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10 Things That Take Longer Than Checking In On Someone Special

#NowMoreThanEver we need each other. It takes just 15 seconds to text someone that you’re thinking of them.

1. Washing your hands.

2. Microwaving leftovers.

3. Appeasing that stubborn NPC on your video game.

4. Dyeing your own hair.

5. Signing up to foster a pet.

6. Moving furniture to work out.

7. Untangling your mask.

8. Deciding to read and then give up on a book.

9. Actively missing someone special.

10. Reading this post!

Check in on someone special RIGHT NOW! Whether it's a grandparent, friend, or old roommate, we need each other. Learn how The Connections Project is keeping people together #NowMoreThanEver.