t keep you from having a little fun, even if you were kinda stuck-up.

    Being smart didn't have to mean being a goody-two-shoes

    26. The real reason you stayed in advanced classes was because they weren’t packed with the troublemakers who ruined everything.

    You actually enjoyed yourself in these classes because the kids were smart and good and the teachers loved them too, so everyone could have an awesome time doing cool projects

    27. Skipping school was all kinds of wrong and exhilarating.

    Even doctor's appointments had a vivacious thrill to stepping out of those doors while everyone else was trapped inside. Terrifying and amazing all at once.

    28. Doing well didn't make school any better...

    Shocker, we dread it like everyone else

    29. We don't think you're stupid. We're pretty much always just as confused as you are.

    Faking is an art.

    30. Stop pretending to be my friend and just ask for my homework.

    Seriously, you think you're putting in more "effort", but honestly I don't care. The fact that you think I'm so socially starved that I'd want your fake friendship is just insulting, we all know what you really want, and it's totally fine.

    31. When people complimented you on being anything other than smart, it was a glorious day.

    Not ungrateful or anything, but by now it means nothing. We know how many people are MUCH smarter.


    Other person: "Oh my gosh, you are SO smart!!"

    You: "Oh, yeah, that's great, thanks. Gonna finish those chips?"

    32. It made you sad when you couldn’t help someone understand something. It got tiring explaining, but part of you secretly loved it.

    Let me demonstrate the wide array of powers I possess, pupil.

    33. You hated the popular, smart kids. That stereotype that popular kids are always dumb was really overrated.

    How come THEY got everything? This is rigged.

    34. You tried to have lots of other interests so smart wouldn’t become your “thing”.

    And life responded with, "Well, sucks for you!"


    I have no idea what the answer, don't give me the buzzer, don't make me your team captain, please, please, please. It always ends in you realizing I haven't done any of the reading either and being all angry and disappointed. Let me pretend to know what's going on in peace.

    36. Though there were some upsides. When you guessed, you might have been wrong, but no one questioned you.

    I dunno lol :D

    37. And when you did something wrong, it was just an accident in the teacher’s eyes.

    Eat that for breakfast and top it with an A-. I'll take it.

    38. Of course, you might not be cool now, but you’d be way awesome in the “real world”

    Long as that paperwork's done, your boss doesn't give a crap how many friends you have or who's shoes you're wearing.

    39. I'm afraid to ask for help because you'll take away my "super smart and always has the answers" status.

    I can't AFFORD to not know what x is, mother!!

    40. And they thought we were just homework machines... tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Yeah, no. ;)

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