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  • Keyword Research Mistakes that can Mess Up Your SEO Strategy

    Most business marketers generate their keywords by focusing on what their businesses are doing and what it is they want to be visible for. While this is certainly a good approach, one problem with it is that it lacks the searchers perspective. A good keyword should not just glow in the eyes of the business marketer, but also before the targeted customer.

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    Hairy Girls, What Are Your Tips For Hair Removal?

    Great eyebrows come at a great cost, usually that of regular full leg waxes.

  • 5 Funky Ski Essentials You Need This Season

    Winter has arrived and you're in the market for the bright, the bold and the best of the best gear this ski season. If you're ready to strut your stuff down the slopes, read on for some far-out gear we know you'll love.


    Is it just me, or are kids sick constantly? Theres nothing easy about a sick kid or kids. After taking several trips to the doctor in one week I just wanted to cry, but instead I thought a good laugh might help.

  • 15 Takeaways From Reading The Visual: An Introduction To Teaching Multimodal Literacy

    Reading The Visual: An Introduction To Teaching Multimodal Literacy by Frank Serafini

  • Drawing A 3d Lochness Monster Trick Art Optical Illusion

    Drawing a 3d cartoon hole ness monster. Cool anamorphic trick art optical illusion Total time: 42 minutes Materials used: 110lb card stock, black fine line pen, HB pencil, Prismacolor pencils, kneaded eraser Thanks for watching and subscribing!

  • 6 Ideas On Buying Bedroom Furniture That Will Last

    If you're ready to purchase new bedroom furniture, it makes good financial sense to invest your money in high-quality furniture and avoid buying shoddy furniture that won't hold up long. Here are 6 ideas that will put you on the right track for buying bedroom furniture that will last.

  • Find Your Ruffino's Soulmate

    Are you sweet or savory? Or maybe light and decadent? Perhaps you have a spice side. Take this quiz to find out which of our dishes is your perfect match.

  • Dress Up Like A Ninja And 7 Other Ways To Be Thoughtful In 2017

    2016 was tough, so let's all be a little more thoughtful in 2017. Here's how.

  • 15 Products You Need Right Now So Your Co-Workers Will Never Say "You Look Tired" Again

    Because that trick Rebecca in Accounts Payable always mentions it. Always.


    Today, I decided to conduct a little experiment and test what would happen if the water to pour 100 bath bombs

  • What 2016 Meme Are You?

    Come to Our Super Sweet '16 Trivia night to recollect all of the crazy events of the past year and have the chance to win a fit bit, kindle, mermaid blanket and other prizes! 1/21 | 8p | TDU

  • Which Affinity Writer Are You>

    Reveal ya true self! Which affinity character are you?

  • Dray Houston Might The New Face Of Urban Music For 2017

    Here at Buzzfeed, we're always keeping tabs on up and coming artists in the underground scene who many believe are the soon to be next big time faces in music

  • Kids Toys Shopping Spree Hunt for Zomlings and Star Wars Blind

    Tag along with the BANCHI BROTHERS for another fascinating adventure! Wholesome fun family entertainment that is sure to excite and inspire your little one!

  • Don Mega's Radio Ready Tour

    Artists are invited to perform on Don Mega's Radio Ready Tour in Miami.

  • Kolade Olamide Ayodeji Releases Dynamic New Album

    The rising multi genre songwriter Kolade Olamide Ayodeji releases his latest studio endeavor; a remarkable new album entitled ‘Best Moment of our Lives’. The eclectic new collection of songs includes ten brand new tracks penned by Kolade that span an array of genres, primarily electronic, pop and dance.

  • Why You MUST Live Life To The FULLEST!!

    We all have heard the saying, “Live life everyday like it’s your last day.” But, are we truly living life like that? I bet not! Most people just do enough to just get by. This is sad, do you agree?

  • Kolade Olamide Ayodeji - Trap In The Night

    Bright and radiant with electro pop elements, featuring urging female lead vocals and synthesizer that create a reflective, longing mood.

  • Beauty And The Beast Inspired Boudoir Session

    This boudoir session was inspired by the upcoming film, Beauty and the Beast.

  • Bayanaul National Park

    Bayanaul State National Natural Park (Bayanaul, Kazakh Bayanauyl Memlekettik Ulttyk tabiғi parkі.) - National Park in the Republic of Kazakhstan, located in the south of the Pavlodar region (Bayanaul area), 100 km from the industrialized city of Ekibastuz, on the outskirts of Central Kazakhstan Upland. Included in the number of specially protected natural territories of Kazakhstan. The park was founded in 1985, appearing first national park in Kazakhstan.

  • Clifftop Home Drops Jaws Overlooking Laguna Beach

    A look at the California dream inside and out of 33 Smithcliffs which is located

  • Antonio Brown Issues An Apology For Locker Room Video

    "I'm sorry for my actions and behavior after Sunday's game." Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown took to social media late last night to issue an apology for the Facebook Live video he posted after his team's win last Sunday, which head coach Mike Tomlin described as "foolish, selfish and inconsiderate." Speaking with the media yesterday, Tomlin was forced to apologize for the "inappropriate language" he used while talking to his players in the locker room and mentioned that Brown would be punished for violating the team's policies. Here's what Brown had to say for himself last night after he reportedly apologized to his coach and teammates.

  • The Road to Meridian: Dylan and the Gypsy Queen

    Sister Sara invited me down to South Mississippi to hang out with her this past weekend. I call her sister because maybe we’re sisters like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I don’t know, I haven’t seen the movie “Sisters.” But, it sounds right. Backwoods Mississippi is a lot like the North Alabama mountains where I live. But, she is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from New Orleans, LA. I recently read that the New Orleans Museum of Art currently has an exhibit called “Bob Dylan: The New Orleans Series” on display in the gallery. Bob speaks of his affection for the city in his first autobiography “Chronicles” that I just finished reading. “The city is a very long poem,” Bob said about New Orleans. As a longtime Dylan fan who has been studying his life and works more in-depth recently that ever before, I tend to think of Bob Dylan, himself, as a very long poem. I love the way one can be creative in different realms of art, music, and writing. There are no rules. That’s probably what most of us who live a creative life love about it the most. Besides the amazing folk musician, artist, composer, metal-working Bob Dylan exhibit, the NOMA had another one, equally as fitting to my personal taste. “Self Taught Genius: Treasures from the American Folk Art Museum.” Self-Taught Genius considers the shifting implications of a self-taught ideology in the United States, from a widely endorsed and deeply entrenched movement of self-education to its current usage to describe artists creating outside traditional frames of reference and canonical art history. Self-taught art, past and present, blurs lines between disciplines, makes definitions look constricted, and forces us to reconsider our assumptions about authoritative systems. These individuals have been active participants in the shaping of American visual culture, influencing generations of artists and establishing lively artistic traditions. Selections from NOMA’s major collection of self-taught art will be presented in The Helis Foundation Gallery, extending the reach and scope of the exhibition. You may or may not know, I make folk art and sell it at my Grove Oak Store. My Jamie art started in the form of knives, evolved over to writing, then painting. Could there have been a more perfect day made for me to visit the New Orleans Art Museum? Suffice it to say, I left the art museum fully inspired and refreshed. Sister Sara, being a gracious and considerate hostess, shared a story with me the next day. A local Mississippi legend about a mysterious icon, Gypsy Queen Kelly Mitchell, whom is buried in the Queen City of Meridian, MS at Rose Hill Cemetery. Mitchell died at the age of 47 in January of 1915 giving birth to either her fourteenth or fifteenth child in Coatopa, Alabama. The Queen of the Gypsies (Romas) was then moved to Meridian because the location had enough of an ice supply to put her on ice for weeks until she was buried. The Gypsy clans were called in to attend the funeral of their queen, and according to reports some odd 20,000 gypsies showed up in the small town. People still pay homage at her grave-site by leaving trinkets and beads on and around her head stone. Read more about the Gypsy Queen. The Gypsies here are mostly assimilated into our American culture now, but have been a persecuted race for over a hundred years, and even faced genocide during WWII. I left her a trinket although it is not pictured here. Bob Dylan, the Folk Artists, and the Gypsy Queen may have all been rule breakers… But, as I see it they weren’t breaking rules as much as they were and are just trying to live by their own standards according to their own identity and beliefs. One person’s rule breaker can easily be another person’s inspiration or queen. Jamie Godwin

  • President Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning Sentence

    President Obama commuted Chelsea Manning's 35 year sentence for violating the Espionage Act and being formally charged in 2013. Manning leaked military documents to Wikileaks which is what put her in prison. Manning was on President Obama's short list for commutes but no one knew for sure. Prior to the release whistleblower Edward Snowden begged the President to pardon Manning and many other people advocated for her release as well. Republicans on the other hand such as House Speaker Paul Ryan criticized the release of Chelsea Manning and Ryan saw it as not right because Manning leaked military files which could threaten our national security. It was also revealed that the documents themselves weren't sensitive information that could have created anything terrible. Chelsea Manning is scheduled for release on May 17 2017 which means President Obama commuted all but four months of her sentence.