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      My entire experience in life up to this point has made me sick of bullshit like this.Ihave no interest in having children because it just means more people. The rest of this standardised, insipid garbage makes me happy to know thatIhave 50 years left at most to put up with people as vacant and dull as the author of this post and everyone they describe.Idon’t want to be twenty again, nor doIact like it.Iamaprofessional,successful and thoughtful human being who still sees the same problemsIdid at 20.Irefuse to belittle or discredit those opinions simply because people like this author have given up on themselves. Go ahead and buy your overpriced furniture, sire your piglet children and when no one is looking, cry yourself to sleep you shallow parasite.Iwill live asIso choose, to the absolute fullestIcan, becauseIcan. Don’t try to normalise your failure.

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