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  • All The Drugs

    pick some things get a name that corresponds EXACTLY with that dude

  • 3 Adulting Tips For the Lazy Girl

    There's more to being an adult than paying bills and eating vegetables. In fact, some people say that adulthood is more accurately measured by your mind rather than your accomplishments. But what if you're still struggling to understand this "grown-up" thing? How can you make your life a little easier while you juggle work, school, family and other adult responsibilities? Here are just three tips for the girl trying to figure everything out.

  • 18 Things I Love Most About My Best Friend On Her 18th Birthday

    To my best friend: I wanted to find a way to show you how much you mean to me, and since I am indeed on the college student budget and I couldn't buy you the world (which doesn't mean that much anyway lets be real), I figured that the best way to show my appreciation for my ~legal~ friend was to make her a post on one of our favorite websites. I hope you enjoy it :) Love, J

  • How Much Do You Know About Neglected Tropical Diseases?

    Take this 10 question quiz to find out how much you know about Neglected Tropical Diseases or NTDs!

  • How Well Do You Know Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban?

    Do you take pride in being an insufferable know-it-all?

  • What Fall Dessert Are You?

    Find out which fall dessert you are with this handy quiz

  • All The Delicious, Aphrodisiac Oysters At Thrillist's Annual Empire Oyster Event

    From freshly-shucked raw oysters from a dozen NY oyster farmers to mouthwatering, oyster-inspired eats from top restaurants in the area, Thrillist's Empire Oyster event did not disappoint.

  • Pekingese Dress Up For Halloween To Promote Rescue Adoption

    TriPekes and the Joker, with help from their Cuddle Clone Dolly and Dad, dress up as the Village People to encourage people to give every rescue animal a new H.O.M.E.

  • GSMG Get's To The Realness With Ronald Moon

    Today’s independent artist are basically suffering against the giants of the industry. Due to lack of proper resources and being educated on proper marketing as well as not possessing the extremely gargantuan astronomical budgets as the big labels, the indie is being gobbled up and eclipsed by the massive system that looks down on the independent label. I this interview Minden, Louisiana local Record label artists “Tank Goon” and “Smoove” explain their plan to reach greatness. Though both artist, whom are both first cousins, have had some ups and downs from medical issues, feuds between former group members and death they take that negative energy and put it towards something positive. Check out this interview a“Check Out The Realness With GSMG”s Ronald Moon get’s in depth with the two artist on “The Realness”.

  • Drugs and Drug Addiction

    Drugs can cause dependence.

  • Everything Wrong With Pictures Of Good Looking People Going Viral

    The internet has spoken. But what's wrong with that?

  • 6 Best Ways To Overcome Trust Issues

    Trust is a choice we have to make everyday as we meet people, it harder for some people...

  • How To Take A Selfie With GBBO Winner Nadiya

    When I attended the Cake and Bake Show at ExCel London, I was able to meet and talk to one special baker..

  • Which Woe Hoe Are You Doe?

    Find out which of the Woes is your inner bitch... were all bitchez but uk u wanna be us bc were the best kind

  • Top Three Terrifying Twins!

    Let's face it, twins can be creepy. In honor of Halloween, here's a countdown of the three most terrifying twins. (Scroll at your own risk!)

  • Are You More Of A Renee Or Hannah?

    Take this quiz to see if you are more of a Renee or Hannah.

  • The Success Of All Activities In Leatherwork Is Largely

    The success of all activities in Leatherwork is largely dependent on the market. It is therefore very prudent on the part of workers in the area of Leatherwork especially producers and traders of leather products to conduct a thorough market survey to find out whether the intended product will meet the demands of the market.

  • How Popular Are Your "OTH" Opinions?

    "Don't say I never gave you anything..."

  • On Motherhood + Democracy

    Do any of us really know what the f*ck we're doing?

  • World's Largest Gummy Worm!

    I Eat The World's Largest Gummy Worm!

  • How To Ask A Woman On A Date

    A short guide for how to ask women on dates.

  • 7 Harry Potter Facts That Are Definitely Not For Kids!

    7 facts as dark as Horcruxes that, if united, will make the owner master of death!! (...or at least master of Harry Potter trivia)

  • 35 Crazy-Good Ways To Indulge On Cinnamon This Fall

    Because it is the best of all the fall spices!

  • Are You Alyssa Or Lydia? Pt. 2

    Back at it again with another quiz! Find out which of the ladies of ML 455 you are!

  • Julian Assange, the Unwanted Guest

    The United States presidential election has once again placed a country aligned with the evil that is “21st century socialism” in the eye of the hurricane; an almost perfect copy of the Chaves model – a model of decadence. A country that, under the pretext of showing the world their staunch support of freedom of expression, has granted political asylum to the so-called “journalist” Julian Assange, whose goal is to protect himself from alleged political persecution; a completely different face compared to the constant aggression faced by local journalists and anyone who attempts investigative journalism about the local government. Julian Assange is residing in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, forced by political persecution, according to many. Ecuador, the country that generated international headlines thanks to the “diplomatic narco suitcases”, suitcases which were understood to be exclusively for diplomatic use; the country that has a French-Ecuadorian chancellor with an “anti-imperialist” rhetoric. Ecuador, the country with “all you need”, the government’s multimillion dollar tourism campaign, and which today faces attacks by its guest, who lashes out against his “friends”, accusing them of giving in to pressure from the State Department to restrict his access to the internet. Given his clear political interference in the US presidential election, Ecuador has admitted to limiting his internet access but has denied giving in to pressure, or that any such pressure existed in the first place. In addition to all this, we must take several things into account: Ecuador has a history of demanding censorship and respect for “internal order” with regard to Ecuadorian politicians and journalists from the countries that have granted them asylum, such as the case of former president Abdala Bucaram Ortiz, who was required to refrain from making political statements or getting involved in the activities of the Ecuadorian government; or the case of the journalist Emilio Palacio, a United States resident who was sentenced in Ecuador to pay millions in compensation to president Rafael Correa because of an editorial. The censorship of former president Abdala Bucaram garnered local attention but had very limited transcendence on an international level; the supposed censorship of someone who is considered a “hostage” of the British government, however, has caused an international stir that could put the “cyber stability” of the South American country at risk, stability that had already been affected considerably by the acts of corruption and misappropriation evidenced in the “Panama papers”. Julian Assange is a troubling figure for the Ecuadorian dissidents residing in the United States, and is beginning to trouble the local authorities and most likely the temperamental citizen president, Rafael Correa Delgado. What will be the agreement reached behind closed doors by the officials in the Ecuadorian government’s “pink circle”? We don’t know, but what is clear is that Julian Assange has gone from being the posterchild of support for freedom of the press and communication, to an unwanted guest in the Ecuadorian embassy.

  • When In Doubt: Look Up

    God's hand in hardship