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15 Comics For Anyone Struggling To Explain What It Means To Be Queer

G is not the only letter in LGBTQ.

1. Explaining a gay relationship can already be daunting.

2. Let alone explaining the more complicated nuances about queerness.

Poly In Pictures comics by Cassian.

3. Or being trans.

4. Or any number of deeply personal romantic alignments unfamiliar to most.

5. There's benefit in naming each identity.

Comic by KateOrDie (Kate Leth).

6. In that knowing they exist alleviates some measure of loneliness.

7. Words can be used in ways that broaden — rather than restrict — everyone's happiness and choices.

"There is a will to power in nomenclature." —Ihab Hassan.

Comic by Erika Moen.

8. This can take time for you to discover.

Comic by KateOrDie (Kate Leth).

9. Or to explain to others.

10. That doesn't mean you choose your partners that much differently than others.

11. Queer should make these questions obsolete.

12. Because it's about not trapping anyone in set binaries.

13. And making more people feel at home in the LGBTQ community.


15. As well as everywhere else.