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10 Things That Take Longer Than Checking In On Someone Special

#NowMoreThanEver we need each other. It takes just 15 seconds to text someone that you’re thinking of them.

1. Washing your hands.

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It's socially responsible to wash your hands for 20 seconds, but if you want extra credit, once your hands are clean, why not spend another 20 seconds to pop off some texts to some people you love?

2. Microwaving leftovers.

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You're cooking a lot more than you used to, which means you're also microwaving a lot of leftovers. After you hit the "Add 30 sec" button for the third time, why not hit someone up you haven't talked to in a long time.

3. Appeasing that stubborn NPC on your video game.

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No matter how many mini-missions you do or treasures you bring to the non-player character in that video game you've been playing, they're never going to text you when you're in need. Why not do a quick side quest and talk to someone real for a bit?

4. Dyeing your own hair.

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It's perfectly natural to want to experiment with your looks during this weird time. But maybe you should consult some friends on what color looks the most flattering on you before going full anime character.

5. Signing up to foster a pet.

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While you're cooped up inside, you're understandably brimming with affection that you want to shower onto an animal. But until cats learn how to video-chat, it's probably quicker to shower affection onto a human you like.

6. Moving furniture to work out.

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You thought it was hard enough to motivate yourself when the gyms were open, but the prospect of exercising is even less enticing now that you have to exert yourself to make space before the actual workout! How about you just keep the couch where it is and exercise your fingers by chatting with someone who motivates you.

7. Untangling your mask.

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It is proven that the tighter the knot on your mask, the better they work. Of course, you have to untie it to take it off...or you can just leave that for later and call mom.

8. Deciding to read and then give up on a book.

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An upside of all this is it gives you plenty of time to read! But turns out, time wasn't what was keeping your from rediscovering the classics of literature. During the time between you opening a book faux-whimsically and closing it out of defeat, you could easily read one of your dad's long emails and send him a reply.

9. Actively missing someone special.

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Ever just actively think about someone, the good times you had together, the trials you struggled through with them at your side? This doesn't have to be a solo activity! As soon as you miss someone, let them know, because chances are they miss you too!

10. Reading this post!

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You've made it to the end. Reading 10 items doesn't take a whole lot of time, but checking in on someone you love takes even less time, and it's a more meaningful use of your downtime.

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