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21 Reasons Rats Actually Make Amazing Pets

Not all rats are subway rats.

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1. Rats are the best pets. Just look at this cute little furball:

Reddit: /u/space_crafty / Via

2. They’re the coziest critters ever:

Reddit: /u/rattrash45 / Via

3. And did you know rats actually care a lot about democracy? Because they do:

Reddit: /u/nthny / Via

5. Rats also manage to be cute even while sleeping:

Reddit: /u/barc0des / Via

6. They're playful and curious lil' creatures:

Reddit: /u/ugh899 / Via

7. Rats are the perfect pet to lovingly smoosh:

Reddit: /u/___staxx / Via

8. They eat with tiny pink feet and it's certifiably adorable:

Reddit: /u/dkl2305 / Via

9. They love to play games, such as tug-of-war:

Reddit: /u/taupro / Via

10. Rats can make anywhere their home:

Instagram: @jillfenimoreblythe

11. They're peaceful little angels:

Instagram: @ratlover1994

12. Rats have extremely boop-able faces:

Instagram: @htriine

14. They are constantly seeking adventure:

Reddit: /u/leventhalo / Via

15. Rats are downright expressive:

Instagram: @rattoffeln

16. You can dress them up in tiny lil' clothes:

Instagram: @yumimi000

18. They are easy to care for, so having more than one is totally manageable:

Instagram: @rats_and_cats_story

19. Their eyes are pools of pure affection:

Instagram: @daisy_rattie

20. They aren't all one color and actually have a variety of fur patterns:

Instagram: @thetoastfiend

21. And finally, all they want in return is your love:

Instagram: @a_rat_named_orky

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