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11 Cheap Beers Ranked From Worst To Best

Best being a relative term. None of them are that great.

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11. Natural Light

Siggi Churchill / Via Flickr: siggichurchill

Sure, everyone wants a cheap way to get drunk in college. But spare yourself because this is the worst of the worst. Spend a little more and avoid this "beer." Forever.

Pros: Don't lie to yourself. There is nothing redeeming about Natty Light.

Cons: EVERYTHING! It's just terrible.

10. Bud Light Lime

Rebecca Bollwitt / Via Flickr: miss604

This is a beer that even the Bros have a hard time defending. It's got a flavor that rivals stale urine. You can try and cover it up by adding all the lime you want but you're not fooling anyone. Plus, it's not even that cheap.

Pros: It isn't Natty Light.

Cons: It's Bud Light Lime...

9. Keystone Light

Bob Simmons / Via Flickr: tuaussi

Another "beer" that is incredibly inexpensive. Here's the thing: you're basically just drinking seltzer water with some added color.

Pros: 30-rack is basically free.

Cons: Could turn even the most pristine and well-kept home into a disgusting frat house.

8. Bud Light

Ron / Via Flickr: jus-playn-ron

This is the type of beer you can binge drink all day and somehow still remain sober. Bud Light is water posing as beer. Line up the cups for beer pong because that's all it's good for.

Pros: Perfect for drinking games.

Cons: You'll be peeing every nine and a half minutes from the second you take your first sip.


7. Coors Light

Nilo S. Miranda II / Via Flickr: nilomiranda2

In the same vain as Bud Light, but somehow feels less trashy (just not by much.) A decent choice to drink at your college party, just remember your underage sibling is drinking the same thing at their high school party.

Pros: You won't be judged that hard for drinking it.

Cons: The selling point for this beer is, "LOOK HOW COLD IT GETS!" That speaks volumes.

6. Budweiser

Thomas Hawk / Via Flickr: thomashawk

Budweiser! The King of Beers! But, as with all monarchs, that title is self appointed and not exactly reflective of the peoples' beliefs.

Pros: It's sold at every sporting event everywhere.

Cons: It's popularity has raised its price higher than it has any right being.

5. Rolling Rock

Dan Tantrum / Via Flickr: tantrum_dan

This beer kinda tastes like sweet corn and bread? But, hey, at least we finally have a beer that tastes like something.

Pros: It's cheap and gets you hammered real quick.

Cons: Skunks up real quick, too.

4. Coors Banquet Beer


It's a light beer. A very, very, very, very, very, very light beer. But that still qualifies! If you are aiming for Coors, this is the version to drink.

Pros: It is what Coors Light wishes it could be.

Cons: Coors Light is still cheaper and more popular.


3. Miller High Life

Patrick Haney / Via Flickr: splat

The Champagne of Beers! That means it's fancy right? No, not at all. But it's cheap, and has a flavor that actually resembles beer! So drink up!

Pros: Chug-able, sip-able, shotgun-able. It's a solid beer.

Cons: Prepare to spend the entire next day on the toilet.

2. Pabst Blue Ribbon

Chad Nicholson / Via Flickr: icopythat

The beer has recently developed somewhat of a hipster following, which has made it slightly less popular. But the beer itself is actually not that bad! It's been around for over 150 years and will be around for another 150 as long as college bros need a cheap way to get drunk. Some things never change.

Pros: It's cheap, it's good, and it's sold EVERYWHERE!

Cons: Someone will call you a hipster douche bag—right before they take one for themselves.

1. Yuengling Lager

Dave Buchhofer / Via Flickr: vsai

Finally! A beer that tastes how a beer should taste! Drink it at a party, a Barbecue, or watching the game with friends. This is an all-purpose beer that you can drink lots of at any location! Or just drink one. (That's right! Real beer doesn't have to be consumed by the 30-rack.)

Pros: It's actually, you know, beer!

Cons: It's a little more expensive. But so what! Spend the extra $2.75 and get a case of good beer for your party. Stop drinking slightly-alcoholic water!

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