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  • 10 Plot Lines Glee Totally Forgot About

    It's been two years since it ended and I'm still not over it.

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  • Dez Razões Para Assistir Ru Paul's Drag Race

    GENTLEMEN: Start your enginees!

  • The World Needs Right Above Touch

    Introducing RBT, brought to you by QuadraClicks Gaming. Now available on Indiegogo, the RBT has reached 100% of its goal. The RBT mouse alternative utilizes a new design for point & clicks which enables three things: 1) new points of contact & activation: using length of finger for clicking with elevated areas for fingers support. 2) created empty spaces for the palm area: tendons no longer suppressed during rest & clicking. 3) elevated arms level and lowered seating height: shoulder and arms relaxed at all times, desktop monitors and laptops are now perfectly parallel with eye level. While traditional mouse is painful to use and induces stress after long hours of finger tip hammering, the RBT makes clicking extremely comfortable and provides true ergonomics we’ve long waited for all these years. How is this possible you ask? 1) The Right ‘Bove Touch signature design releases the arching efforts needed in traditional finger tip clicking, which requires reaching over & extra gripping effort for each intentional click. 2) Getting rid of the enlarged back end area which is evident in mouses that claim to support the palm, RBT is making clicking free from resistance. When an area is open and no longer in contact with the palm, tendons are no longer suppressed. 3) Using the RBT makes wrist flat and forearms rested on the desk, so it’s natural for you to lower the height of your chair, matching eye level with the monitor and be comfortable. RBT is ideal for professionals who spend hours on the computer each day, and esports gamers who retire too early from repeatedly left and right clicking all day. Help us bring this awareness to the world. The world needs RBT.

  • Frankie Storm - Cure is Love

    The Philadelphia singer/songwriter Frankie Storm has christened her new collection “The Storm” and will release it later this year. Among the tracks slotted for inclusion on the highly-anticipated album are “Cure Is Love"...enjoy Follow @FrankieStorm_ on Twitter

  • 12 Fotos Que Mostram Que O Neymar Ficou Mais Gato Depois Da Transição Capilar

    Olá meninos, hoje vou mostrar como podem ficar lindos com o cabelo natural

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  • Which Game Of Thrones Character Needs To Die IMMEDIATELY?

    When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.

  • 10 Secret Money Saving Replacements For Your Favorite Trending Beauty Products

    Because you're on a budget honey, but your face isn't. Also you have to save for that retirement you will never get to use. Plus you'll find some of these products are actually better than the original!

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    Pick Out Some Clothes And We'll Give You An Indie Band To Listen To

    This is the most important quiz you'll take all day!

  • Induction of Furnaces – Important things to need to know

    What do you mean by Induction Furnaces? Induction Furnaces were introduced melt and mould metals. There are different kinds of induction melting furnaces which include high electric current which further produces a magnetic field to melt down the metal. Metals such as iron, steel, copper, aluminum and other metals similar to them are used to melt in induction furnaces. Induction furnaces is a process which keeps the product pure in its form since there is nothing involved during the process except for electric current.

  • Wildly Popular Matcha Cafe In NYC Opens A Third Branch, Launches A New Pastry Menu

    Chalait, an exquisite Japanese matcha tea house in New York City, opened its third store this month in Hudson Square. The largest store to date, the new Chalait cafe features a new pastry program with delicious sweet bites inspired by seasonal ingredients.

  • Top Wearable Technology To Keep Seniors Safe

    There's so much wearable technology available right now it’s enough to make your head spin if you don’t know what you’re looking for, even for someone who’s knowledgeable. For many, the various capabilities the newest sports watches have are more than enough — text messaging, answering phone calls, even GPS. But what wearable technology is best-suited for the safety of our seniors? Here’s a compilation of what is available and how to put it to use. Medical Alert Systems The most commonly worn device by seniors are the easy medical alert systems that allow for independent living. Most of them are wearable as a pendant, and you press a button on if you fall or need help. The biggest downfall to these? What if you fall and panic, or pass out? These systems are made with technology in place in case the wearer isn’t able to press a button if help is needed or unconscious. A few can detect sudden movements and falls and will automatically call the company’s emergency dispatcher to check in. Another wearable is the Medical Guardian, which allows users to move farther away from the console than in the past (you can move up to 1,300 feet now). The device is small and can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or even placed on a belt or clipped to a pocket to keep it barely visible. This version can use a cellular phone line instead of a land-line if necessary, an important improvement from the past, and also can detect extreme temperatures and call 911 in the case of a fire. LifeFone is in this same category with a significantly smaller moving distance (480 feet), and the base model allows up to 1,000 feet. The company provides large self-help buttons that can be placed in dangerous areas where falls are likely, and you can answer your phone using the pendant which makes it an excellent candidate for daily use. Lastly, Bay Alarm Medical is very similar but offers additional services— fall detection, carbon monoxide detection, smoke detection, a GPS enabled button for protection when you’re not home, and works with cell phones. Daily Activity Wearables Much like fitness devices that track exercise, calories, heart rate, and other features, there are watches available that focus on more important health issues as well. The Withings Pulse Ox goes on the wrist and tracks blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and sleep activity. It is usable with the companion app via Bluetooth as well so you can input your own activities throughout the day. Lively is a watch and a pendant. It’s waterproof, so it doesn’t need to be taken off, and comes with a monthly monitoring package if needed. The button also connects you to a dispatcher who can call an emergency team or family member depending on the situation, similar to a medical alert system. Lively’s Safety Watch is one option that goes a little further than others, using a variety of sensors around the home attached to the refrigerator door and pill boxes to ensure you remember to eat and take medication as directed. No phone line or internet is required, and it will remind you if you’ve forgotten to do something. If you don't answer, it’ll let your family know. Also, it records your normal activities, so it will know what your normal eating habits are and when it’s safe to consider something out of the normal range. Worried about dementia but don't want any intrusive measures taken? There is now a pendant that will help make sure you or your loved one is in a safe place. Made by the daughter of a caregiver for a family member with dementia, the pendant is worn as a badge which seniors tended to keep on and forget about — it wasn’t being taken off or agitating the wearer like the bracelet prototypes were. The badge connects to the caregiver's phone using Bluetooth and will let you know when the patient goes out of bounds or accidentally leaves the area. Other Wearable Additions There are plenty of other wearable technologies that focus on one particular purpose rather than focusing on preventing and treating falls quickly. These are particularly useful for those with glasses, sight problems, or trouble forgetting when to take medication throughout the day. Lechal Insoles is a smart shoe insert that helps direct you with gentle vibrations and phone notifications, allowing for independence and continuous freedom. The app companion also allows for GPS tracking if the family wants to keep an eye on loved ones. The Active Protectant is another option, worn as a belt that automatically deploys an airbag-like pillow over your hips when it detects you were falling, protecting you from medical complications and breaking a hip. With falling as a high-priority medical issue, this device can be extremely useful. There are other wearables that are in the works including a smart sock for diabetics that can alert when there is a risk for foot ulcers, wearable blood pressure monitors, and even a stress-level indication T-shirt made by OMsignal. The sensors can send heart rate and other vital signs to family and doctors alike. The general goal is to help prevent seizures, heart failure, and everything in-between. These types of technologies will eventually allow insurance companies to base their policies off realistic information and facts regarding each patient’s health and behavior. Currently wearable technology is not covered under original Medicare of most supplemental plans. You can contact MedicareFAQ for more information on Medicare supplemental insurance plans, or Medigap and what they cover. Technology is ever-changing, and new developments are made every day. These are examples of advances made over the past few years for seniors, so that family can rest assured loved ones are safe, as well as give the wearer a sense of ease. Some of them are issue-specific, but the majority ensure you get help when needed, even when you don’t realize you need it. Original Source

  • What Pants Should You Wear?

    The right pants to wear at the right time.


    it's time to request which of the phones that are available supplies results that are better. From Buzzvizz we have chosen the seven categories that best have picked the smart phone that best protects each and determine the needs of every consumer


    Fashion is something what that time requires and every women demand to be styled perfectly. Modern fashion brings out more fashionable and styled Kurtis’ trends for women that is a point of ease too. And now we have more enchanting and alluring designed shirts with a huge variety either printed or worked or embroidered, you have too many choices here. What so good in this fashion is, it can be feasible for all the occasion types you can go for your casual dressing, hangouts, formal and professional dress up with kurti style shirt and it gives a charming, simple, beautiful and sophisticated look. Kurtis are evergreen trend of the South Asian culture. Ladies we want these no matter what the season is and how much we have, these are something mandatory.

  • Este quiz te dirá en qué lugar de la CDMX debes vivir

    ¿Eres más de Polanco o de la Del Valle?

  • What Mewmz Member Are U?

    Find tf out. Bish.

  • 8 Custom PS4s That Will Make You Envious

    Custom PS4 consoles and PS4 controllers are pretty hot right now. Who wants to be the same as everyone else? We rounded up 8 custom PS4s that scream style.

  • I Officially Want To Travel To Peru With These Two

    Remember that obnoxious couple that got TJ Miller, Orlando Jones, and John Stamos to help them get engaged? Well they went to Peru. And now I can't travel anywhere without them.

  • ASOS Clothing Models Giving False Hope

    Have you ever bought clothing from a website because you like how the model looks?, Kinda like when you go into Urban Outfitters or Topman and you try on that $50 t-shirt in the fitting rooms and the lighting is just so damn good it's like you're about to walk the catwalk, As Elaine put it in Seinfeld "False Mirrors"! The online version is "false hope" or "better get in the gym, quick". Here are some examples of how good these outfits are in theory.

  • 10 Wedding Songs That Will Make You Melt

    I'm not crying, you are...


    Este quiz determinara si eres más como Niurka o Paniela Dardo.

  • Has The Forest Stewardship Council Really Given The World Green Furniture?

    There is arguably no greater resource on this earth that is more worthy of preservation than trees. Not only do they scrub our atmosphere, turning carbon dioxide into life giving oxygen, they also provide habitat and food for species innumerable (including humans), shade on a hot day, and afford us with the most versatile of building materials.

  • The Joys Of Minecraft

    Late to the party? We're here to tell you about how to make the most of the sensational Minecraft.

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    What's Your Worst Tampon Horror Story?

    "You basically have a cotton finger stuck up your vagina."