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    If You’re A Perfectionist These 24 Photos Will Bother You Way More Than They Should

    These will ruin you.

    1. This homescreen that someone actually chooses to live with everyday:

    2. This cheesecake that was cut by an absolute monster:

    3. These foods that were torn open by Satan himself:

    4. This misplaced tile that is, unquestionably, the worst mistake humankind has ever made:

    5. This silverware drawer that is truly the stuff of nightmares:

    6. This egg that was absolutely peeled by a garbage human:

    7. These chocolate-covered strawberries that just make you want to close your eyes and sigh:

    8. This beautiful puzzle missing one piece that proves once and for all that life isn't fair:

    9. This flash drive that blocks off two ports and also makes you want to scream until you're hoarse:

    10. This calendar that includes Cake Day, Pizza Day, and Cyber Monday, but does NOT include November 28:

    11. The dollar bills crammed into this wallet because I guess being able to easily access your money is overrated:

    12. The screen protectors placed on this tablet in the worst way possible:

    13. This "parking professional" that doesn't give a fuck about your happiness:

    14. These pencils that make you wonder, "What did I do to deserve this?":

    15. The snow on this basketball hoop is actually just Mother Nature laughing at your misery:

    16. The arrangement of these Game of Thrones books that's even more upsetting than waiting 8+ years for the new one:

    17. These DVD covers that laugh at your pain:

    18. The position of these light switches that makes you want to live in total darkness:

    19. This deck that's nauseating to even look at:

    20. This ball was supposed to bring fun and joy, but instead brings only anxiety and pain:

    21. Finally, this...this...thing. We don't deserve this kind of pain: