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    Browns Win The Game But Possum Steals The Show

    We're not playing possum. This really happened.

    As many fans gathered in the stadium for the Jets vs. Browns game, a different kind of visitor appeared.

    Update: there’s an opossum in section 101 with security trying to corral it. Tonight is the night.

    Yep. An opossum, minding his own business, suddenly became a spectator/spectacle.

    guys... there was an opossum in the stands at #NYJvsCLE... an OPOSSUM. (📹: @KaitlynT0068)

    The possum seemed to be at a loss as to how he had landed himself in such a situation, and finally a fan decided to take matters into his own hands—literally:

    LOOK 👏 AT 👏 HIM 👏 GO 👏

    Twitter couldn't get enough of this funny critter.

    Best part of the Browns / Jets game tonight? The savage in the stands that caught the possum and boxed it up for the maintenance staff.

    @benmaller Q: What do the New York Jets and possums have in common? A: Both play dead at home and get killed on the road

    Man, the Browns found a franchise quarterback and a fan caught a possum in the upper deck. Pretty productive night in Cleveland.

    And, turns out, the possum may be a good luck charm as the Browns took home a win for the first time in 635 days!

    FINAL: The @Browns WIN! #Browns #NYJvsCLE (by @Lexus)

    This confused marsupial has been lovingly dubbed the "Rally Possum" by fans, and even has his own Twitter.