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    11 Secret Handshakes You And Your Bestie Should Learn

    A handshake seals a deal, but a secret handshake seals a friendship.

    11. The "Low-Key Bromance" Handshake

    VishalHussain / Via

    Be honest, the first time you saw this you immediately tried to replicate it. As you should.

    10. The "Spit-take" Handshake

    theDOMINICshow / Via

    Actually spitting is optional.

    9. The "Locked And Loaded" Handshake

    RogerProductions / Via

    8. The "Lovers Embrace" Handshake

    Ryan and Alexis / Via

    Best to only do this one with someone your actually dating. Strangers don't appreciate it.

    7. The "Home Run!" Handshake

    David Sobey / Via

    6. The "Triple Scoop" Handshake

    Koo Koo Kanga Roo / Via

    People say this ice cream inspired shake is really ~cool~.

    5. The "Look Ma! No Hands!" Handshake

    Comedy Central / Via

    4. The “Freefalling From 10,000 Feet Is Pretty Damn Sweet” Handshake


    3. The "It Doesn't Need To Be Elaborate When You're God-fucking-zilla" Handshake


    Or if your Bryan Cranston.

    2. The "If You’re Not Batman, GTFO" Handshake


    1. The “None Of My Friends Wanted To Spend Two Hours Coordinating An Elaborate Handshake And I’m Actually Pretty Pissed About It” Handshake


    "Whatever, I didn't even want to have a cool secret handshake. It's fine."

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