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14 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Take A Dating Hiatus

I think we're on to something.

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13. You realize you can't keep doing this to yourself.


Building yourself up in anticipation before each date, only to be disappointed every single time. It is mentally and emotionally draining. You are exhausted. This needs to stop.


10. First up, let's take down all those online dating profiles.

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You're a little apprehensive at first. After all, you’ve spent months perfecting your profile. What if “the one” decides to join OkCupid or just as you take down your masterpiece? And then you remember your last four dates. Oh yeah, we’re doing this.

9. Now it’s time to get rid of all those crushes you follow on Facebook. You know, the ones you’re only friends with because you hope they’ll see how witty and quirky you are through your fun status updates and eventually ask you to hang out?

7. When the weekend arrives, you realize you can do whatever you want.


No need to make plans, get gussied up, tell your life story for the umpteenth time. You don’t even have to pretend you’re interested in everything they’re saying and fake laugh all night!


5. Now that your mind isn’t preoccupied with finding “the one,” you can dedicate more time to doing things you enjoy!


Catch up on your reading, play some video games, have a weekend-long Netflix and pizza binge. Or just sleep the day away!

3. Without the constant pressure of worrying what other people think of you, you become reacquainted with… yourself.

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No more keeping up façades in case you need to suddenly flirt and convince someone you’re not a lunatic.

1. With your newfound awesomeness, you know that when you do decide to start dating again, it’s going to be on your terms, and you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for...

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