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  • Well Designed Websites Allow A Businessman To Target The Customers And Achieve Beneficial Result

    Attracting clients for the business is indeed a continuous task for any kind of business. The growing competition in this competitive world is indeed constant and is growing intense day by day, with the production and release of different new software and hardware technology. It is quite significant to have a proper presence in all the major forums to attract the attention of the customers and get considered for a particular job. Here are some of the factors, which should be taken into consideration to increase the number of clients for a business.

  • astrology
  • Breaking Test Post With Feature Image

    Progressively embrace dynamic synergy without tactical web services. Monotonectally morph B2C synergy through functionalized intellectual capital. Professionally.

  • Find The Beauty Box That Will Change Your Life!

    There are so many different beauty boxes available and so many different options. How do you know which one to pick? Take this quiz to find out which beauty box fits your life and style!

  • What If Cats Were Invisible?

    All cat servants would look a little foolish! :)

  • How To Make Your Dorm Room Less Depressing!

    We've all been there, we buy a couple posters and think, "Wow, I'm the queen of home decor," but when those posters actually go up, they cover a little under 1/4th of the wall and your dreams of having your own HGTV show are crushed before your eyes. Well, don't give up yet! With a few of these tips, your room can go from trash to class!

  • Which Hill Church Leader Are You?

    Get to know the deacons at The Hill!

  • Someone Made A Donald Trump Dildo Game Because Of Course They Did

    Comrade Drumpf’s Epic Dildo Smackdown is a thing now, complete with “Steve Bannon, the fascist scrotum slug”

  • Surveillance The Hidden Ways You’re Tracked

    Do you have secrets? Security expert Bruce Schneier has little patience for those who say they don't. When asked about government and corporate surveillance, there are some who shrug their shoulders and say they have nothing to fear because they have nothing to hide. Schneier's response? "I ask them their salary and they won't tell me. I ask them about their sexual fantasy world and they won't tell me. The whole 'I have nothing to hide' thing is stupid, that's a dumb comment," he says. What's more, your day-to-day behaviour is monitored in ways you wouldn't even realise, so these details and many more could be open for all to see – and use against you. And that's a problem, even if you happen to trust your government to use the data for good. Schneier, who spoke at BBC Future's World-Changing Ideas Summit on 21 October (see video, above), helped journalist Glenn Greenwald analyse Edward Snowden's leaked documents from the National Security Agency. The controversy was recently documented in the film Citizenfour, and consciously or not, Schneier's sentiments echo Snowden's own words in an early email to the film's director Laura Poitras: "Every cell phone tower you pass, friend you keep, article you write, site you visit, subject line you type, and packet you route, is in the hands of a system whose reach is unlimited but whose safeguards are not." Indeed, pretty much everything you do can be tracked now, says Schneier. "Everything involves a computer. You know that your Kindle tracks how fast you read, right? Everything you do online, everything you do on your phone, everything you do that involves any kind of payment system." As an example, Schneier told the World-Changing Ideas Summit that things as simple as taxi passenger and fare data could be easily de-anonymised once combined with location data, as the data analytics firm Neustar showed recently. Visit a strip club, for instance, and it'd no longer be private. In general, assume your movements are being watched. It's a fact already made glaringly obvious in London, when the local transport authority's public bicycle data was unwittingly made public. Individual commuters' journeys were easily chalked up on Google maps. Sophisticated smartphone applications are now capable of building up detailed pictures not just of our location, but the context of our environment. In a recent paper, researchers provided the example of an app called CarSafewhich is able to learn the driving habits of users by interpreting data from the two cameras on modern smartphones. Schneier also pointed out at the summit that many of the mobile phone towers in your vicinitymay not have been set up by your network provider, but governments – both domestic and foreign – who want to find out who's walking by and what they're up to. The secretive nature of these masts makes it difficult to know how they are used, he says. "The British government will not even acknowledge that they use them. We know they do, but they won't even acknowledge that. The FBI does acknowledge that they use them, but is very secretive about how," he explains. "Someone found that there are 80-100 of these in Washington DCnot run by the US government. We don't know who's running them." Public wi-fi raises yet more issues, since routers that pick up your mobile phone signal are now able to triangulate your position accurately enough to tell which aisle you're in at the supermarket. If the "MAC address" of your device – a unique identification code for your device visible to a network – can be matched to you then whoever has that data might know very intricate details of where you, personally, have spent your time. "If the government said you have to have a tracking device, for certain you would rebel," notes Schneier. "But the government doesn't have to say that because you do it willingly and they just get a copy of the data." And so might anyone else. The same vulnerabilities exploited by intelligence agencies could be similarly exploited by corporations, insurance firms, health providers, or even malicious hackers, criminals or terrorists – the very people surveillance is supposed to target. "We need to choose between security and surveillance," Schneier told the summit audience. It's just not possible to build electronic devices that keep data secret from everybody except, say, government officials trying to track the movements of terrorists. "Everybody gets to spy or nobody gets to spy."

  • Build A Calzone And Then No Matter What We'll Tell You That This Event Is Big

    There's no way to find out that this is a Big event unless you make a damn calzone.

  • Top 10 Most Delicious Foods To Try Abroad

    Curious to know what Waterloo students are eating abroad? Here are the top ten most delicious dishes and delicacies they have tried.

  • Driven, Motivated, And Unstoppable

    Personalize your passion and vision

  • The Stages One Experiences On A Wednesday Morning From 9-12

    Welcome to my living hell called Counseling Systems and Interventions

  • 6 True Crime Podcasts That Will Get You Hooked

    Everyone has heard of Serial (if you haven’t, go listen to it ASAP), but the hit podcast’s craze has inspired a wave of true crime shows that are just as good, if not better.

  • "I Love You Robot" - ENHANCED

    I made a small update to the most adorable video ever. Original cuteness intact.

  • 5 Team Building Activities in Leeds

    Tired of doing the same old team building activities? Is building a 'structure' out of paper and trying to balance a Terry's chocolate orange on top of it getting a bit monotonous? Look no further, we have compiled a list of the best 5 team building activities in and around Leeds!

  • Watch Rihanna's Cameo & Shower Scene From A&E's "Bates Motel"

    Watch Rihanna's shower scene from Monday night's "Bates Motel" episode. In case you missed it, Rihanna wrapped up her two-episode cameo in this season of Bates Motel on A&E last night where she played the role as Marion Crane, the woman who's infamously slashed to death while in the shower of the original Psycho movie. Although she doesn't get stabbed like in the movie, she does partake in the shower scene with Norman Bates watching her through the peep hole. But rather getting stabbed, Rih-Rih walks out scratch free and says “screw this shit,” before going to find her boyfriend. Later on, after finding out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, Rihanna takes off with some stolen money and leaves him to get stabbed to death instead in the shower, flipping the script of the movie a little bit. Rihanna shower scene wasn’t her first appearances in Bates Motel however. Last week, Rih-Rih partook in a sex scene after stealing $400K from her boss, which you can peep for yourself

  • 15 Fantastic, Clearly-Explained Hula Hoop Tutorials To Improve Your Flow

    Remember that trick you’ve been trying forever, but can’t seem to get? You can learn it in 10 minutes.

  • Nicki Minaj Signs Modeling Contract With Wilhelmina

    Nicki Minaj is taking her talents in front of the lens. No stranger to the fashion world, it appears Nicki Minaj has signed a new modeling contract with Wilhelmina International, Inc. Vogue reports. The 34-year old “No Frauds” rapper will join the likes of Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, and Shawn Mendes on their roster. “I love the synergy between my music and how it inspires my fashion. My message is always celebrating your own style,” Nicki says. “I’m thrilled and honored to have signed with Wilhelmina. They get me.” The news comes shortly after Nicki reached another career milestone last week, surpassing Aretha Franklin with the most hot 100 singles by a female artist.

  • Hey Ms. D, Take This Quiz And We'll Tell You Who Your Favourite Advisee Is

    Answer this lil quiz, to find your fave advisee, refrigerator

  • 15 Times Shameless Described Life In College

    Everyone can relate to Sheila in #13

  • IC Media Direct Company Reviews

    IC Media Direct is a public relations and reputation management firm based in Washington D.C. that also operates a satellite office out of New York City. Dedicated to improving the profiles of its clients online, the firm focuses on ensuring that reputable and positive results are the first returned when someone runs a search on a client’s name. The company works with individual professionals, private companies and non-profit organizations. Fast Take: While it seems the company is on the right track, and is even occasionally successful when it comes to short-term fixes, we cannot recommend them as a long-term service. The company’s flagship accounts featured in their case studies all seem to have reverted back to their negative origin, and when evaluating an online reputation management campaign that’s considered a failure.The History of IC Media Direct IC Media Direct was formed in 1996 with the express purpose of handling PR for clients in the then-emerging world of online commerce. Since its initial inception, IC Media Direct has grown its services to focus primarily on helping clients restore and manage their online reputations. The company is one of the oldest firms working in this realm and has hired writers with major business and online publications in order to accomplish its aims. IC Media Direct promotes their services as offering clients a second chance at a first impression. The firm participates in and sponsors a variety of marketing, media and technology conferences every year. While its physical offices are located on the East Coast, the firm works with clients from 49 different countries via its phone consultation and Internet-based interfaces. IC Media Direct definitely talks a big game, but whether or not they live up to it is another story.Services from IC Media Direct Reputation management forms the heart of IC Media Direct’s client services. These services are designed to help clients garner the best first-page search results possible on all major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and MSN. By improving page-one search results, the firm aims to help its clients create a better online image. They work with an array of individuals as well as businesses and organizations on reputation management. In addition to managing overall online reputation, IC Media Direct also helps clients who have suffered from negative publicity online restore their good names. These services are generally targeted to clients who’ve suffered as a result of negative news coverage about themselves, their family members or their employees. When developing reputation management strategies, IC Media Direct constructs long-term action plans designed to address current reputation correction needs as well as ongoing reputation management. While the core of IC Media Direct’s services focus on online reputation restoration and management, the firm also offers a comprehensive suite of PR services. They research, plan and execute PR strategies on behalf of their clients. As part and parcel of this work, the firm cooperates closely with major online media outlets to publish high-quality content and track public reactions to their clients. IC Media Direct claims to have had a great deal of success within the case study section of their website. Unfortunately, as we’ll see later on in this article, the claims they make and the reality are two different stories. How Does IC Media Direct Manage Online Reputation? IC Media Direct positions itself as a company that proactively manages online reputation while pushing down negative items in search results. The firm accomplishes this by staying current with search engine algorithms and working actively with partner sites to promote positive news about its clients. Clients work with account managers who in turn work with a larger publicity team to create positive content. screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-1-39-32-pm Potential clients of IC Media Direct contact the firm to request a free, confidential consultation. These requests can be made via either a toll-free number or through an online web form. During the consultation, a firm representative talks to the potential client about their online reputation concerns and needs. Representatives gather information about the client’s line of business and public profile to better understand what types of concerns are most important to address. The firm states that it has employees who speak 49 languages in order to meet the needs of potential clients around the world. That’s a nice touch that acts as a bit of a differentiator for the company. The reputation restoration and management process starts with thorough online research about each individual client. During the research phase, IC Media Direct focuses on analyzing what types of results come up for a client’s name. They identify negative items so that it’s clear what must be countered. In some cases, the firm must also work to identify results that are completely irrelevant so that they can be pushed down. This most often happens when a client shares its name with another individual or company with an online presence. IC Media Direct looks to focus on new content creation, similar to a program. Unfortunately, as we reviewed over there, simple content creation is not enough. A new profile on a site like is not going to be enough to outrank a negative article from the Wall Street Journal (just to use an example). After the initial research phase is completed, the IC Media Direct Team creates an action plan for reputation management. This plan may include publishing positive news items, addressing negative items and building strong online profiles on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once the plan is completed, a representative from the firm goes over it with the client. At this point, the client is encouraged to make suggestions or to provide supplemental information regarding online reputation concerns.After the client and IC Media Direct reach agreement on an action plan, the company’s representatives and writers begin their work to restore online reputation. The primary means through which this is accomplished is with positive publicity. The firm maintains that most consumers will view only the first page of search results for a given individual or company, so it focuses on these first-page results. Professional writers working with well-known online publications create high-quality articles about individuals and businesses that will rank in these first-page results, thus pushing down negative items. There is an open question over whether or not this type of work is ethical, as people trust the news sites featured in the accompanying image to be non-biased. While IC Media Direct works with a number of online media outlets, the bulk of its efforts are focused on placing positive items on Bloomberg, Reuters and MarketWatch-affiliated sites. In addition to publishing new stories, the firm also creates and disseminates press releases on behalf of their clients. These releases are shopped to a variety of online outlets and local news outlets to ensure that client results are positive across both general and locally focused searches. Focusing on press releases in a common tactic in the ORM industry, so it’s a positive sign that IC Media Direct uses them. Whether or not simple press releases offer enough power to outrank “undesirable” listings (as the firm calls them) remains to be seen. After initial reputation restoration work is completed, a client management team from IC Media Direct continues to monitor the online reputations of individual clients. Press releases and news stories are published as needed to maintain positive first-page search results. IC Media Direct does not publish pricing information for its services. Potential clients are given quotes tailored to their particular needs. This pricing takes the scope of the project and individual reputation management demands into consideration. IC Media Direct: The Client’s ViewDue to the sensitive nature of its work, many of the clients of IC Media Direct prefer not to disclose that they are working with the firm. This is not a negative reflection on the company but is very common among firms working in reputation restoration and management. While unfiltered client reviews are not readily available online, the company does profile companies and individuals it works with on its clients and case studies page. These case studies highlight how the firm was able to tackle online reputation concerns. They also showcase the types of positive content that the firm is able to push to first-page search results on major search engines. The company also publishes press releases that it has created and released on behalf of its clients. These showcase the type of writing that IC Media Direct employees specialize in and helps potential clients determine if the firm can meet their PR needs. For clients, one of the chief drawbacks of the firm’s reputation management services is that they cannot counteract negative reviews on consumer sites such as Google+ and Yelp. These sites closely control reviews and do not allow third-party services to solicit positive reviews from customers. However, IC Media Direct representatives can work with clients to craft thoughtful and positive responses to negative comments on review sites that allow businesses to respond to client concerns. IC Media Direct also glosses over another problem – most of their case studies feature outdated or strictly untrue information! See below for an excerpt from another online review about the company:As you can see, many projects that IC Media Direct use as their case study projects are “unclean” and contain negative results. That’s not good! It could be a sign that IC Media Direct’s work is only a temporary band-aid, and comes undone without constant upkeep or contract renewal. That would be unfair to clients that spent months paying multiple thousands of dollars in retainers and finally see a finished product, only to see the work undone as soon as their contract ends. Whether or not the pages were never clean or once were and currently aren’t, it’s a major red flag in regards to IC Media Direct’s effectiveness.A Final Note about IC Media Direct IC Media Direct is often referred to as one of the leaders in the field of reputation management. This is largely because the firm is one of the oldest working in this area and has been able to form meaningful partnerships with high-level business publications. The firm’s employees are well educated regarding reputation management and how search engine algorithms affect individual client results. Unfortunately, the firms backend work does not look to be as effective as they paint it out to be. The case study projects, which should be a company’s flagship work, are generally messy and look as if nobody has done any work on them. Overall it’s hard to recommend a company that can’t even put it’s best foot forward when it says it is.

  • Which Greek God/Goddess Are You?

    Take this quiz to find out which character from mythology you most identify with :)

  • Dating Like Old People: Danielle And Robert

    Could you fall in love with someone 100 years old? Two young and beautiful people went on a date but they met as their 100-year-old selves and did activities only old people do. Can they see themselves grow old together at the end of the date?

  • Which IV Department Do You Belong In??

    This will dictate the rest of your future probably.

  • Just How To Prepare A Weimaraner Puppy A Rapid Information To Education Your Weimaraner Pet

    Weimaraner dogs are a highly wise breed of shopping dogs. These were formerly bred for shopping large game like carry and deer. Several use these beautiful and glossy dogs for shopping, however they make good pets as well. They're very running and very dynamic dogs. Their coat is typically a gold dull shade and may be equally extended and short. There are a few unique elements to concentrate on to train Weimaraner puppy. Unlike other hunting pets, Weimaraners aren't really social. They are also very protective of these family or pack. That can be a a valuable thing, as your dog will bond rapidly and make a great guard. Nevertheless, additionally it may lead to an intense animal. To stop violence towards individuals and different dogs, it is very important to socialize the puppies while they're young. That is completed by presenting them to different dogs and people. Achieve this in a peaceful and controlled manner. Being výmarský ohař štěňata will display the pet that there's nothing to fear. Walking with other pets is still another smart way to apply socializing. When the Weimaraner is used to conference new pets, a trip to your pet dog park is an excellent method for the puppy to socialize and burn some energy. It is very important that the dog is experienced to walk on a leash properly. You can find specialty harnesses to greatly help with this specific process. Inspire the puppy to go along the medial side, and perhaps not facing the human. Letting your dog to go in-front suggests that they're in control. Should the pup dart or resist the lead, appropriate with a strong "No" and easy of the leash. Weimaraners are large power dogs, therefore they will need a lot of extended guides! Socializing and teaching Weimaraner puppies to go on a lead may help them build in to well-balanced dogs. This type is very sensible, and they do well with training. Love this wonderful companion!

  • A Complete 10 Day Makeover

    True beauty lies on the inside. Cliche, right? But hear me out.

  • 7 Natural Remedies To Reduce Hypertension, Home Remedies For Lower High Blood Pressure

    Hypertension (high blood pressure) also recognized as a silent killer victimizes nearly a third of adult American population. In other words, there are nearly 67 million adult American victims of hypertension and the number is growing. An estimated 90 to 95 percent of those suffering from hypertension are affected by the primary type, while a smaller percentage is under the grips of the secondary type caused by conditions such as kidney disease. Here We have 7 Natural Remedies to Reduce Hypertension. You may recognize the importance of blood circulation to transport important nutrients and oxygen to your cells and to eliminate waste and carbon dioxide out of your body. The rhythmic beat of the heart creates pressure on the wall of your veins and arteries. If the pressure goes beyond the normal range causing blood pressure, the condition attracts medical attention. Here are 7 natural remedies against blood pressure.