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    • ConcernedUNstaff

      Matthew Russell Lee is not ‘eccentric’ or just ‘odd’,Ithink he is mentally sick.Ithink like all jobs requireahealthy state of mind and mental health and this should also apply to being accredited asajournalist.Ihave read the other comments posted and you cannot use the cover of ‘eccentricity’ to defend someone who isaserial defamer of people’s reputations and caused insufferable pain to many hardworking and honest professionals through lies. Now many credible journalists at the UN are realizing he isamalicious and dishonest individual and are formally requesting UN DPI to investigate him and to remove him from the UN premises. That saysalot about him and about his credibility.
      Now having seen images of his work place in this articleIam struck by the garbage he writes and the garbage he physically accumulates. There seemsafigurative correlation. And then he says, he is not “insane”. Really????
      To be an accredited UN journalist, according to the UN website, you need an “official letterhead ofamedia organization, signed by the Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, or Assignment Editor.” This points toaminimum standard expected ofacredible organization.Iam really puzzled how someone like him who IS the ‘media organization’, IS the sole ‘Publisher’, ‘Editor-in-Chief’ and ‘writer’ i.e. micro-blogger was able to get accredited. Why not then all micro-bloggers get access to the UN? WillIget accredited to the UN ifIset up my own blog site and start writing trash about the UN? Where is the journalistic integrity, when there is no fact-checking done? What kind of journalist is he, when there is no space to add comments to refute his lies and misrepresentations? Ihope Mr.Lee now mends his ways.

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