Computaris, an R Systems business, specializes in system integration, BSS technical consultancy and software development for software vendors and communication services providers (CSPs) mainly operating in Europe, North America and South East Asia.
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  • Computaris Value Added Services

    Value added services are one finest service for the customers in the telecom Industry. Now day’s mobile phones are not all about incoming and outgoing calls but it’s a medium of the entertainment where peoples can directly listen songs and enjoy the net surfing as well. Peoples use mobile phones for multiple purposes like message sending where companies are offering the messaging services to the customers with the little bit charge and provide a message pack to the customers. Apart from that they offer some special value added services like ringtones, and caller tunes to the customers. Generally people get bored from the same and repetitive tunes and songs in that case they have to set a good caller tunes for their callers. Telecom service providers offer ringtones facilities to their customers only on Rs.30/- only for a Particular month, and they can enjoy their services without interruption. Life is all about seriousness and uncertainty whenever people feel lonely or get bored then the telecom companies also offer the values added service that is jokes and some motivational links to the customers without any charging. Chatting is one most part of our life because whenever you do not talk to you’re near and dear ones you feel like something is missing in our life so the telecom companies are also offering the chatting facilities to the customers so that the people never get bored and always intimate and update to you by the news updates, what is happening new in the market. One more important value added service is missed call alert message service, suppose due to any reason you did not receive your phone in that case there is no problem you missed your calls because the telecom companies always offer a missed call facility where you will get a miss call message and you can get the update with call back through the help of messaging service. Theses all are the value added services which will makes the people life easy, comfort and enjoyable. Telecom companies always provide a new feature to their customers so those customers never feel any difficulties in their mobile era and telecom industry.

  • Benefits Of Outsourcing Business

    Outsourcing is one best concept to develop the business across the globe. Whatever business is it does not matter it may be telecom industry, Information technology, Health care industry, and so on. Now days leading organizations are giving the priorities to the outsourcing concept because this concept is more powerful than others to do business in the market. There are few most important factors which can helps to users to do business through the outsourcing. 1.Benefits of costing 2.Quality work force 3.Best communication Infrastructure 4.Hire quality certified partners 5.Make Faster Deliveries Benefits of costing: Costing of a product matter a lot for the organizations, they always want quality products at less cost which is the general human nature that why they outsource their products to develop across the other places so that cost would be reduced. Software solutions, telecom software solutions, billing systems for the telecom industry all are developing through the help of outsourcing business. Quality work force: Only product development and telecom software outsourcing is not a solution to get ready and happy to the customers because the professionals and experts are essential to develop the product, if the professionals will develop the software and products then only the solution would be reliable and cost effective manner. Enterprises are trying to outsource their product development to those countries where all are experts and professional. Best communication Infrastructure: Cellular network is growing rapidly all across the world, there is no need to setup an infrastructure to develop the product because if you outsourcing your product to develop out of country then there would be already maintained infrastructure by that particular organization. Offshore outsourcing business is successful through the help of good infrastructure. Improved customer satisfaction: Most companies are outsourcing their business sectors like internet marketing, finance department, Human Resource department and so on. The only reason is to get well and results and uses the best resources to develop the organization with the marginal profit. If the customer would be satisfied then the business will grows rapidly without any distractions. Make Faster Deliveries: Customer needs their product at scheduled duration so this is the big responsibility of an organization to deliver solution of the customers at the time which will makes client satisfactory towards services. Suppose a customer requires a software solution for their call center and he has been outsource their problem to other place and he is not getting the solution within the duration then this will be the negative points for the organization.

  • Roaming In LTE Network: Is It Challenge For Operators?

    In the competitive edge of telecom, roaming is one of the biggest challenges for the telecom operators. They do not apply the real charging systems to the subscribers as per their network services. Generally roaming is just a concept of charging to users as they switch network area. For example if someone using any particular company SIM and visiting out of network area then it is quite complex for the operators to manage the signal and frequencies. Earlier, so many network technologies already in the market such as 1G, 2G and 3G but these technologies are not able to manage roaming charges at effective way. In this way the new technology came in the market that is long term revolution. It also referred as 4G technology for the network management. Few days ago when LTE was not in the existence, the operators do not able to provide the network signal to the users, so that the user experience going in narrow bottom and business as well. Suppose you are travelling somewhere and using a SIM card of Vodafone, but in the visiting area the Vodafone network is not available, in this situation LTE roaming facilitate you network coverage of available network. There are few platforms are available in the market, that can help to manage the signal to the operators. Diameter signaling platform is one of the best solutions ever to manage the telecom network. The main benefit of LTE is high throughput, lower latency and plug and play type system. LTE can also support some previous network protocols such as GSM, CDMA and WCDMA. This system is based on packet switching and pure IP based concept which is very easy to manage the signal frequency and networking functionality. It is pure wireless network that will give more than 174 mbps. Reliable telecom services can only keep the customers for long time and help to enhance the user experience. If users are looking to buy services, in that situation they have to make wise decision to select the best telecom service provider. Some operators are playing some fraud kind of offers, but don’t attract those kinds of services because that is not best solution. Try to track the records of previous customer satisfaction ratio and then choose the operator. At the end, long term evolution is one of the wireless revolution technologies that can enhance the user experience and it is also beneficial for the operators to keep customer happy.

  • Roaming In LTE

    Roaming in LTE, or Roaming in LTE network is one of the unique concept in the telecommunication industry. Long term evolution or 4G technology that is 10 time faster than 3G technology. Here we are offering LTE network solution to the operators since last 20 years. We have more than 10,000+ happy customers over the globe. Are you looking to buy LTE based services? Do not get tense just contact to those service providers they are offering reliable and efficient technology services to the customers. Just think about the speed and technology that can only keep you a head in the market. So always try to use these services that can influence your business and give the exposure into the crowd market. LTE network technology, can only redefine the experience of the users. Speed of the information exchanging always matter, if you think and share your thoughts within seconds among the millions of peoples, that can keep you strong and a head in the market place. In, rapid enhancement in network technologies, it has been so complex to manage the old one information. Telecom operators are offering new era of network technology that is “long term evolution”. This technology is also known as 4G technology in the market. 4 generation technology is 10 times faster than previous technologies. There have been so many revolutions came into the market such as first generation, second and 3G and now the 4G. Customer always looks forward to get best services and expect to the operators. Few companies are offering reliable telecom network support services but few of them are doing fraudulent with the customer that seems the negative impact over the customer experiences. Affordable and reliable telecom services can only help to win the user experiences. More …. Computaris International Ltd.

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