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21 Reasons Why Your Friendship Group Needs Their Own TV Show

The Kardashians? The Real Housewives? Those suckers have nothing on the entertaining drama that is your group of friends.

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1. You love being in front of the camera.

2. There is one person within your group that everybody else secretly talks about.

3. You've tried to class it up by having a dinner party or going to a nice bar, but things always end up trashy.

4. There have been hook-ups between the group.

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5. There is an underlying resentment between at least 2 members of your friendship group.

6. One of you is legit crazy.

7. One of you has a secret that your friends pretend not to know about.

8. You proclaim that you hate drama, and then proceed to cut a bitch.

9. One of you has an addiction problem.

10. You are experts at throwing shade.

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11. You've heard that other people talk shit about your group and you couldn't care less.

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12. Before a night out, you all look like this...

...but by the end of the night, you look like this.

13. You love each other like family, until one of you crosses another and then your fights just get straight up nasty.

14. One of you has a boyfriend/girlfriend that the others just don’t like.

15. You can talk for weeks about a potential hook-up.

16. The only people you need at a party are each other.

17. One of you has crazy career goals that the others just cannot see happening.

18. There's been a group vacation where shit just got weird.

19. One of you changes boyfriends/girlfriends faster than the rest of the group can keep up with.

20. You've been through some crazy hard times together...

21...But in the end, as long as you've got each other, nothing else matters.

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