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12 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Are, Like, Fine


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2. Jim Halpert as 3-Hole Punch Jim


How to: Cut out three large black circles and tape them to a white button down shirt. Also have messy hair because this was Jim from season two and Jim had messy hair in season two.

3. Shia LaBeouf

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

How to: Write "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE" on a paper bag. And make sure you tweet Shia about it because he's legit not famous anymore and he'd love to feel appreciated.

7. Adele's Ex-Boyfriend

AdeleVEVO / Via

How to: Get a flip phone, never answer it, and tell everyone that Adele will not stop calling you. Also the ringtone should be "Hello." Not necessary for the costume but the song is dope af and you should take any chance you get to have it playing every moment of the day.

8. Regina George

Paramount Pictures

How to: Cut holes in a tank-top so your bra shows through. Just remember, this year Halloween falls on a Monday -- NOT A WEDNESDAY -- so you should probably avoid the color pink.

9. Bernie Sanders

BernieSanders / Via

How to: Get a pair of glasses, put on a bald cap, tape as much pillow fluff to your head as possible, then proceed to spend the whole night yelling about your student loans.

10. Chad from "The Bachelorette"


How to: Constantly be eating deli meat. Like an absurd amount of deli meat. So much deli meat people will be coming up to you asking where its all coming from. Also, just be a huge jerk.

11. Eleven from "Stranger Things"


How to: Listen, you probably don't have the time to shave your head, get some fake blood to put under your nose, and find a dope 80's outfit... So you're just going to carry around a box of Eggo Waffles.

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