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  • Dental Assisting Safety Quiz

    It's National Safety Month, so test your DA safety skills with this quiz!

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  • Swimming With Penguins Is A Thing!

    You can swim with penguins in the Galapagos...they are adorable!!

  • Why Everyone Is Mad Their Not The West's Surrogate

    How many babies would you carry for this amount of money?!

  • What NBA Player Are You?

    Basketball personality quiz.

  • 10 Things You Didn't Know About Composer Michael Bross

    In honor of the recent release of his Edge of Nowhere score, we decided to learn a little more about composer Michael Bross, revealing 10 things you might not know about the accomplished composer.

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  • Welding Safety Quiz

    It's National Safety Month, so test your Welding safety skills with this quiz!

  • Do You Think Uber Is Still Safe For Us?

    So this happened on 21/06/2017. I booked an Uber from my home to a doctor at Masonic polyclinic in Janpath, New Delhi. So got the driver in time and everything was perfect! Suddenly i asked him to turn up the A/c, got a reply saying i have cold i can't do that. Okay i could understood his situation with a very stiff answer. Later on reaching close to the drop off location the driver and all of us in the Car, Me my 60 year old mother and obviously the driver himself saw that the road (as per the map was blocked due to a tree fall or something which i don't even care about). Second i asked him kindly to take another route and as we reached the main road so as per the driver the map showed the same route. And when asked upon to go further and continue take a round a roundabout from further ahead for the map to update us. In fact he wen to the main road and did not see the map change i suggested on keep going on further as we could ask people and continue to our destination. So from coming from janakpuri and reach Jantar mantar right outside Park hotel he stops the car and turns of the trip/meter. And says the place is nearby and you could walk up to to it. I said why didn't you ask me or my mom. His reply was prompt that i did it now nothing can be done so PAY! I said you did not take any permission from us before ending the trip and not even drop us off to our location. Later after a few minutes of argument i stepped out of the car with my mother and refusing to pay he got off the car as well in a very violent manner. I insisted that if you drop us at our location you will get your money. (By money here i meant that the fixed price as per Uber app was 249.93, where as his app showed 313.99) well that's another issue as well. So he denies by saying i have completed the trip you may walk off to your location after paying me. I insisted on him to connect me with Uber ASAP or else i am not paying. He did not do that! So me and my mom stopped a passing by auto rickshaw and started moving to our location. So this dude from Uber his name is Anil with Marutiti suzuki swift with number DL1RT8582, caught hold of my neck and tried to choke me and as i was very scared and uncomfortable i retaliated and just tried to give him a kick to protect myself and my Senior citizen mother who is 60 again. On him refusing to let me go and let uber to the needful he just dragged me out of the auto rickshaw and screams "mera paisa de." I said i wont and i insisted that i wanna talk to Uber so his very kind reply was "Uber ki maa ki chut yeh meri gaadi hai private hai" mere paisa de, aise bohot saare jobs hain! Okay Rich man i said. So first he tried calling some of his dude probably to deal with me but then later ended up calling 100 (Police). I went ahead and did the same. Police arrives and there was an PCR van constable and then later a cop from connaught place police station who took us safely to the police station. At the police station we explained our part on this and he did his and was constantly pressurizing the word i would have to take a long turn and extra few kilometers where i won't gain anything out of this whereas i already told you the fare above (249.93 while booking) and (313.99 at the drivers chosen location). Now where he harassed my mother and assaulted me the police and all the constables are aiming at him and he just kept quiet and kept insisting on Galti se band hogaya where as he did not even ask us and just stopped shut the ride and said pass mein chalke chale jao and shut the ride (i hope you know how uber works). All the police and each and every person blamed him and my mother being a 60 year old lady ended up on a deal that let him drop us back to our location and we will pay him his amount that was mentioned earlier. So after all the care taking by the police (you know how it works here in india) we reached missing our doctors appointment and the case was closed here while the cops still do have our numbers and address and other details. Well here is the twist to the story! haha as expected by everyone who has dealt with stupid situations with uber or for that matter any other cab company. I messaged them explaining and then they call me asking about the whole thing as if it was at gun point asking me to say everything on an actually recording machine as he mentioned it (God knows if he was recording that as well or not!). So yeah and still i have not received a refund and the messages ahead will be followed in my attached pictures. Since my mom actually refused to file a case but i will do it surely from my end after receiving this from Uber. #Delhirape #UberRape #UberAssault #Uber #Assault #Fraud #Murder PS: In the heat of the moment i could not even explain myself properly and they recorded me!!

  • PTSD: The Disorder, The Cure And The Crafts Helping Veterans Cope

    It affects 7.7 million Americans, and it knows no boundaries. It can affect men, women, and children. There is no instant cure and treatments are varied. So is Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) becoming a national crisis? One thing medical experts agree on is treatments will never take away the traumatic events that cause PTSD.

  • Você sabe tudo sobre os times pequenos do Brasil?

    Em seu novo livro, "Ode a Mauro Shampoo e outras histórias da várzea", Luiz Antonio Simas conta várias histórias de times brasileiros pequenos. São derrotas, vitórias, causos, curiosidades e algumas lendas. Reunimos algumas dessas histórias e montamos este quiz. E aí? Você sabe muito sobre futebol ou é um pereba?

  • 10 Fun Things To Do In Evanston!

    The city of Chicago is (of course) absolutely incredible, but we'd also be remiss to ignore the wonderful city that houses our university. On days when you want to get off-campus but also stay nearby, fear not -- here are ten of our favorite things to do in Evanston!

  • How To Up The Health Game For Men

    It's Men's Health Month! Step up your game, fellas.

  • Jena Malone Or Janel Moloney?

    It's the new Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney. Can you tell them apart?

  • Travis Kalanick: Bye Uber! Hi xHamsterTaxi!

    Travis Kalanick Leaves Uber and xHamster Offers Him Chance to Star on xHamsterTaxi

  • Падения Людей И Приколы

    Падения Людей И Приколы

  • 7 Reasons Sneaky Pete Should Be Your Next Binge Watch

    Amazon's Sneaky Pete isn't exactly "prestige" drama, but it's a ton of fun.

  • Hollywood In 2017 & The “Christopher Nolan Effect”

    We are witnessing the slow and painful death of the movie industry.

  • Kind Of Sketchy That Men Don't Wear Engagement Rings

    An engagement is a beautiful thing. The standard Merriam-Webster definition is an arrangement to meet or be present at a specified time and place. The other definition? A hostile encounter between military forces. Kind of ironic. Traditionally, the man proposes and the woman accepts. She wears a ring to represent their union upon the day of their engagement, while the man... well he might as well be single until after the wedding. Let's divulge a few reasons why this should change.

  • Moving By Using A One Strategy Cargo Van Rental

    Whenever moving long-distance, most thoughts instinctively leap to the price of a shifting truck leasing. If I'd a dollar for all your times I have talked to people about other available choices;

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  • Dirty Rat

    This is how the story went. I'm having dinner with the family as usual and longside that stupid dog (Brutus) - the kids come inside from playing always seem to rub me, when they pass by me every chance they get...for the life of me I still don't get why you have to mess up my fur man. But, any how, I finished my tuna meal and watched mom & pops clean the dish's while the kids got ready for bed. It's 10:00 pm' What! You think just because I'm a cat I can't tell time? Whatever! Any way, everybody is a sleep... so, I did my normal rounds before I headed off to bed too. When I heard a sound in the kitchen... I said to myself, where in the hell is 'Brutus' (the dog) - there must be a burgular in the house. So, I went into the kitchen to see what was happening... that's when I saw this big-ass-dirty-rat by the garbage can. I said Daaaaamn "Who Wants That Kind of Pressure"! So, I shot out of the kitchen looking for the big dog 'Brutus'. I woke-up brutus and told him some one is the house man - I didn't tell him it was a rat (that's my department); But, this was a big-ass-rat! Brutus went in... all I heard was pots and pans being knocked around - I said to myself 'Brutus' is kicking that rat ass! But to my amazement?

  • CenturyLink Chief Diversity Officer Delivers Shocking Homophobic Rant

    Leaked footage shows CenturyLink Chief Diversity Officer Odell Riley delivering a fiery anti-gay sermon.