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    22 Novembeard Beards That Belong In A Fucking Museum

    Every beard is a work of art.

    1. This sprinkle beard that puts Jackson Pollock to shame:

    2. This dog beard is literally the finest sculpted work since Michelangelo carved David from solid marble:

    3. This floral-infused beard was everything Georgia O'Keeffe ever wanted:

    4. This teapot beard probably inspired all of René Magritte's paintings:

    5. This sparkling beard that gives The Birth of Venus a run for its money:

    6. This beautiful beard is so perfect it rivals the Mona Lisa:

    7. This portrait of a beard that would make Van Gogh proud:

    8. This beard is the true encapsulation of Picasso's Blue Period:

    9. This beard is more divine than Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam:

    10. This beard's fabulous exploration of the pop art movement would make Andy Warhol jealous:

    11. These two braided beards and their perfect salute to American Gothic:

    12. This circular beard has all the wonder and beauty of The Starry Night, plus the added beauty beard hair:

    13. This subtle homage to Salvador Dali's early work is truly a living masterpiece:

    14. Just like Frida Kahlo's bold self-portraits, this beard combines realism and fantasy flawlessly:

    15. Literally every single one of Dale Chihuly's works was inspired by this masterfully sculpted beard:

    16. This reimagining of Auguste Rodin's flawless statue The Thinker, but better because there's a beard:

    17. This beard that builds upon the works of Agnes Martin and perfectly balances minimalism and style:

    18. This beard belongs in every painting Claude Monet did of the French countryside:

    19. Like an eagle in a John Trumbull painting, this beard truly soars:

    20. This surrealist beard is straight off the canvas of a Picasso painting:

    21. This beard is a stunning articulation of Raphael's ideals of human grandeur:

    22. And finally, this beard is literally just Banksy: