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Tell Me Some Unique, Interesting, Or Just Straight Up Over-The-Top Wedding Traditions From Your Culture

It's so beautiful to see how differently everyone celebrates love!

In a world with so many different kinds of people and cultures, it's exciting to think about all of the different ways something like a marriage can be celebrated among different groups of people.

So I wanted to ask the people of the BuzzFeed Community, What are some interesting and unique wedding traditions you have in your culture?

Maybe you're Indian, and as the bride, one of the ways you prepare for your wedding is by having your Mehndi ceremony with your family and having beautiful henna designs applied to your hands and feet to represent the joy and beauty of your new union.

Or maybe you're Filipino, and one of the ways your culture celebrates weddings is by having the newlyweds release two doves during the ceremony to symbolize harmony and peace in the marriage.

Maybe you're Black, and recall the traditions of the enslaved (who had no legal right to marry prior to the Civil War), and jumping the broom is the unique wedding tradition within your culture that, back then, signified the recognition of a union, but now is a way to honor your ancestors and your marriage.

No matter what interesting wedding tradition you have within your culture, I would love to know. Please feel free to let me know in the comments, or if you wish to remain anonymous, you can fill out this form. The most detailed and unique responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!