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Proof That "Daredevil" And "Game Of Thrones" Are Basically The Same Show

You'd have to be blind not to see it.

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Before we start it’s important to stress just how many spoilers there are for both “Daredevil” and “Game of Thrones.” Seriously if you aren’t caught up on both shows DO NOT READ. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

1. The similarities being right away, with the shows' practically identical title sequences.

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Here's the iconic opening sequence for Game of Thrones, buildings and landmarks are created from nothing, each possessing its own unique style and charm...

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And here is the opening sequence of Daredevil, where buildings and landmarks are created from nothing and each has its own unique style and charm.

Kinda reminds you of a certain Game of Thrones character doesn't it?

4. Let's take a look at that soft-spoken bald man that seems to know everything about everything.

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Which soft spoken bald man who knows everything about everything, you ask? I'd tell you if I could tell them apart.

5. Remember that super badass fight between Daredevil and hitman John Healy at the end of episode three? That battle ended in a pretty memorable way…

6. Still not convinced? Let's look at when that gigantic monster of a man that crushes the skull of another living person in a fit of rage.

Which show does that refer too? Both. I'm talking about both shows. That exact thing happens in both Daredevil and Game Of Thrones.

And here's The Mountain, another gigantic monster of a man crushing the skull of Oberyn Martell:


Sure, Fisk used a car door to get the job done, but he still straight up mushed a dudes face into pulp. If The Mountain had access to a car door he probably would have done the same thing.

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