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Are You More RA On Duty Or RA On Booty?


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  1. You're thirsty and it's 10:30pm on a Tuesday after a staff meeting. What do you decide to drink?

    Water from your reuseable water bottle
    Vodka Redbull
    Adult grape juice
    Nothing. I go straight to bed after staff meetings because I am so done with everything
  2. Thoughts on sleep?

    I don't sleep unless I plan on waking up still drunk
    I hardly sleep at all, but I recognize its importance
    Fuck that honestly
    I really need a solid 8 hours in order to function
  3. Do you like to fight people?

    I was born to fight
    I sometimes get annoyed, but I wouldn't actually hurt a fly
    I almost fought someone in the Admo Mcdonalds bc she was wearing this super shiny jumpsuit
    Fighting is just an expression I use
  4. You wake up feeling sluggish with a few regrets. What's up?

    I forgot my name tag when I went to document the residents having sex on the 4th floor at 3am. Ugh
    You texted someone you shouldn't have and probably said something bad, but don't worry-- you always delete risky texts before you pass out so you won't see them later!
    What's a regret. I lived my best life
    I couldn't sleep because I was worried about my relations with others and a weird interaction I had a few days ago :(
  5. You lost your voice because of a bad cold :( What do you do?

    Blame it on the weather changes and take a nap
    Blame it on the weather changes and take a nap-- then go to a formal, get someone sick, sleep, and then go to two frat parties the night after
    I don't get sick, just under the weather
    Blame it on one of the 50 freshmen you live with because you can't handle those hooligans anymore
  6. Someone asks you if you like being an RA, what do you say?

    Yes! It's honestly been such a transformative experience that allowed me to grow and develop as a person. My residents are great, and while duty can be rough, overall it's such a great experience!
    Free housing
    I love some of my residents and the $300 stipend is cool I guess
    Who wouldn't love working for Ayyyyyyyyyyeeee-ch DP
  7. What's one word your friend's use to describe you?

    Resident Assistant
  8. What's your hidden superpower??

    Being a safe space!
    Mixing the perfect drink
    Being able to smell weed from a mile away
  9. Any advice for the class of 2020?

    Shower Shoes!
    Floorcest isn't good (once you get exposed)
    Frat house shoes (seriously)
    Make some friends outside of your floor :)
  10. What's your catchphrase?

    "Lean into discomfort"
    "Let's look at the intent vs. impact of....."
    "Live your best life"
    Basically anything I say while drunk
  11. What'd you give up for lent?

    Soda (unless it was spiked)
  12. Pick a snack

    Sour Patch Kids
    Sour Patch Kids
    White Cheddar Popcorn
    White Cheddar Popcorn

Are You More RA On Duty Or RA On Booty?

You got: RA on Duty

Congrats! You're the RA on Duty! You try to be responsible and stick to your roots as "the good kid." You're most likely either currently on duty and dealing with resident's shit (sometimes literally) or you're off duty making some lame HDP joke and going to one of your many meetings that take up too much of your time. You act really stressed 9 days of the week, but underneath it all you don't care enough to be stressed. You need consistent reminders that people don't hate you. Your room is usually always clean, but every time someone enters your room you apologize that it's a mess. Strengths: Responsible and kind. Weaknesses: Gluten, emotions, boys.

RA on Duty
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You got: RA on Booty

AYYYYEEOOO you da RA on BOOOOOTY!!! You really know how to make some (fun) mistakes at least 4 (sometimes more) nights a week. You were sheltered as a child, so all that pent up angst is ready to be let loose ;) Strengths: Getting low, rapping Nicki Minaj flawlessly, knowing where the toilets are at all the parties and clubs, and making a mean mixed drink. Weaknesses: Sending regrettable snapchats and texts, crying a lot, sweating, and being sore the next day for unexplained reasons

RA on Booty
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