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  • Create Hipster Look Without Travelling

    Thai photographer turn local places into hipster photo and netizen is freaking out.

  • Fantastic Feasts and Where To Find Them

    The 7 Wonders of the (Foodie) World

  • Which Bodyhype Senior Are You?

    senior betchezzzz

  • My Secondary Source For My Research Paper

    I used a post that i found on twitter that said, "don't say something you thought sounded good in your head, but when you say it in person it's nothing how you thought it would sound". i liked this post because even though it's talking about people getting their feelings hurt by other individuals telling them unfriendly things, i can use this opinion in my research paper by not including any information that doesn't go with what i am writing about in my paper. The posts intentions are to include only what's useful and goes with what you're talking about, anything off topic may hurt not another person but your paper.

  • 5 Alternitive Nonelectronic Ideas For Plane Travel

    Beat that electronics ban hump with these ideas!

  • Which Thai Pal Are You???

    the time has finally come to figure out which thai pal member you are so order some pad thai, put on a face mask, and take this quiz!!!!

  • 12 Things You'll Understand If Your First Language Is Memes

    This is your business *kermit sips tea*

  • When A Troller Gets Trolled

    A guy tweet-trolled this digital agency 5 months ago and they just counter-trolled him in the best way possible.

  • Which One Of My Freshman Year Acquaintances Are You?

    40,000 students go to Temple. Which of these 10 familiar faces are you?

  • Plan A Leg Of The Amazing Race And We'll Suggest An Idea For Your Next Vacation

    No roadblock or detour can stop you from having the best vacation!

  • Our America

    This is a project for my English 102 class, on our own view of America.

  • Travis Greene Fans Show How God "Made A Way" In Their Lives

    Travis Greene one of gospel musics' brightest new comers, is making his presence, love for God and music known. With a promising new single titled "Made A Way" Greene makes it clear as to how God made a way for him to do what he is doing today. This new single has touched the lives of so many, that fans from all over the world have taken to social media to share their thoughts about what the song means and represents to them. Below you will get a chance to hear Greene's immense talent and hear directly from the fans, how infectious his message is.

  • 12 Veces en las que ALV es tu mejor respuesta

    Porque ALV es más que un estilo de vida.

  • Chuck Berry's Contract Rider, How Rock N' Roll Was It?

    It's no secret that the late great Chuck Berry wasn't always Johnny B. Goode, having issues with legal matters throughout his career, including tax evasion and other charges, but that isn't the only way he lived up to his Rock n' Roll status. Piece of The Past memorabilia company owner, Kevin Martin, was nice enough to share a 1989 contract for the rock legend signed through the William Morris Agency which elaborates on all of his specific needs. Take a look:

  • ¿A Que Famoso Te Pareces?

    Dicen que la nueva sensación de Facebook es saber a que famoso te pareces. Esta es la transformación del Gobernador de Veracruz.

  • Clutch Sluts

    Take this to find out!

  • Angry Bird

    The parrot Iza is angry bird.

  • DoneThing’s promise to change your life from mundane to extraordinary in seconds. And yes, that means exponential happiness!

    DoneThing’s promise to change your life from mundane to extraordinary in seconds. And yes, that means exponential happiness! Wish you could find an app that could buy you some quality time with your loved ones? Or get you some extra ‘me’ time for your emotional wellbeing? Professional life is busy, we understand, but does that mean you have to give up on the moments you cherish? Absolutely not! No time to work out, meditate, listen to some music or reflect on yourself just because you have those errands to run? Dread to step out of your house for a cheque deposit? Cringe at the thought of stopping at the market after work to buy veggies every few days? Hate getting late for work because you realized midway you left your charger at home & had to go back? Curse yourself for not finishing work on time, because you were ordering lunch? That’s unfair! Meet DoneThing, your personal assistant on mobile phone so you never have to worry about performing daily chores on your own again! We are here to make your life easy. To add that flavor of a ‘happy, stress-free life’. We understand you are multi-tasking, so we are here to lend you a hand. We take over your personal chores, lighten your burden, free up your time to do things you like to do. We help you manage your lifestyle so that you go energized to work, motivated to achieve your goals and happy from the inside, daily. With us, you never have to bother about a pending cheque deposit, a broken iron which needs repair, a parcel which had to be sent, an electrician that didn’t turn up or the wallet you left in your friend’s car accidentally. We understand the importance of time and we want you to spend it wisely. Now isn’t that something that would lighten you up? Our customers are proof that life has become easier and happier ‘from within’ with DoneThing. Having established an initial traction in Delhi NCR, DoneThing is now all set to spread its footprints across cities like Bangalore, Mumbai etc. that share similar demography as its current region of operations. We already have a customer base of 50,000 plus happy users in Delhi NCR, and the number is increasing with every passing day. Moreover, this creative platform aids customers to get anything picked/dropped within the city, source items from market, outsource their daily tasks, find neighbourhood service professionals and home services all under one roof. DoneThing runs errands from shopping like purchasing medicines, personal care items, groceries, to completing tasks like collecting laundry, pick & drop of documents/invoices, cheque deposits, repair of shoes/electronics, notary/government ID work to finding neighbourhood professionals like electrician, driver on demand or any kind of help like planning travel, cab bookings, etc. DoneThing promises you (customers) that we will continue to make your life happier and blissful by freeing you from the shackles of daily mundane chores, and being the reason for that beautiful smile on their face. We will do it all… from every day to extraordinary. Written by: Rohit Pansari, Co-Founder, DoneThing.

  • These Famous Fails And Flops Will Have You Cringing For Days

    Everyone has their downfalls...But some just fall further than others.

  • Which Member Of Ellen's Favorite Acting Class Are You?

    Which member of Ellen's 4 o'clock (favorite) acting 1 class are you?? Play and find out!

  • K, Wrap It Up Mom

    The older you are, the longer your text messages tend to be

  • Which Pop-Punk Song Would Fit With Your Personality?

    UPB Presents Spotlight Sounds with FREE March Madness! On Friday March 31st in T.D.U. there will be a free concert featuring William Beckett with opener Meredith Shock.