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    Posted on Nov 11, 2017

    13 Reasons Teens In Britain Are The Complete Opposite Of Teens In The US

    Going on a cute date in a park vs. drinking your body weight in cider in a park.

    1. In the US, you can start driving pretty early (even if that means just sitting on your dads lap in the front seat.)

    2. In Britain, you're lucky if even one of your friends has passed their driver's test by age 19.

    3. In the US, dating on Tinder means lots of playful flirting and compliments.

    4. In Britain, dating on Tinder means lots of outright aggression.

    5. In the US, going to a party means drinking cheap beer, playing a drinking game, and stumbling home on foot.


    6. In Britain, going to a party means a night of drunken debauchery, passing out on the couch, and waking up the next morning like nothing happened.


    7. In the US, everyone can pretty much wear whatever they want.

    Universal Pictures

    8. In Britain, everyone wears a uniform and everyone hates it.

    Warner Bros.

    9. In the US, summer vacations are spent outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

    10. In Britain, summer vacations are spent with a rain poncho in every bag just in case.

    11. In the US, going to concerts is something romantic you can do with your boo.

    12. In Britain, going to concerts is a test of your survival skills.

    A naked guy has turned up at the campsite and took a shite in someone's tent #TITP2015

    Via Twitter: @CaraWalker95

    13. In the US, you can have pizza for a school lunch and it's NBD.


    14. In Britain, if you're seen even looking at pizza in school, Jamie Oliver will personally hunt you down and force feed you celery.


    Oliver's crusade to "fix" school lunches has left a lot to be desired.

    15. In the US, it's all about making a great group costume on Halloween.

    16. But in Britain, it's all about blowing stuff up on Bonfire Night.

    17. Applying to college in the US means a separate essay (and application fee!) for every single school you apply to.

    18. When applying to universities in Britain, you just log on to UCAS, write a single statement, click submit, and you're good to go!

    19. In the US, every single test you take is hyped as the MOST IMPORTANT THING in determining your future success.

    20. In Britain, the only tests anyone cares about are the GCSEs.

    21. In the US, high school football is a national obsession.

    22. In Britain, not even athletes give a fuck.

    23. In the US, you never visit a park unless you're trying to impress a date.

    24. In Britain, you're at the park several nights a week getting blackout drunk on cider and cheap beer.

    25. To buy booze in the US, you have to know someone who knows someone who's friends with someone who has a fake ID.

    Columbia Pictures

    26. And finally, to buy booze in Britain, you just buy booze.

    Bwark Productions

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