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  • Teens Share The Hilarious And VERY Inappropriate Texts They Have Received From Their Dads (and They Prove You Should NEVER Rely On Auto-Correct)

    Dads and technology aren't always the best combination, but these hilarious messages prove that teaching your father how to text is worth it for comedy value.

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    Which Female Pop Music Video Has The Most Views?

    How well do you know your favorite female artist's music videos?

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  • Pick Your Favorite Disney Outfits And Find Out Your Wedding Dress Style

    Tell us your favorite Disney Princess outfits, and we will tell you what Wedding Dress style is for you!

  • Sign To A Major Record Label, Or Be An Independent Artist?

    This quiz is to determine whether you would choose to be signed to a major record label, or choose to be an independent artist out of your answer choices. Enjoy!

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  • Which Senior CASNR Ambassador Are You?!

    This group of seniors may be leaving us, but their memory will live on in Fish Bowl forever.

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    Can We Guess Your Shoe Size Based On Your Favorite Pasta?

    Do you like pasta? Do you wear shoes? How are these not related!?

  • Coulter: Colleges Like Berkeley Want To 'Squelch' Conservative Speech

    Ann Coulter said universities like Berkeley, where she planned to speak before the event was canceled, are generally "radical." She said that progressives on campus want to "destroy and squelch" conservatives' free speech. Coulter added that even fellow progressives in the media and government like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Joy Behar think some of the protesters' actions have gone too far. "I’m not just some homeless person wondering onto the square, but I’d be allowed to speak then too," she said. Coulter also criticized her Berkeley event sponsor for "running away," saying the Republican Party should change its motto to "next time." Coulter said the Young America's Foundation, a conservative group, preferred a strongly-worded statement to a lawsuit against the university. She said that such a move would effectively tell her opponents that conservatives would kick the can down the road in the fight for free speech. "The GOP should change their motto to 'Next Time'-- We'll fight them next time," she said. "No, I want to win now. Can Republicans ever win 'now'?" she asked. She said the situation was similar to Republicans allowing liberal justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg to sail through confirmation, while the Democrats fight to keep conservatives, like Robert Bork, off the court. Coulter said that similarly, YAF wanted to put out a strong statement rather than a lawsuit, delaying the fight for conservative speeches on campuses for another day. Coulter said because her allies "ran away," it meant there was nothing she could do to make sure her speech wasn't cancelled.

  • What Makes Salalah Fascinating?

    Read on and find out! Salalah is a beach city in Oman’s southern province of Dhofar and is a great holiday destination year-round.

  • Amazing Ideas For Couples Matching

    Love is a special experience for anyone. It’s an incredible experience that many people revel in for many days in their life. It’s a passionate experience that can last the rest of your life. Being in love can make you want to shout it to the world and many people consider getting matching intems to express their love.

  • Which JJ7 Floor Member Are You?

    Take the quiz to find out!

  • Credit Repair Provider - 5 Ideas To Get The Very Best

    The first thing you need to keep an eye out for when in need of great credit repair work services is the affiliations of the company you are thinking about. All ethical credit repair work organisations will be eager to offer you with their references on demand. These are some important issues you should check out in order to steer clear of sly credit repair work business.

  • What Edgewood Girl Is Perfect For You?

    Take this quiz to get your perfect match.

  • 4 Ways Peer Relationships Change During Middle Childhood

    Though it's common to have relationships with peers during early childhood (through preschool, neighborhood friendships, etc.), these relationships become much more concrete during middle childhood, and there are quite a few changes between the relationships at each of these life stages.

  • Digging Into The Bronze Age In Al Ain – Ancient Remains

    Heading to the city of Al Ain in the UAE? This city in Abu Dhabi, which borders Oman, has a lot to offer in terms of ancient artefacts.

  • Are You An Annie, A Courtney, A Shelby Or A Sarah?

    4 women. 4 paths. 4 super basic names.

  • All Credit Repair Work Companies Are Not Created Equal

    With thousands of credit repair companies carrying out service across the country, finding the right one can be tough and challenging however it is vital that you put in the time needed to not only discover a respectable one however likewise find one that has the knowledge, experience and capability to supply the level of service you expect and the ideal outcomes you deserve. Your decision should not be impulsive. Choosing a bad credit repair company will leave you susceptible and increases the possibility that more damage will be triggered to your individual credit file however on the other hand, selecting a great credit repair company has the potential to be one of the best financial choices of your life by dramatically tidying up your personal credit file and improving your credit report. There are numerous products to consider beyond price when making your choice. Acknowledging the difference in between cost and value is crucial as seeking assistance from a company in the credit repair work market is generally a case of, "You get exactly what you pay for". The following paragraphs discuss the four types of credit repair work business that comprise the market and exactly what to anticipate from each.

  • 7 Awesome Tips For Businesses To Survive

    There are only a handful of small businesses that actually manage to make substantial profits in the first year, if they manage to make any profit at all. Investment is required even if a business has low start-up costs, especially if it wishes to expand its products and services. After all, it takes money to make money. However, in this competitive market, it is not just money that you need for ensuring your business’s survival. A savvy entrepreneur needs to be aware of their responsibilities or else their business will be at risk. It is essential to take the right steps at the opportune time as there are lots of competitors waiting to take your place.

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  • Which Dumb Hoe Are You?

    are you a peyton, a jamie, or an annie?

  • 4 Random Facts That Might Help You Understand Your Child

    Do you ever wonder why your child has trouble making friends? Whether or not they should use the computer? What you need to teach them at home? Here are a few answers to some of your questions.

  • "Celebrities" Real Names Revealed!

    The names on stars' birth certificates are often different than those on the marquees.

  • How To Interpret Your Dreams: As Told By Sigmund Freud

    Have you always wondered what your dreams mean? Take this quiz and find out what you have been dreaming of based on Sigmund Freud's symbolism in dreams.

  • Which Founding Father Are YOU!?

    Come on, you've always wanted to know

  • Which Member Of The Fab Four Are You?

    Are you a Lucy, a Conner, an Emma, or an Annie?

  • The Best Road Trip In NSW

    Jump in your car and head up North. Drop into some of the more well know destinations on the North Coast. Or venture off the beaten track and explore some small local towns with relaxed coastal vibes.

  • Home Remedies For Hair Growth

    Looking for the best home remedies for hair growth? Here are top 12 solutions for promoting hair growth.