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2017 Was Pretty Much The Same Year As 1997 And Here's Proof

Time is a flat circle.

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1. Titanic returned to theaters because apparently being one of the highest-grossing movies of all time still isn't enough:

2. Brad Pitt proved that true love cannot exist in this world AGAIN:

3. We’ve once again made the absurd choice to wear an insane amount of denim:

4. Just like in '97, everyone is freaking out over Nintendo’s new console and subsequent Mario game:


5. Our shoes have an extra four inches on the bottom, just like they did 20 years ago:

6. Audiences again flocked to theaters to see Batman star in a movie that was panned by critics:

7. Winona Ryder is still fighting supernatural nonsense 20 years later:

20th Century Fox, Netflix

In 1997 Winona fought off aliens as Annalee Call in Alien: Resurrection and in 2017 she battled basically everything as Joyce Byers in Stranger Things.

8. Kids' taste in toys hasn't changed a single bit, and here's proof:


9. Blink-182 put out a new album in 2017, and just like in 1997, you love it:

10. We gave overalls yet another undeserved moment in the spotlight:

11. Chokers also made a comeback. And probably not for the better:

12. Honestly, 2017 pretty much stole all of its fashion inspiration from the '90s:


13. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon continued to look very uncomfortable at the Oscars:

14. Even after 20 years, Harry Potter still has the biggest fandom in the entire universe and you can fight me on that:

15. South Park is still on the air and still causing controversy:

16. O.J. Simpson is back in the headlines:

Pool / Getty Images, Pool / AFP / Getty Images

In 1997, O.J. Simpson was on trial in a civil case for the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, and in 2017 he was granted parole after spending nine years in prison for kidnapping and armed robbery.

17. And finally, just like in 1997, the Backstreet Boys are still selling out shows: