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11 Fights You Never Expected To Have With Your College Roommate

Because your roommate can be both your best friend, and your worst enemy.

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11. Sure, everyone argues about doing the dishes.


This ones a given.

10. But shits gonna get real when they drink all your beer.

Rebel America / Via

It gets worse when they try and repay you with Natty Light.

9. And theres gonna be a hella big fight when you find out your roommate has been using your razor for a week.

Hellsweirdo / Via

Fight about it. Be mad. But do yourself a favor and don't ask what they were using it for. You don't want to know.

8. Eventually they’re going to have waaaaay too much shit in the fridge and you won’t be able to find any of your food. That'll be a big fight.

Liz90Lemon / Via

7. There will be a time when your roommate only buys single-ply toilet paper and it lasts barely half a sitting.


You and your butt will never be so angry.

6. You two will fight when your roommate gets cast as one of the Ghosts from Macbeth and took it WAY to seriously.

MEM / Via

"I was a business major, Chet! But my true calling is the stage!"

5. Your roommate is going to have loud sex. It will be traumatizing. And you’re gonna be pissed.

King Nidj / Via

4. You never imagined having a fight about when the last time your roommate showered was. But you will.


"Deodorant is basically the same thing!" No... No it's not.

3. When, five minutes before class, they ask you to summarize the 100 pages of reading that was due, you're actually going to explode.

amazon / Via

"What?! I'm only asking for, like, the basics!"

2. The first time they set off the fire alarm from cooking is fine. But the 500th time? Heads will roll.

Nx10 / Via

"I like a little char, okay! It tastes better that way!"

1. But the biggest fight you have will be after they COMPLETELY screw up your Netflix queue.


You won't talk for weeks.

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