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  • Halloween Season Coming soon

    hey everuone i am really exited for october because i will be only doing videos related to halloween and halloween makeup, music. And scary stories. looove u guys. follow me on: Also follow my music:

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    Can You Find The Missing Piece In These Disney Images?

    ♫ "Put your faith in what you most believe in." ♫

  • Who Is The Most Ideal Fictional YA Boyfriend?

    *Cries at the fact that they're not real*

  • Art Jewelry Forum: Susan Beech Mid Career Grant

    Art Jewelry Forum is seeking creative proposals for projects that loosely deal with jewelry and is offering a $20K grant to realize the selected proposal.

  • End the Cycle: Stop the Brock Turners of this World

    This is a true story related to a sexual assault incident. I apologize in advance if the content is sensitive or overwhelming for some of you.

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    What's Your Most Insane BDSM Experience?

    Like when being in the heat of the moment starts a fire.

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  • 10 taboos during lunar seventh month

    Here are 10 taboos one should avoid doing the Lunar Seventh Month which is also known as the Hungry Ghost Month.

  • BBQ Chicken Pizza

    World's best BBQ Chicken, Cilantro and Red Onion Pizza

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    Check out some of the benefits of using high-quality makeup brushes.

  • The Top NINE List Of What You Need To Know About Rosh Hashana (but Were Afraid To Ask)

    Rosh Hashana literally translated means "The Head of the Year" which in modern language really is equivalent to, "Happy New Year" for the Jewish population throughout the world. But what do people do to celebrate this holiday?


    Nouvelle émission de Tommy Lunesp, il retraite une actualité un peu de travers. Il fait référence à la fameuse école de Montpellier "Media Tyc" qui proposait de devenir "Star du Net". A VOIR!

  • Do Your Family Albums Hold Content That Are Still With You Today?

    If so if you have any family albums you can find out for yourself. Just look at your past pictures.

  • Which "Shameless (US)" Character Are You?

    Isn't that the luck you got?

  • ¿Qué Tipo Eres?

    ¡Vamos a decidir cómo estás y qué opinas!

  • Beauty Is In The Likes Of The Instagram User

    I am a model, activist, and doctoral candidate in philosophy. Yes, it’s possible. Get over it. Four years ago, I got on the Instagram bandwagon. I have always been an enthusiastic social media user from Friendster to MySpace to Facebook. But Instagram was for a younger generation, so I was initially resistant to using it. Eventually, narcissism took over, and I was Instagramming selfies on a regular basis. I find Facebook useful for networking, keeping in touch, and organizing events. Instagram, on the other hand, is mainly for the indulgence of vanity. It didn’t take long before I was hooked on Instagram. Social media can be a real addiction. I was counting my likes and followers. I couldn’t get enough likes and followers. I learned that I can get followers by advertising my Instagram on Tinder. So I put my modeling photos and Instagram username on Tinder. Sure enough, my Instagram followers started to build up. When I exhausted my local Tinder area for followers, I upgraded my Tinder so that I can change my location. I now have over 5,400 followers, most of them are from my traveling Tinder. In over four years, I posted over 900 photos on my Instagram. The diversity in my life experiences gave me a platform to analyze the social media reward system. Whilst I was Instagramming my triple life, I started noticing a pattern in the behavior of my followers. My basic and unsurprising finding is that my Instagram users rewarded vanity more than anything. Of course, the bulk of my followers are men from Tinder, so this is something to keep in mind. According to InsTrack, an application which allows Instagram users to monitor which posts are most liked, my most popular posts are my modeling photos, selfies, photos where I show my body, travel to fancy places like St Tropez, and red carpet events. My least liked posts are posts about my humanitarian activities, political projects, and ethical ruminations. The prettier the people in the photos, the more likes it gets. You’re probably thinking: So what? People have liked pretty faces and fancy places since time immemorial. One could even defend social media on the grounds that it gives people a platform to project their aspirational self. People want to be perceived as rich and beautiful because people want to be rich and beautiful. Instagram is good for building one’s self-confidence and getting encouragement for our hopes and dreams. Perhaps I am asking too much from a platform that was designed for that purpose. For the first time in history, we have the opportunity to reflect upon how we are going to react and respond to people’s behavior. We can think before we react to people’s self-presentation. We now have the opportunity for reflective socialization and identity validation. Socialization is the process by which an individual learns and internalizes the norms and social practices of a given culture in order to become a functional member of society. Socialization, though most important for children and teenagers, is a lifelong process. We are socializing people whenever we interact with them on social media because, as social creatures, we are always automatically disseminating and internalizing norms and values. Prior to the internet, much of person to person socialization was always reflexive and automatic. We involuntarily approve with our facial expressions and behavior when someone does something good or pleasant. We involuntarily frown or exhibit signs of disapproval whenever we see or experience something unpleasant. Validation is the recognition and acceptance of a person’s experience or projected identity as being valid. Narcissists are addicted to external validation because they need to always bolster their unjustified self-perception through other people’s agreement. A person that is confident that she is beautiful, smart, or wealthy has no need for others to confirm that she is beautiful, smart, or wealthy. Social media is a source of such validation. But the need for such validation is not unique to narcissists. As social beings, we constantly require the acceptance and approval of others. How others respond to us incrementally affect our behavior, aspirations, and sense of self-worth. How others perceive us affect our self-perception. Just walk into any restaurant or public venue, and you will find that so much person-to-person interaction is mediated via an electronic device. Whenever someone pushes the like button, that person is telling the person who posted that photo or information: good job! We live in a world where likes are forms of socialization and validation. The person receiving the likes and compliments is always unconsciously internalizing those acts of validation or approval. And because the majority of regular social media users are young people, it is very important that we are reflective and careful about what we reward and ignore. What would have been identified as symptoms of narcissism twenty years ago have become normalized in this hyper social media culture. We are normalizing voyeurism. And together with the advent of reality television, we are losing touch with what is real. It should worry us that people — especially young people — are posting selfies like their social lives depended on it. Something has gone very wrong in a world where people are chasing Instagrammable life experiences. Something has gone wrong in a world where people think others should know about what they had for breakfast or what they did in the gym. People care about what celebrities eat because they are celebrities. Maybe we all want to be famous. Well, newsflash, that is a logical impossibility. The information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis has affected our ability to focus and concentrate. Studies indicate a steady decrease in the average human’s attention span, and that the phenomenon is correlated with today’s heavy reliance on digital technology. Social media activity is an indicator of the mindset of our generation, and we are at a cross road. We must either accept that what were once identified as abnormal behavior is now normal or we can resist the normalization by modifying our online behavior to reflect the social values that we want to flourish and the vices we want to curb. We must remember that what people post on their social media is not always who they actually are but how they want others to perceive them. Social media is a platform to control one’s self-presentation and to project an identity. It is a mistake to think that you can know a person just by looking at her social media, and yet people are always making judgments and drawing conclusions about others based on what they see about the person online. I am often taken aback by people’s comments about how they were surprised about something that I posted when they are people I’ve only met or interacted with a couple of times in real life. How could anyone be surprised about anything that I do when they do not actually know me because most of our interaction has been electronic? Because of social media, people are starting to confuse a person's self-presentation with the actual person. Whenever you like a selfie or a vanity photo, you are not just telling the person that she is pretty, you are also telling her that vanity is good. Whenever you tell a woman posting a bikini photo of herself that she's perfect, you are telling her that she is just her body. Whenever you like a photo of someone lusting after a designer bag, you are telling that person that her worth as a person would increase if she gets that designer bag. Whenever you ignore a post that does not have pretty faces in it, you are telling that person that s/he must surround herself with prettier people. Whenever you like a photo of a person in a fancy place, you are telling that person that she should value life experiences that come with a price tag. The power to change the type of people that will run and inhabit the earth literally rests in our hands. So next time you are scrolling down your phone, think before you like. And remember that though we cannot all be famous, a few of us can. Follow me on Instagram. My username is darabascara.

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