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  • Furbies And The Furious

    Which Becerra cousin are you?

  • Famous Albanians Of The Music Industry, Top 8

    Top 8 Most Successful Singers of Albanian origin who reached the top in the countries they are living. Google them for more!


    5 Cosas que debes llevar a una fiesta ¡SIN FALTA!

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    What Are The Best Tricks, Tips, Hacks, Or Products For Beach Lovers?

    Give us some advice before we head out on our next trip to the beach.

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  • Getting To Know Aaron Dalla Villa; A Vivacious Passionate Actor On The Rise

    In this highlight we turn our attention to Aaron Dalla Villa, a professionally trained and experienced actor making waves within both the theatre and film communities.

  • Tips Para Mejorar Tu Maquillaje Diario

    El maquillaje de hoy en día es prácticamente imposible hacerlo tan perfecto a como lo vemos en los vídeos de ,as ´´profesionales´´, sin embargo puedes seguir algunos tips que sin duda mejoraran poco a poco tu técnica de maquillaje.

  • French Country Decor And Ideas For Beginners

    If you’ve ever travelled through France, you’ll know that the country is made up of many different regions, each boasting its own history and proud traditions. That said, when people think of the French countryside, Provence (or the South of France) is what springs typically springs to mind. However, other popular styles of French country décor include inspirations from the Atlantic or North Sea coastal regions, as well as from the more mountainous areas of France.

  • Saul, Gloucestershire, answers call for ‘Better Call Saul’ UK office

    A village phone box in a tiny Gloucestershire village has become the surprise location for the fictional “Breaking Bad” attorney Jimmy McGill’s new office

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    This this a description

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    Online shopping for Father's and Mother's day is on the rise, but, as a result, products companies send often go missing in the mail.

  • Top 7 Health Benefits Of Mushrooms

    In the framework of this article, we will bring to you the 7 health benefits of mushrooms so that you could have more knowledge about this kind of vegetable and then consider taking it into your daily diet.

  • 5 Tips For Planning A Family Vacation

    Planning Family Vacations

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  • Photos Of Celebs Enjoying Ice Cream

    Slide through these photos that will make you wish you were eating ice cream right now!

  • The Amazing History Of Mario Kart

    "A Magnificent Kronology of Mario Kart" is a timeline of one of the most beloved video game franchises of all time. Over 25 years in the making, Mario Kart has won the hearts of millions. Most recently launching its most recent installment on the critically-acclaimed Nintendo Switch Console named Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

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  • Introducing Gonzalo Trigueros; A Passionate, Trained And Groundbreaking Actor

    In this highlight we turn our attention to Gonzalo Trigueros, a trained and passionate actor to keep an eye out for.

  • Now Let Labor Shape An Administration That The UK Really Needs

    (Surveys since the election result demonstrate that Theresa May is losing the support consistently)


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  • Galletas saladas

    Si nunca se te había ocurrido que tu puedes hacer tus propias galletas saladas, aquí te dejo una receta. Es muy fácil y la puedes hacer a tu gusto pues vas a usar la decoración que tu quieras. Tambien las puedes cortar con cortador de galletas o en tiras, cuadros o rombos del tamaño deseado. Puedes si prefieres usar la mitad de harina integral. GALLETAS SALADAS 2 Tazas de harina 1 ½ cucharita de sal ¼ Taza de aceite vegetal ½ taza de agua Para decorar (opcional): Ajonjolí blanco y negro Queso parmesano molido Semillas de linaza, hinojo, comino, alcaravea, amapola, etc En el tazón de la batidora se mezcla el harina y la sal y se revuelve. Se añade el aceite mezclando a velocidad baja. Se agrega el agua y se procesa hasta que se junte toda la masa en una bola. Se deja reposar la masa tapada durante una hora. Se mezclan un total de 4 Cucharadas de las semillas y queso y se aparta. Se cubre con papel encerado el fondo de una charola y la masa se extiende delgadita sobre este papel, con el palote, hasta que cubra todo el papel. Se rocía con agua la masa o se le pasa la mano mojada para humedecer la superficie. Se le espolvorea la mezcla de semillas y se les pasa el rodillo por encima para que se peguen las semillas a la masa. Se pone el papel sobre la charola. Se corta la masa en cuadros del tamaño deseado. Se mete a hornear a 200ºC o 400ºF durante 10 a 12 minutos o hasta que se vean las galletas doradas. NOTA: No es necesario usar batidora. Se puede hacer a mano.

  • In Honour Of Canada 150, Makeup Artists Celebrate Peace And Diversity!

    In celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday (July 1, 2017), over 200 Canadian and International youth came together to create a message of peace and diversity by painting the flags of the world on their faces. The result is an inspiring 60-second online video, released today on Youtube. Using makeup as their medium, these creative young people aim to inspire mutual understanding and love, worldwide.

  • 33 Memes That Describe Your Messy, Problematic Life

    A messy bitch that lives for Lifetime-level drama.