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    19 Funny Dads Who Solved A Problem In Their Own Unique Way

    The true fathers of invention.

    1. This dad who 'seas'ed an opportunity.

    My dad bought a snorkel for the sole purpose of taking naps in the pool

    2. This dad who wanted to ball—but not too hard.

    crunkgirl7 / Via

    3. And this dad who is used to a large mess.

    My breakfast burrito is leaking and I don't have any napkins in the car. #dadhacks

    4. This dad who reached a new level in multitasking.

    ducstarr07 / Via

    5. And this dad who added his own flair to his daughter's hair.

    wowrestricted / Via

    6. This dad who supported his daughter through all the highs and lows.

    Zena Levine Gay / Via

    7. This dad who had a light bulb moment.

    123Reddit123 / Via

    "I know dads are meant to be embarrassing but mine just takes the cake. When in Hollister please do not complain about how dark it is and then retrieve a head torch from your pocket and continue to shop amongst the Christmas crowd as if completely normal."

    8. This dad who is not tooth fairy approved.

    theone1221 / Via

    9. This dad who hacked Snapchat's filter game.

    sent my dad this... so he sends me this...

    10. And this dad didn't beat around the bush when it came to this invention.

    11. This dad who knew better than to just wing it with a toddler on an airplane.

    throatfrog / Via

    12. This dad who wasn't bugged by this fly swatter.

    thefoxsay / Via

    13. This dad who wanted to make sure his son was having a 'wheelie' good time.

    SlimJones123 / Via

    14. This dad who didn't see problems—only solutions.

    Told my dad I ripped my pants, this was his solution #dadhacks @123schoy

    15. This dad who got cheesy—but not in the good way—when he had to get out the macaroni his son stuck up his nose.

    natsdorf / Via

    16. And this dad who really had his thinking cap on.

    StephenKingSize / Via

    17. This dad who definitely put safety first.

    earphone4 / Via

    18. While this dad did not.

    JF_112 / Via

    19. And finally, John Legend. He proved that celebrity dads can hack it with the rest of them as he tried to get his daughter, Luna, to take a good passport photo.