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  • Which Baby-Sitters Club Club Host Are You?

    You already know if you're a Kristy or a Dawn, now find out if you're a Jack or a Tanner!

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  • Students Make Rap Music Video About Grammar

    Students at James Madison Middle School in Roanoke, VA, made a rap music video about grammar. Must watch!

  • Which One Of These Bad Beans Are U?

    just 5 bad beans. which bad bean is u? well see.

  • Which Resident Of Carman 701B Are You?

    This quiz will give you the answer to the question you've always been asking: what was Amy up to when she claimed she was "studying for the LitHum midterm?"

  • What’s In Store For Season 8 Of THE WALKING DEAD

    The Walking Dead premieres on Sunday, October 22, 2017, and fans are eagerly awaiting its return. Who will die in the War to End All Wars? What will become of Daryl? What's up with Jesus? What's Morgan's role in the war? Will Carol get back to being the fighter we all know and love? Will Rick lead them all to victory? Who's going to be in the crossover? How will that work? All of this and more was discussed at the panel hosted by Chris Hardwick at the 2017 New York Comic Con. If you missed it in person, here are a few highlights. You can also watch the full NYCC panel below.

  • Nostalgia

    Ever feel a chill go up your body when you catch yourself re-living something from the past? Whether it's the cinnamon candles burning on thanksgiving, the cigarette scent in a car or the smell of a burning bonfire in the breeze, it brings you back to that special moment. Well, music is just like that, but even more powerful. Not only the words, but the second the music drops, you feel the chill go up your spine and your heart drop, am I right? Whether it's an old song of you and a lover, or a song that reminds you of the beloved deceased, it has it's mark on you for life. There was music in the beginning of time. No wonder the human race has always enjoyed and created it, there's a reason why.

  • 7 Steps To Start (Crypto) Trading!

    Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others are getting more important in our trading world. Here are 7 steps based on TEDtalks, YouTube-Videos, Crypto Academy and Trading Magazines.

  • How Popular Are Your "Jane The Virgin" Opinions?

    #RogelioMyBrogelio Warning: Spoilers below.

  • Which Ibn Kelb Are You?

    These bints know about Pangea. Take the quiz, there is a little Ibn Kelb in everyone.

  • Which Horror Movie Is Better

    Halloween is near. This is Horror movie season. Which one is better?

  • Who Do You Want To Win Ru Paul's Drag Race All Stars Season 3?

    With the new cast being announced, who do you want to be the next inductee to the Drag Race Hall of Fame?

  • Final Exams As Told By Disney

    Because college isn't always the happiest place on earth.

  • Which Ancient African King Are You?

    “In the game of life, be the King.”

  • Helping Those In Pain

    A guide to helping loved ones living with illness.

  • Do You Think You Know The Perfect Matches On 'Are You The One?'

    Do you have the same opinions as everyone else about the Perfect Matches from 'Are You The One?'

  • Injuries Still Taking A Toll On The Panthers

    Luke Kuechly will miss another game due to a concussion against the Bears this week. But, the Panthers will look to power through and maintain their number status in the NFC South


    Picking up the kitchen is the never ending story. After each meal, you have to start over. Here are 3 steps to help you organize tasks, save time, and turn kitchen cleaning into a rewarding and fast routine. Keep your kitchen in order even though a pitched battle is taking place, just follow these professional tips! Whether you're a kitchen addict or just a lover of good food, you've probably seen a kitchen show on TV. Have you noticed that the cooks are constantly cleaning and removing the utensils they no longer need when the food is prepared? When they finish cooking, the worktop is always clean. The best professionals use this technique: they are cleaning and picking up on the go. Follow their advice and try to do the same. Step 1: Wash the utensils First, while you are cooking, wash the utensils. That you no longer need or place them directly in the dishwasher. Store ingredients after use. Clean surfaces and cutting board after putting ingredients to cook. Replace the cookbook in place. You will thank yourself when the meal is over. After serving the food, fill the pots immediately with water and add a drop of Fairy Platinum. While you eat, soak them in the sink; Cleaning will be much easier. During the meal, gradually remove what is no longer going to be used. Take the starters when you go for the second course, and remove the dishes and the dishes from the second course when you go for dessert. Do not go anywhere with empty hands. In this way, when the meal ends there will be many less things to remove and the table and surfaces will be picked up in the blink of an eye. Step 2: Clear the worktops Clear countertops allow efficient and quick cleaning without having to move things from side to side to pass the cloth. Follow the rule of storing all possible utensils on shelves and cupboards so surfaces and countertops are clear. After all, not every day we use the pasta machine or the strainer. Leave what you need on a daily basis and place on the highest shelves or less accessible places that you do not use so often. Make sure that the table is completely cleared after each meal to be able to clean it in a moment. Other things worth considering are: •Hold the knives and scissors in a magnetic bar stuck in the wall and store the spices in a shelf next to the stove. The kitchen utensils should be stored in a drawer under the stove and the oil and water bottles in a low cabinet. •Create a box for mail and other papers and place it on a shelf. Set a day of the week to review the content. If you need more space in the kitchen cabinets, separate the crockery, glasses and cutlery you use less and look for a different place to store them. Step 3: Establish a weekly plan Some tasks need to be done at each meal, but others are only needed once a week. Set a day for each weekly task, so you reduce the work and the kitchen will always be clean. Group the tasks according to the cleaning product you need, so you do not have to repeat the same action twice a week. Proposal of weekly plan •On Mondays scrub the floors. •On Tuesdays remove the dust with best microfiber mop. •On Wednesdays check the refrigerator and shelves and discard any expired products or food in poor condition. •On Thursdays they clean the worktops, the stoves and the sink. •On Fridays order mail and papers. The weekend is best spent to have a good time with the family

  • 12 Struggles Only CEMS SB Reps Get

    Find out how Emily Carlson plans to tackle them here and make CEMS great again!

  • Day 70 Cast Away

    Cast Away(2000) starring Tom Hanks. It happened to be a story of a man's attempt to survive when nothing seems to go right, how he gets out of his comfort zone, how he finds the strength to hold on as well as let go. Good story especially for this timing.

  • Ram Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi Movie Sensor Report

    Ram’s next film is ‘Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi’ with ‘Nenu Shilaja’ movie director Kishore Tirumala. This movie has huge expectations because of hit combination of hero and director.

  • Top 10 Effective Ways On How To Use Honey For Colds Relief

    Do you want to treat a cold naturally at home? Reading the article below to learn some simple ways on how to use honey for colds.

  • Virtual Reality, A Technological Breakthrough

    When we think of Virtual Realities, It has moved past just a few scenarios and video games.