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    23 Jokes That Prove John Mulaney Can Make Literally Anyone Laugh

    "You could pour soup on my lap and I'll probably apologize to you."

    1. When he described the difficulties of making a birthday sign:

    2. When his dog was his best friend, but not vice versa:

    3. When he buried his feelings deep down inside:

    4. When he talked about how rude babies are:

    5. When he looked back on his childhood anxieties:

    6. When he pointed out how ridiculous modern politics can be:

    7. When he questioned dating norms:

    8. When it was pointed out that he has a penis:

    9. When he was afraid of eighth-graders:

    10. When he was worried about how much information his exes have:

    11. When he was actually the worst driver:

    12. When he knew he would never be president:

    13. When he had the body of a child:

    14. When he hated confrontation even more than the rest of us:

    15. When people were surprised he had a social life:

    16. When his love of podcasts put him in danger:

    17. When his real estate agent really wanted him to have kids:

    18. When he roasted HGTV:

    19. When he talked about his looks:

    20. When he pointed out how crime has changed:

    21. When every other person alive was more trustworthy than he was:

    22. When he maybe witnessed a miracle:

    23. And finally, when he discovered the euphoria of doing nothing: