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    11 Secret Handshakes You And Your Bestie Should Learn

    A handshake seals a deal, but a secret handshake seals a friendship.

    11. The "Low-Key Bromance" Handshake

    10. The "Spit-take" Handshake

    9. The "Locked And Loaded" Handshake

    8. The "Lovers Embrace" Handshake

    7. The "Home Run!" Handshake

    6. The "Triple Scoop" Handshake

    5. The "Look Ma! No Hands!" Handshake

    4. The “Freefalling From 10,000 Feet Is Pretty Damn Sweet” Handshake

    3. The "It Doesn't Need To Be Elaborate When You're God-fucking-zilla" Handshake

    2. The "If You’re Not Batman, GTFO" Handshake

    1. The “None Of My Friends Wanted To Spend Two Hours Coordinating An Elaborate Handshake And I’m Actually Pretty Pissed About It” Handshake