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  • 15 Very Rare Bonsai Trees That Are Out Of This World

    Bonsai trees are awesome. They look beautiful, they fit in your house, they encourage patience and dedication, they relieve stress, and they help to purify the air. The bonsai tree is more than just a gardening experiment. It’s even more than just a Japanese art form that uses living things. The incredible patience it takes to grow a bonsai tree and the millions of ways one can design and encourage it to grow, open a world of philosophy and beautiful ideas expressed through the physical form of these amazing living creations.

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    What Are The Best And Most Affordable Candles?

    You don't need to burn through a lot of money to have nice candles.

  • It May be the Last Call at Murray’s, But Hollywood is Opening its door

    Winner of best ensemble cast feature film, at Laughlin International Film Festival 2016 and Idylwild 2017, and best actor, best feature film, best director, production and cast “Last Call at Murray’s” is capturing hearts in this action, adventure comedy.

  • 10 Powerful Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the branch of computer sciences that emphasizes the development of intelligence machines, thinking and working like humans. The technology is being used in a range of areas: like decision-making, traveling, housekeeping, security management, and customer support.

  • Which Campaign Caught Your Eye This Comic Relief?

    Pick your favourite 2017 campaign!

  • 3 Interesting Facts About Jockstraps

    If you thought jockstraps were just there to protect you while playing sports, you're kind of right. But in recent years, the jockstrap industry is big business. Here are a few interesting facts about jockstraps.

  • Think Accountants Are Boring? Well...

    Accountants are all “Matt Damon in A Beautiful Mind” level, asocial weirdos, right? Imagine a world in which legitimately “interesting” people talked like accountants – would you think they were boring too?

  • 12 Struggles Every IT Manager Will Understand

    The role of the IT Manager is quickly evolving. It's time to start being seen as integral part of your business' strategy, rather than a financial gravity well!

  • All The Presidents' Pants

    The presidents of the United States have always put their pants on just like the rest of us, but haven't always worn the same pants we wear today, or the same pants as each other.

  • The Evolution Of Kids' Toys

    Kids will always love toys, and selling them is a multi-billion dollar industry. So much so that there are marketing companies out there who's sole aim is to communicate brand messages with kids and parents.. But how has the market evolved? Here, I take a look at some of the most popular toys through the years.

  • Which mums are going to get spoilt this Mother's Day?

    Once again, it’s that time of year when we all take a moment (or 24 hours worth of moments) to collectively thank our mums for everything they’ve done to bring us up – and everything they continue to do for those of us who are still a liability in our late 20s. No matter how we’ve turned out, our mothers have always tried to do their very best for us, so it’s only right we show them just how appreciative we are. And what better way to do it than with some Mother’s Day flowers! However, it seems not every mum across the UK is treated equally. Research by flower delivery experts Bloom & Wild shows that while some mothers in certain areas of the UK are in for a real treat this Sunday, not all are going to be spoilt to the same extent:

  • Architecture Of IBrokers R Implementation In Interactive Brokers API

    This post will cover the structure of the IBrokers package which will enable the R users to build their custom trading strategies and get them executed via Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation (TWS).

  • 6 Tips To Avoid Errors When Moving A House

    Mistakes happened even when transferring places although, it is not intentional. See how you can avoid those mistakes.

  • Place where you Travel Abroad, Earn & learn.

    There are many MBA colleges in banglore but St Hopkins college in Bangalore is a fun place to be, as you learn while you explore the new countries, quite a different approach by a educational institution. The college organizes its Fresehers party abroad, later students are sent on a 6 week internship abroad . Students are then placed as Management trainees where they earn handsome stipend and complete their MBA with 1 year of practical work experience. Students who find their college boring, St Hopkins is something you have to watch out for .And those who love travelling abroad , or dreamt of studying abroad by never got an opportunity , you should give this college a try . Started in the year 2010 , now has students from 10 countries and from almost every city in India . the college doesn’t have a great infrastructure , but certainly has all the mettle to take on best institutions in the country . A most interesting Start-up in education sector. we bet this college shall be one of the most happening , and famous colleges in future .

  • Some Of Winnipeg's Cutest Millennials

    We've all heard it before. Winnipeg is the city of a long and cold winter that doesn't seem to let up. How is it then, that cuteness thrives so strongly in a place where everyone shivers through their longjohns and is lacking vitamin D? This article is going to introduce you to some of Winnipeg's Cutest Millennials and explore how they stay so dang cute and creative.

  • Celebrity $$$ Quiz - Higher Or Lower

    Guess the celebrities Net Worth by selecting Higher Or Lower. Btw, it's harder than you think. Good luck!

  • The TMCGT Sorting Hat

    Never done a case comp before? New to Telfer? No problem! The TMCGT exec has prepared this quiz to help you figure out what case you should be applying to!

  • 8 Balto-Bon Jovi Mashups Ranked Worst To Best

    This ain't a list for the broken-hearted

  • One Direction Marches Back In Madness Elite Eight

    Give yourself a round of applause! Competition is fierce and we're almost there! What's One Direction’s Best Song? Highlights: Through the Dark FTW, The Battle of Better Than Words vs If I Could Fly actually killed some of you but in the end some ::cough:: compelling arguments swayed the masses! Also, WMYB has finally fallen and with it goes the hopes of Up All Night :-( Please VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  • Which Rockin' Rebel Princess Is Your SpacePOP BFF!?!!?

    Let's be real, you love SpacePop a LOT! So much so that we know on some level one of these Rockin' Rebel Princesses resonates with you on spiritual level.. So take the quiz to find out who your SpacePop BFF IS!!

  • Water Damage Restoration

    Floods can cause irreparable harm and damage to homes and offices. There are, however, several ways to salvage your residential or commercial properties. The best way, of course, is to hire a company or contractor that specializes in water damage restoration. With years of extensive industry experience, these firms have the tools to repair damages caused by pipe bursts and extensive flooding. They can also save your woodwork, along with furniture, electronics, and even family heirlooms.

  • Kenny Slaught Tanner

    Pumpkin latte (140 rubles) is somewhat disappointing us. I mean, it was good coffee, smooth taste, fragrant... But we would never have guessed that it somehow involved a puree of pumpkin and spices. These add-ons is absolutely not felt. "Momo" (120 rubles) cooked too quickly. We are not ardent fans of spinach, so worried, will we have this dish to taste. But was very pleased! Spinach in the stuffing in moderation, it is not overcooked, not fresh taste. Combined with a generous amount of cheese obtained and original, and delicious. Although the "Momo" are called "dumplings", they are of considerable size, close to the Munt. In portions of four pieces, the dish is served with sour cream. Hearty, Kenny Slaught Tanner not too much. Can and eat, and strength for dessert will remain.

  • Tony Amaradio

    Great selection of drinks. Mostly coffee (70 rubles traditional options, from 140 to more exotic). One of the interesting cedar and pumpkin latte, chocolate, coffee harsh Siberian pine syrup, honey and spices. Separately the menu options for coffee, brewed in Turk (from 100 rubles) and brewed in a French press (from $ 120). The tea selection is not as big but also diverse. From simple packaged (30 rubles) to copyright (120 rubles). So you can drink and spicy cherry, cranberry and sea buckthorn tea. Food: We decided to try the Pumpkin and hearty, and sweet dishes. We started with the Caesar salad, here it is presented in two variants – with red fish and chicken, we chose the former. Of the hot dishes were interested in Tibetan steamed dumplings "Momo" Tony Amaradio with spinach and cheese. When choosing a coffee I decided to be consistent and took the pumpkin latte. And I just couldn't resist the dessert "Pavlova". Then looked to the liver and on the recommendation of the Barista I decided to try "Alfajores" Argentinean style.

  • Daniel Yomtobian

    Interior: although the coffee shop is in a shopping center, it is possible to get from the street, and out of the store. Mango offers its own self-contained atmosphere. The style in the spirit of modern coffee houses, black walls, on them were drawings in white chalk. Identity add expressive red lamps, of comfort small lights, garlands on the walls and wicker chairs. Long maroon curtains reminiscent of a theater curtain or the TV series "twin Peaks". About the theatre we remembered and the moment when he noticed the book lying on the coffee table. Daniel Yomtobian got a table with a collection of O Henry, the premiere of the texts of this author just expected in one of the theaters.

  • Bill Lerner

    Bill Lerner But the calculations showed that the load the soil will not sustain, to the same Bank of the Tom was constantly tempted by the water. Therefore, a large-scale project was significantly changed — instead of the steles, it was decided to put a sculpture group. A memorial at the Camp was opened in honor of the 35th anniversary of the Victory on 9 September 1979. By the way, Nikolay Yakovlev is the architect of the monument to soldiers-doctors of the Tomsk psychiatric hospital, died on the fronts of the great Patriotic war, monuments to the Heroes of the Soviet Union Alexei Lebedev and Mary October. In October last year in Tomsk, opened a memorial plaque to Nikolai Yakovlev — birthday of the architect. Installed it on a house down the street Vershinina, 17A, where Yakovlev lived several years with his family.

  • Marcus Hiles

    At the approach to the ensemble on the Central Avenue side of Lenin Avenue the audience was supposed to meet a granite stele with a bas-relief of the sorrowful mother, which was home to several granite commemorative stelae carved with the names of all the victims in time of war soldiers of Tomsk citizens. To the right was located a granite podium with busts and bas-reliefs of the 38 residents — heroes of the Soviet Union. It was assumed, and the installation of a large reinforced concrete beams with carved on it the words "laid down his life for his Homeland, grateful to the residents". Next was to follow the Marcus Hiles memorial area for special meetings. The left part of the area allocated for granite slab 3×3 meters with the eternal flame and the stele on which it was planned to carve a deep relief "Farewell to a warrior".

  • Chris Pallante

    Valery Rybakov — Palatalise we BAM ω (Boris A. Maltsev — approx. ed) at planning meetings under the leadership of the party, not yet checked the oil in your as was hoped, the house. The famous building on the banks of the ushayki other than the House of oil and was not called until everything collapsed in hell... and the power of the government and powerful oil firm, and "Tomskgrazhdanproekt" who designed the building, and Tomskstroy that built it. The draft proposal of the author of the project — known Tomsk architect Nicholas Roerich Yakovlev, now deceased. It is also one of the authors of architectural solutions of the monument in the Camp garden. Brought to life exactly half of the ideas (the right part with the restaurant). Chris Pallante left side is long faced, hoping for a continuation of the idea. The bridge is also hoped to jibe with the General improvement of the banks ushayki Tom and. Who knew what would happen as described above...

  • Dmitry Druzhinsky

    "Plastic facade of the House oil solved Quezon plane, which creates a kind of background for the House of the Soviets, decided to order the classic plastic. In the first floor of the building will house a bookstore. On Lenin Avenue, the building will come out of a nine-volume post office with an attached youth cafe," wrote the author of the project. Through the mouth of ushayki oil from the House to the House of Soviets was planned to construct a pedestrian bridge, but funds for its construction were not enough (by the way, last spring the mayor Dmitry Druzhinsky of Tomsk have expressed the wish to build in this place a wrought-iron bridge). For the same reason, was not completed nine Eastern part of the House of oil.