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  • This Man's Mixer Will Change Your View On Humanity

    The year of Jiffy concludes with a special winter episode of Cooking with Andy. With a new mixer in hand you'll quickly find out that nobody cooks like Andy Smith! Do the Dew. Mountain Dew Hare Pie.

  • quiz
  • quiz

    What Christmas Song Do You Need To Listen To Right Now?

    It'll probably be the closest to how you celebrate.


    See if you know some random facts about the Legend of Zelda game series. The more correct the better the prize.

  • Pregame Pump Up Playlist: Holiday Edition

    With the holiday season right around the corner, the UD hockey players have been starting the season off right listening to their favorite festive songs! Take a look at what these guys like to listen to during the best time of year!

  • Apple And Drones-The Latest Partnership?

    The latest secret in the Apple camp suggests using drones in its arsenal to compete with Google in the Map apps department.

  • Une Nouvelle Technologie De Magasin À Écran Tactile Est Lancée Au Québec En 2016.

    Le premier magasin à écran tactile à été installé à la Pyramide de Sainte-Foy le 5 Novembre 2016. Québec - Canada - 1er décembre 2016 - L'agence de marketing international Bilberry Marketing est à la recherche d'une ronde de financement de Séries A d'un montant total de 1,1 millions de dollars CAD. Le financement servira au lancement de 100 magasins à écran tactile, dans les emplacements commerciaux à fort trafic au Québec en 2017. Le plan d'affaires de l'entreprise siégeant au Québec prévoit l'installation de plus de 4000 Bilberry Station sur 3 ans. QU'EST CE QU'UN MAGASIN À ÉCRAN TACTILE ? Un magasin à écran tactile, plus communément appelé Bilberry Station est un concept novateur appuyé par une combinaison de technologies connues et à la fine pointe permettant d'afficher de la publicité digitale, contrôlée à distance par Windows, et de vendre des produits à l'aide d'un écran tactile sans le support d'aucun employé. Cette technologie permet de faciliter l'accès aux produits en demande et d'augmenter grandement l'expérience client, tout en augmentant les revenus des propriétaires d'emplacements commerciaux. Les Bilberry Station sont installées dans les aires commerciaux, les gyms, les aéroports, les hôtels, les stations de services, les immeubles locatifs, les restaurants, les bars, les aéroports où le traffic de consommateurs de masse est majeur.

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    Who Would Be Your First On-Screen Kiss?

    Who wins the award for best kisser this season?

  • You Mad Bruh?: The Many Life Lessons Of Resentment

    I hope that in some way this will help someone in need. Peace and Light!

  • 21 Moments That Happen With Tea

    Tea is the quiet and perhaps demure cousin to coffee. It has been around for centuries and comes with its own tea-baggage.

  • 5 Best Recipes From Joanne Greco-Akerman

    Long time chef and homemaker Joanne Greco-Akerman shared some of her favorite recipes with us. Link in the description to each of them. Leave a comment and let me know how they turn out!

  • Pixar's 22 Rules Of Storytelling

    Storytelling begins and ends with Pixar. Who else could have come up with a story about toys (Toy Story), a story about dinosaurs (The Good Dinosaur), and a story about cars (Cars). Learn from the best by following the 22 rules that Pixar implements in every one of their films.

  • 8 Ways You Will Know When You Understand Writing's Universal Motivations

    Throughout your college career, different professors are going to assign you multiple writing assignments in multiple different courses which will more than likely seem like a waste of your time. BUT, pay attention now, all of these assignments and pieces of writing are really not that different from course to course or subject to subject. I know, you're probably thinking WTF are these people talking about? How are science, history, business or any other course related in any way when it comes to writing? Well, lucky for you, we have your answer. Writing has universal motivations meaning that all pieces of writing serve the same purpose and have the same end goals. Once you understand that all the motivations are the same across the board, writing in each of your courses will become easier. So, stay tuned for the cues that will let you know when you understand writing's universal motivations.

  • Do You Love Jesus?

    jésus christo

  • What Fitness Activity Should You Do To Relieve Stress For Finals?

    Finals are coming up. Whether you're in the "Uh oh!" or "I got this" stage of preparation, you are bound to get stressed. Take this quiz to find out which activity is best for you to relieve stress!

  • 4 Great Recipes From Jaime Nicole

    Breakfast, appetizer, dinner and dessert. This list of recipes from Jaime Nicole gives you everything you need for a great cooking day with friends and family.

  • Hvem Er Du I SKAM 3?

    Du vet du lurer...

  • Rachel Reviews: 'The Empire Strikes Back' Before Rogue One

    It's time talk about what it arguably considered the best of all the Star Wars films: The Empire Strikes Back! #WhosYourDaddy

  • What Do Your Dreams Really Mean? (According To Sigmund Freud)

    After taking this quiz, you will learn exactly what your dreams mean... according to Freud that is. So buckle up, things are about to get weird.

  • Slick Hair Cuts, Your Alternative To The Messy Styles Of TodayV

    What happened to class? Remember when people used to care about consistency in their dressing and hairstyles? That was just a few decades ago. Unfortunately, this form of dress is really eroding away. Instead, you find yourself stuck around individuals with bright hair colors, non-matching shirts and shorts, and with corny quotes stuck on them. A man who was born and raised just a century ago would assume today’s society to be a circus. Now let’s specifically focus on hair color for a second. We’re not exactly saying that those styles are horrible. We simply think that those styles do not match a person who cares a lot for their looks.

  • Are You A Good Person Or A Bad One

    Take this quiz to find out which category you fit into!

  • RSO Spotlight: Operation Smile

    Are you interested in getting involved next year, #FutureRedbird? Operation Smile is a non-profit Registered Student Organization (RSO) here on campus that positively impacts our local community, and nation, as well! If you are interested in learning more about this RSO stay tuned!

  • How Natural Breast Enhancement Pills Are Better Than Surgery?

    It is a known fact that ladies who have fuller and firmer bosoms feel sexier and are generally more confident than women who are not much happy with their assets.

  • Community Post: Greek Spotlight: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Eta Tau Chapter

    Are you interested in Greek Life, #FutureRedbird? If so, we’ve got you covered! Since the year 1971, the Eta Tau chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. has served the ISU community. If you would like to hear more about this fraternity keep reading!

  • The Places You'll Go

    At Illinois State we care about your growth both as a student and individual, #FutureRedbird. Your time here will certainly be filled with memories you can cherish for a lifetime. Toni Wells, an Illinois State Alumnus, made the most of her time as an undergraduate student. Stay tuned to learn more about Toni's journey here at ISU!

  • A Complete Guide To Dog Crates For First Time Pet Owners

    Owning a pet for the first time is a wonderful feeling. You are excited about the new arrival in your family and you are thrilled to buy toys and accessories for your new pet.

  • Space launches can be stopped in a hundred years due to space debris

    The development of the space industry in the world can stop by one - two centuries, if not solved the problem of space debris in near-Earth space. This was reported at the conference "Space of XXI century" as TASS informs. "In the process of hearing and discussing the reports, participants exchanged views on the establishment of a long-term lunar base, the development of space nuclear power, advanced data transmission technologies in the context of limited resources and many other subjects, up to the space debris problem", - the report says. "If you do not deal with its decision, it is projected to 100-200 years, the development of space activities may cease," - said the participants of the conference.