Is That Who I Think It Is On Live Links Commercial?


I’m sure you all know who this is… and if you don’t (which pretty much confirms you live under a rock), this is Evangeline Lilly.

She’s known for her role in popular show Lost and movies like Real Steel and The Hurt Locker.

I mean…obviously she’s totes beautiful.

COME ON, LOOK AT THAT DIMPLE! Geezuuussss moses. And this is all beside the fact that she looks super adorable sticking out her tongue.

Ugh…I feels you, I pretty much despise my genes right now too.

But little did all of you know, behind those mesmerizing eyes lies a deep, dark, little secret….

Yup, little Miss Evangeline was on the infamous Live Links Commercial.

Live Links is a networking source you use to call random creepy people to talk about random creepy things in hopes that the both of you can live happily creepy together forever. A litttttttle creepy, am I riiiiiight? You know those sketchy commercials you come across during after hours when your body just refuses to let you sleep? Yeah, she was on one of those. WHY EVANGELINE? WHY?

Not gonna lie, just a little forever unclean…


Did I totes ruin your day? I’m sorry. Please take this ghastly Education Connection Commercial featuring Shannen Doherty as a token of my appreciation. (LOL, I swear I laugh every time I watch it)

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