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11 Hacks For Staying Fly On The Go

When you're expected to be at 5 different places at once, don't forego your routine — reach for Unbound™ cordless styling tools so you can get on with your day and look flawless while on the move. #UnboundBeauty

1. If you don't have time for that post-work mani, spruce up natural nails with a toothbrush and some whitening toothpaste.

2. Pack some cotton swabs in your purse to fix pesky makeup mistakes.

3. Don't leave the house without a cordless styling tool to touch up unruly hair.

4. Prolong your perfume by applying unscented body lotion pre-spritz.

5. Carry your makeup essentials in contact lens cases.

6. Save your bronzer from cracking in transit with cotton pads.

7. Transport your must-have makeup tools in a spare sunglass case.

8. Let dry shampoo work the night shift to freshen up second-day hair.

9. Condense your cosmetics by investing in a multitasking product.

10. Don't splurge on pricey blotting sheets, search the kitchen supplies for a quick fix.

11. Give yourself a makeup-free makeover.

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Wherever you've got to be, experience the freedom of styling anywhere, anytime with the Unbound™ collection from Conair. #UnboundBeauty