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  • Super SpongeBob Splash Party with Zuru Buncho Balloons and Ice Cream Man

    Summer is in full effect and and so are the BANCHI BROTHERS! It's time to get wet and test out Zuru Buncho Balloons and an unexpected visitor get a wet surprise! Tag along with the BANCHI BROTHERS for another fascinating adventure! Wholesome fun family entertainment that is sure to excite and inspire your little one!

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  • christmas

    This Animal Test Will Reveal Your Favorite Thing About Christmas

    Although choosing just one is near impossible!

  • We Can Guess Your Aesop's Fable Spirit Animal Based On This Test

    Take this quiz to find out which Aesop's fable spirit animal matches your personality.

  • Pluto's New Horizons

    The mysterious dwarf planet, more than 5 billion kilometers from Earth, with trillions of questions. Pluto's home, known as Kuiper Belt. Beyond Pluto. New Horizons assistance in discovering Pluto. What does all of it mean? Pluto is just the beginning of many discoveries. Another puzzle piece to the incomplete puzzle of questions about the universe.

  • How To Clean Training Gloves

    Cleaning gloves after training are necessary, as some germs can be passed from one individual to another if proper hygiene is not maintained. There are numerous ways and steps to get the task done.

  • Meet Kevin Xu, CEO of National Rongxiang Xu Foundation and CEO of Human Heritage Project

    Kevin Xu, founder of multiple profitable companies, shares why he decided to start two charitable initiatives. Forbes Nonprofit Council members come from a wide range of backgrounds. And with their wide range of experiences, they have a lot to share with fellow members of the community. To help them share with an even greater audience, we’re profiling Forbes Nonprofit Council members here on the blog. This week: Kevin Xu. Kevin Xu is the CEO of National Rongxiang Xu Foundation and the CEO of Human Heritage Project. He is also an appointee of the California-China Trade and Investment Advisory Group, and the founder of the National Rongxiang Xu foundation. Xu received the Empact 100 recognition at United Nation Headquarter and is a member of Clinton Global Initiative. He earned his BA in neuroscience at USC. How did your career as a nonprofit executive take off, and what do you attribute your success to most? My father was my hero and role model. He dedicated his entire life to advancing science and providing medical treatment. He passed away last year, and I decide to establish a foundation as a version of his reflection and spirit. National Rongxiang Xu Foundation is the one I formed with my mother Li Li to continue the work and heart of my father in our way of living. In addition, I established my own foundation called Human Heritage Project after losing my father and grandfather — the two most important men in my life — within two years. I realize the importance of family value and human tradition in terms of how they could really impact others. I found Human Heritage Project to educate others on how to pass along the intangible bond between society and disadvantaged people. How do you keep yourself passionate and driven regardless of how busy you are day to day? I’m driven by the satisfaction of helping others. One lesson I learned after I communicating with leaders from around the world is that you feel much more satisfaction from empowering someone else to succeed than you do when helping yourself. It provides value to society in addition to the individual you helped. What do you see as the future of nonprofits? The future of nonprofits could be the actual front line of battling global issues because we can execute and plan an emergency response much faster. What is your best nonprofit leadership or strategy tip for businesses? Having a leadership position in the nonprofit world means you earn the key to open the hearts of others. Tap into their compassion by building the bridge of communication between people.

  • Calm Yourself With Swearing Color Book

    While there are numerous ways to relax one self, new innovative ways keep on appearing.

  • What Was The Best Idea (pitch)

    You are not allowed to vote for your own idea.

  • Which Picture Of Kermit The Frog Are You?

    Whether he's playing a banjo in the middle of the woods or wearing a feather boa on stage, Kermit the Frog is a true #icon. Which picture of Kermit embodies you as a person?

  • La Moda

    ¿Cuáles son sus preferencias de moda?


    brookenotbailey? or baileynotbrooke?

  • Would You Rather?

    Making hard choices about possible future outcomes

  • 5 Spa Treatments That Will Leave You Feeling Utterly Revitalised

    In today’s day & age of fast paced living, who doesn’t crave to get away from it all? Here are some spa treatments that you can enjoy on holiday to leave you utterly revitalized, refreshed & rejuvenated!

  • Most Furious Ride Yet: Fast & Furious 8

    ‘We Never Ride Alone’ says the team in a latest released teaser of Fast and Furious 8. The blockbuster Fast saga is all set to release the trailer of their upcoming movie Fast and Furious 8. Trailer will be released on 11th December 2016 in New York which can be enjoyed by viewers across the globe on facebook. And the movie is scheduled to be released on 14th April 2017. For more information Visit Here

  • What Character From "The Office" Are You?

    Take this quiz to find out if you resemble more of a office freak, or lean more towards the person everyone wants to be around.

  • 5 Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Look Way Smarter At Work

    Tired of wearing same boring clothes at work and looking like everyone else? Well, you need to be little creative in order to stand from your colleagues.

  • Which Member Of PPPP Are You?

    When you're not in a sorority, you make up your own!

  • Why Are People Obsessed With Benedict Cumberbatch? Lets Review

    It is less than a month for the Sherlock season 4 premier and it is never a bad idea to review why Benedict Cumberbatch is so charismatic.

  • Choose Online Shopping For Fashionable & Colorful Socks

    Nowadays, shopping becomes easier; you can buy anything on your figure tips through your mobile, laptop and desktop.

  • Which Member Of Megabed Are You?

    Which member of the room previously known as room 30 are you?!

  • Astrological Natal Chart

    01/07/96 7:00pm-7:10pm Kinshasa, Democratic Republic Of Congo

  • Which "Big Bang Theory" Character Are You

    Where would you fit in with this cast of characters?


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