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  • 220 Gallong Hap Tank Is Gone

    sad day in the fish room the tank is going and we couldn't be more excited to see this thing go and usher in a new wave of awesome

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    Should You Order A Pizza Tonight?

    Because you need a quiz to make every decision for you.

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  • Questions We Have About 'The Fosters' Season 5

    Freeform (RIP ABC Family) just released a promo for the latest season of The Fosters, which premieres on July 11th. Naturally, I watched it immediately, because a) the last season finale left off with a bunch of different plotline cliffhangers, and b) I love The Fosters and even though the most recent season(s) haven’t been totally up to par, I’ll still gobble up any content they throw my way. The Freeform marketing division knows who their audience is, let’s be real. The promo (found here) looks dramatic and awesome, and it left me with just a few questions about Season Five...

  • Which Really Rosie Character Are You?

    You have seen it, you loved it, now which character are you?

  • 5 Buddy Comedies That Need To Be Remade Starring #Flaritza

    Diane Guerrero and Jackie Cruz, AKA Maritza and Flaca (#Flaritza) on Orange is the New Black, not only play BFFs on OITNB—they're also pretty tight friends IRL (thanks to the show—check out Guerrero’s memoir, In The Country We Love: My Family Divided, for the story of how they first met, and also because it’s a great read). These two have incredible onscreen chemistry (it’s obvious that they love each other for real), and with their best friendship in possible jeopardy on OITNB, here are five potential vehicles to keep these two in cahoots both on and off screen for years to come. Cast #Flaritza in all the buddy comedy remakes, Hollywood (we know you’re all about remakes these days)—please!

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  • What Job Would You Have In The Magical World Of Harry Potter?

    Find out what job you would have in Harry Potter!

  • Illusion Of Justice Book Review By Yours Truly

    I just finished reading Jerome Buting's book which discussed an array of topics not limited to the Steven Avery and Teresa Haibach case. Illusion of Justice gives the reader a peak into the life of Jerome Buting as well as his legal conquests and downfalls, family, faith, and his battle with cancer.

  • Why Jian Yang Is The Best Character On Silicon Valley

    With all due respect to the entire cast, Jian Yang is an unstoppable force of entertainment.


    Champion Outsourcing Agency

  • Are You A Dreamer Or A Realist?

    Do you wonder or achieve?

  • 8 Unique Things You MUST Do In Denver

    A city so dope it'll make your head spin.

  • Detroit Native Ché Drops Highly Anticipated Project "Chénges"

    A talented lyricist and a soft spirit, Ché has released her new project "Chénges".

  • 13 Moments You Experience When You Don't Have A Close Family

    Because we don't all get the Full House experience

  • Paying Full Price For Disney Theme Park Tickets Is For Suckers

    We want them. Discounted Disneyland and Walt Disney World Tickets. Any way we can save a penny with Disney is a win. For the laster several years Disney has been raising their theme park prices and we continue to pay them. It's over $140 for just 1 day now! In 1955 that same day cost was $3.50 or about $27 in today's monies. They've come a long way.

  • Band Aid: The Latest In Relationship Fight Songs

    The kitschy new film explores a couple's struggles through music.

  • 4 Things That Make Birthday Cakes Special

    Birthday cakes are nothing without the celebrant’s name on them

  • Choose An Awkward Scenario, Get A Cute Puppy To Make It Better

    These may not solve your problems, I know, just try to revel in these little floofers.

  • How Many Summer Reading List Books Have You Read?

    Summer reading lists are a popular way to overcome summer learning loss. Share your results for more summer reading suggestions!

  • Lázaro Ramos Ensina...

    Novo livro do ator e escritor traz episódios de sua trajetória e reflexões sobre a igualdade racial no Brasil. Confira alguns trechos

  • The Woman Behind This Invention Deserves An Award

    Look no further, friend. If you love baths, you'll want to see this.

  • Why Matcha Green Tea?

    Why Drink Matcha Green Tea? So, you already know what green tea is. You probably know people who drink it – the Yogi from work, your mom when she found out it was healthier than her usual English breakfast blend, or you, if you’re feeling adventurous at Cosco. Perhaps you’ve seen matcha green tea on Instagram and have heard it’s better for you than the tea bags, but the higher price has got you skeptical. Is matcha green tea really any different than the stuff in tea bags you’d pick up from the supermarket? The short answer is yes – drastically. Instead of being loose leaves in a tea bag, matcha is stone-ground into a powder, meaning that you drink everything you put into your cup. You see, while green tea is famous for its antioxidant content, with brewed green tea you’re throwing most of that away when you bin the leaves or tea bag. The hot water can extract some of these antioxidants, but when compared to matcha, it’s a tiny fraction of what you could be getting. In fact, you’d have to drink approximately ten cups of brewed green tea in order to get around the same amount of antioxidants as in one cup of matcha. Matcha gives you your full dose. And it’s a big dose. You’ve probably heard of ‘superfoods’, and how they are famous for being high in antioxidants as well. Well, put down the smoothie maker, because matcha is higher in antioxidants than blueberries, acai berries, broccoli, and spinach. So instead of struggling through your morning green smoothie, you could be enjoying a cup of delicious matcha instead. Don’t worry, it looks just as pretty on Instagram. But let’s rewind a second – what exactly are antioxidants? They’re what keep your body working well. They help boost your immune system and make sure your body is good to go when it comes to fighting both infections and chronic diseases. They also help prevent aging, what’s not to like? Okay, that all sounds good, but what if you need your daily cup of coffee to get up in the morning? I get it, but depending on the serving, a cup of matcha contains around 35-45mg of caffeine. That’s around 2/3s of the amount you’d get from a cup of brewed coffee or half of what you’d get from a cup of instant. Although technically this is less caffeine, it may not necessarily mean that you end up with less energy. Many people find that after they switch to matcha, they get more of an energy boost than they did with coffee. There are a few reasons why this might be. For one, coffee gives you your energy all at once. This might result in you feeling jittery, or experiencing a crash after your coffee high. Matcha releases its energy more slowly due to its L-Theanine content, and some people believe that the nutritional content of matcha gives them an energy boost too. The L-Theanine also has calming properties, which is why after drinking matcha you’ll probably find that you feel relaxed as well as alert. This is actually the reason behind why matcha has long been consumed by Japanese Buddhist monks before meditation. Due to this calm-alert combination, matcha won’t put you on edge or leave you with the coffee shakes either. It’s the drink equivalent of having a handful of nuts instead of a sugary chocolate bar. And while we’re on the subject of coffee, you won’t have to worry about bad breath after drinking matcha, which is another downside of harboring that coffee habit. You might be wondering by now, what’s the catch? Let’s be honest, we’re not always up for things just because they’re healthy. Wheatgrass shots are also supposed to be healthy… but that doesn’t mean we’re queueing up to get them. But this is the great thing about matcha – it’s naturally delicious. Whereas western drinks like tea and coffee often need sugar and milk in order to improve their taste, matcha is most commonly served by itself. In fact, the taste is so good that it’s often used to improve the taste of other things. As well as being used as an ingredient in baked goods such as cakes, you can find matcha in ice cream, and in Japan, even in KitKats! While matcha cakes might not be quite as healthy as the tea, the fact people are adding matcha to their treat food is proof of its great flavor. Are you converted? If you’re keen to get your hands on some matcha, head over to to pick the best blend for you. You can buy matcha green tea powder on its own, or if you’re eager to do it properly, you can pick up a full matcha starter kit instead. Team Matcha Kari

  • RJ Fenty Tweeted 'Poo' Then Deleted It Straight Away Why?

    RJ Fenty tweeted 'poo' then deleted it straight away why?

  • Must Try Themed Restaurants In Delhi-NCR

    Are you in the mood for a quirky eat-out plan? Then there’s no place better than Delhi-NCR.From fun eateries to interesting restaurants, Delhi is just full of quirky and unusual restaurants which serve diverse cuisines and come replete with global themes.

  • 10 Things You Need To Understand About Introverts

    A guide to understanding your hermit of a friend