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Everybody Is Talking About The Hot Reddi-wip Milkman From "Hairspray Live!"

If you watched Hairspray Live! on Wednesday, you may have noticed an unexpected star of the show...

On Wednesday night, the entire world stopped on its axis so everyone could watch the live musical event of the century.

But the real star of the show took everyone completely by surprise.

This guy in the reddi whip commercial is HOT #HairsprayLive

Okay, but where did that Reddi-Whip guy come from?! He was great! #HairsprayLive

Thousands of people who had tuned in for an evening of 🎶 and💃 found themselves unexpectedly craving a visit from the milkman instead.

Give me some of that WHIP, REDDI WHIP GUY 😍 #HairsprayLive

Because this is what a visit from the milkman looks like.

Not like how a visit from the milkman used to be in the olden times.

For one thing, you are waaaaay more likely to drop what you are doing and dance with this milkman.

There is also an awful lot more ~sensual~ coffee preparation than there used to be when the milkman dropped by in times past.

And there is a surprising amount more "sweeping you off your feet" and making you melt with a single smile than people used to get in the bad old days where it was just like, "Here's your milk. See you later."

This particular milkman is well aware that he is giving us a lot more than milk.

To be more specific, what we are talking about here is Reddi-wip...and, um, ~feelings~.

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"Why yes please, Mr. Milkman. I would like just a little bit more of what you are offering, since you're asking so nicely."

"You want to frolic with me and grin like we are two crazy lovers, you say? OK, let's give it a whirl and see how that feels."

"I don't totally understand why you want to play basketball right now, but I am honestly just down for anything."

Anyway, if you missed Hairspray Live! on Wednesday night, now you can see the most important part of it in your dreams.

So, yeah, that was a pretty good live musical experience we all shared in, but it may have left us with more questions than answers. Like this one:

But fo real though can I have the reddi whip guy for Christmas? #HairsprayLive

At least he took a bow.