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Owls Have Higher IQ?

If you carefully observe your own and the surrounding people's habit of living, it is not difficult to find this: there are two types of people in the world. The first sort, They usually sleep very early and quickly. They go to sleep and soon fall into the sleeping state. Getting up early is no difficulty for them, while late sleep is very hard for them.The second category, full of energy at night. They are usually used to sleep late, and generally take longer to fall asleep. In addition, they usually in the early morning hours before they really enter the most deep sleep. Getting up early is very difficult for them, and late sleep is no difficulty for them.

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Psychologists call the first class "morningness" and are also known as "lark", while the second is called "eveningness", commonly known as "owl" (Horne & Ostberg, 1976; Taillard , Philip, Chastang, & Bioulac, 2004).

As the morning / night type of people, whether you have the following characteristics?

Morning people are more responsible - night people prefer to stimulate

Morning people are more responsible than the night, and are more likely to be "get along" by others. In addition, the study also found that the openness of the night and the level of extroversion is also higher, while the morning type of emotional stability level higher. In other words, the night owls are more like fresh stimulation, but also relatively more like social activities, but more people are considered to get along well, and early birds are often less sensitive to the outside world, more calm, calm.

Morning type more self-discipline VS. Night type of people more creative

Morning people are usually more sense of justice, self-control is also stronger. Not only that, they also respect the authority, good at teamwork. In social situations, they tend to behave in a decent manner, behaved as appropriate, and very concerned about whether they can give others a good impression.

Night-type people are usually more creative, against the rigid. At the same time, they pursue independence, dare to take risks and accept challenges. In addition, they do not like to follow others or drift. It can be said that the way night-type doing things is more innovative.

Morning type of people better academic performance VS. Night type people IQ higher

Night-type people with cognitive, intellectual and academic research related to the study found that those "night people" often in the short-term memory, cognitive ability (especially spatial cognitive ability) on the performance of better, IQ is also higher. However, those "morning people" have a better academic performance. This may be because the current social norms for the morning people are more favorable, the night of people's rest is often so that they encounter a lot of inconveniences.

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