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  • Which Member Of The Best Media Group Ever Are You?

    Remember the iconic media group composed of Crisann, Danielle, Hannah, and Elizabeth? No? Well, find out which one you're most like anyway.

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    Parents, Share A Time You Wanted To Say, "That's Not My Kid!"

    If you have kids, you know what it's like to be epically embarrassed.

  • What Kind Of Nut Are You?

    Everyone is a kind of nut. For example, I'm a pistachio, nice to meet you. But what kind of nut are you? Only one way to find out: Take my quiz. Please!

  • 24 "Daria" Moments That'll Make You Say, "Me"

    "No life. No hope. No future."

  • Can You Match The Celebrity Kid To Their Celebrity Parents?

    Celebrities - we love them and sometimes, some of us, love to hate them. But we always love their babies. From what they wear to what they do and where they spend their time, celebrity babies steal the show every time they show up on the camera. But even with all this notoriety, can you match the baby with their famous parents? Take this quiz and find out!

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    Which "West Wing" Man Should You Date?

    One of the greatest TV dramas of the modern era.

  • We Know Your Sign Based Off When Your Birthday Is

    Yes,,, I am a psychic with ESP and supernatural abilities. You R welcome.

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  • Which TV Character Would You Rather NOT Have As An Enemy?

    It's time to pick your television nemesis.

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    Which Lana Del Rey Era Are You?

    To be young and in love.

  • Let's Take A Closer Look On Sales Associates

    Retail companies who are hiring associates must hire the very best in order to increase revenue.

  • We Can Guess How Long You Have Been A Kpop Fan

    take this quiz to see if we can guess how long you have been a kpop fan.

  • Real People Tell Their Stories Of Monster Encounters

    Have you seen Bigfoot? Did a Dogman chase you through the woods? According to thousands of eyewitnesses over the years, monsters are out there, and they are real.

  • 10 Selena Gomez's Hits

    Selena conquered the world with her charisma and talent. She's one of the most successful singers in the world. Yes, you read that right and today is a very special day for all Selenators. In celebration of SELENA GOMEZ's birthday, I have prepared a list of his most outstanding songs.

  • Create A Horror Film And We'll Tell You Your Next Paranormal Expierience!

    Who, and what will haunt you this time? find out with our spooky quiz!

  • 3 Ways To End Mental Health Stigma

    1 in 4 will have a mental health problem this year, but many will feel ashamed and isolated as a result of this. You do not have to feel this way. Simply talking about your feelings to others, and offering a listening ear is all it takes.

  • The Queen’s royal swan uppers returned to the River Thames in Oxfordshire

    The Queen’s royal swan uppers returned to the River Thames in Oxfordshire yesterday morning at Moulsford and ended in Abingdon at 5pm, with crowds lining the banks to catch sight of the crew. Swan upping is an annual ceremony in England in which mute swans on the River Thames are rounded up, caught, ringed, and then released, a tradition steeped in history dating back over 900 years. By prerogative right, the British Crown enjoys ownership of all unmarked mute swans in open water. Rights over swans may, however, be granted to a subject by the Crown. The ownership of swans in a given body of water was commonly granted to landowners up to the 16th century. The only bodies still to exercise such rights are two livery companies of the City of London. Thus the ownership of swans in the Thames is shared equally among the Crown, the Vintners' Company and the Dyers' Company. Its main practical purposes today are to conduct a census of swans and check their health. It occurs annually during the third week of July. Over five days, the Queen's, Vintners' and the Dyers' respective swan uppers row up the river in 'rowing skiffs'. Swans caught by the Queen's swan uppers under the direction of the Swan Marker are left unmarked, except for a ring linked to the database of the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). Those caught by the Dyers and Vintners are identified as theirs by means of a further ring on the other leg. Originally, rather than being ringed, the swans would be marked on the bill, a practice reflected in the pub name The Swan with Two Necks, a corruption of "The Swan with Two Nicks". This year marked a positive change in the recent trend, as the population along the Thames increased from 72 last year to 134. Royal swan market David Barber, who led the team along the river, said: “The increase wasn’t expected, so it was a pleasant surprise. Hopefully it marks a change in situation.” Mr Barber noted how the population had been steadily declining in recent years, but he and his colleagues had been working to educate the public on the importance of the birds. He said: “We’ve had so many school pupils along the trip and during the year we have held talks at fishing clubs and other organisations involved in the river. “All the people who go along [to watch] enjoy it; it’s a wonderful thing to do. It’s hard work and a long journey, but we are preserving the swan population for the future, which is brilliant.” As well as counting the number of swans, they also assessed the health of young cygnets and examined them for injuries. Mr Barber said they found fewer cygnets with injuries this year. Ian Gillies Bell

  • Library And Information Science (LIS)

    Library and Information Science (LIS) running in SRM University is professional, research-oriented, job-oriented and interdisciplinary programme. This program provides an opportunity for the students to collect information resources, evaluate, analyze, organize them and use it to train the people. The aim of this program is to encourage and assist the students with thesis, practices, and research in the field of library and information science and museum management with modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The department of LIS has made a strong presence in the profession through its innovative teaching programmes, techniques and Research Projects. The Library and Information Science (LIS) Program contributes to the creation and management of essential knowledge, skills and values of librarianship and the information professions through teaching, research, and service. The demand and importance of Library and Information Science (LIS) is increasing day by day as our society is moving towards knowledge era with the proliferation of learning and research institutes. LIS is necessary for the development, innovation, and dealing with people's needs and expectations. This program is providing an excellent job opportunities in all kinds of libraries, archives, museums, mass media, information centers, government and non-government organizations. Courses Offered UNDER GRADUATE COURSESBachelor of Library and Information Science (B.LIS) Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B.LIS) is a degree awarded to the students who are brilliant in managing and maintaining information using sources of information technology and education. The duration of this course is Three years. It covers Library Administration with present technologies, information architecture, database management, collection management, research methods, statistics. The Bachelor of Library Science and Information Science degree can be considered as a foundation for advanced studies. Duration: 3 years Fee Structure: Rs. 40,000.00 (Rupees Forty Thousand) per year Eligibility: Candidates must have secured at least 50% aggregate 12th Standard or equivalent examination, recognized by State or Central Education Board. POST GRADUATE COURSESMaster of Library and Information Science (M.LIS) Master of Library and Information Science (M.LIS) focuses on the practical aspects of library and information science and is multidisciplinary programme. The duration of this course is 2 years. It is required for the position of a librarian in libraries and information resources centers. The objective of two years M.LIS course is to train the students in management techniques and give them knowledge of handling libraries. Duration: 2 years Fee Structure: Rs. 50,000.00 (Rupees Forty Thousand) per year Eligibility: Any UG / PG Degree/ One year B.LIB Sc Degree holders are eligible and can join this course in second year directly under lateral entry scheme Admission Process: •For the admission, Candidates must have passed graduation in the respective branch or an equivalent examination with 50% marks in aggregate through a UGC recognized University. •Candidates need to appear for the entrance test SRMHCMAT conducted by SRM University and on the basis of the rank obtained in SRMHCMAT and marks obtained in 12th standard, admission will be processed.

  • Ways to be Happy

    Wealth can be found in its most natural form inside the heart and mind of a happy person.”

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    Skipping Pebbles In Gozo

  • How Well Do You Know The UNO? Quiz #2

    Test you knowledge about the United Nations, again!

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