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Bridezillas Are Out, And Groomzillas Are In: Tell Me About The Most Entitled Groom You've Ever Seen

Groom·zil·la (noun): A soon-to-be groom who is overly involved with the details of his wedding and becomes extremely self-centered, demanding, or otherwise difficult to tolerate.

The term bridezillas became mainstream when the TV show Bridezillas hit our screens in 2004. And it's given us countless experiences of people dealing with absolutely wild brides.

They've even given us a few episodes dedicated to how wild the grooms themselves can get. But I just know there has to be sooo many more stories out there.

So, I wanted to ask the people of the BuzzFeed Community to share the wildest experience they've had with a groomzilla leading up to their big day.

Maybe you're the bride and your groom actually works in the wedding industry, which calls for him to be overly detailed and particular. And during the wedding planning phase, he insisted on a massive $45,000 floral budget that only consisted of orchids.

Or maybe you're a caterer, and when you met with the happy couple for their tasting, the groom complained about every little thing that was set in front of him. From the shade of the napkins that were used to the consistency of the condiments you were handing out.

Maybe you were the best man, and your best friend of 25 years explained to his wedding party that they would all need to purchase an $800 suit, a $300 pair of shoes, and $150 worth of accessories. And if anyone refused or was incapable, they just simply wouldn't be in the wedding.

Or maybe you're a wedding photographer, and when the groom thought you were taking far too many pictures of the bride and she was getting way too much attention, he promptly told you he would be docking your pay for "not doing your job."

Whatever your groomzilla story may be, I would love to know about your experience. Share your stories in the comments, and if you want to remain anonymous, feel free to fill out this form. The juiciest responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!