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#ThinkDoLead: 11 Epic Moments From Inauguration Weekend

On April 5, 2014, Connecticut College celebrated the Inauguration of Katherine Bergeron as its 11th President. Take a look back at the 11 most amazing moments from the weeklong celebration.

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1. The most important selfie in Connecticut College history, starring @PresidentBergeron and @ConnCollSGA

@PresidentBergeron is among a handful of college presidents on Instagram. President Bergeron captures the beauty of campus from her artistic perspective.

2. The Inauguration Camel Cookie

Designed especially for Inauguration weekend, the iconic Camel Cookie was given the presidential treatment. The addition of an eighth note honored President Bergeron, a music historian.

4. Liza Talusan '97 gets the audience pumped with a “Connecticut College welcome”

Liza helped the audience let loose and welcome President Bergeron with heartfelt applause and cheers. Liza also represented Stonehill College as one of 104 delegates representing 100 colleges, universities and learned societies.

5. Evert's amazing speech

Evert Fowle '14, student government association president, gave an inspiring, humorous greeting recounting the first time he met President Bergeron. He used the "think, do, lead" approach to calm his nerves. "Mr. Fowle," he said to himself, "do not mess this up."

He stuck out his hand, but was greeted with a hug. "On behalf of the student body, I welcome you to Connecticut College, and I hope every Camel has the opportunity to hug you like I did."

6. The hug between mentor and mentee

Ruth J. Simmons, president emerita and professor of comparative literature and Africana studies at Brown University -- and mentor of President Bergeron -- gave the keynote address. They shared a heartfelt hug after the address.

8. That moment of beaming pride

President Bergeron's face says it all.

9. "Transplanted by a River," the Inaugural Address

10. President Bergeron taking the lead on the Alma Mater

President Bergeron broke into professor mode for a brief second during the Alma Mater, as she encouraged the audience to sing along. Her powerful mezzo-soprano voice could be heard clearly, to the delight of the audience.

11. All five presidents posing together

President Bergeron was joined for a photograph by past presidents Oakes Ames, Claire L. Gaudiani '66, Norman Fainstein and Leo I. Higdon, Jr.

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