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  • 8 Things You Know To Be True If You Travel With Southern Rail

    As Southern promise unfettered disruption over the Christmas period due to strike action and rail maintenance, here are 8 things every Southern commuter gets to look forward to each day

  • quiz

    Do You Remember These 12 Disney Characters’ Eye Color?

    Only true Disney fans will know!

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  • Advantages Of Outsourcing A Software Product

    Outsourcing software product development becomes more and more popular nowadays. Learn the advantages of outsource

  • Christmas Tree

    The kinds of Christmas trees in my video

  • Real-life Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Scooby-Doo Star Wars Frozen Olaf Volo Museum

    Ever wanted to meet Lightning McQueen or R2-D2? Well now you can, and also meet a whole lot more Disney characters and see some amazing Classic Cars at the Volo Auto Museum. Even the BACK TO THE FUTURE DeLorean and KITT from Knight Rider and a full size Land Speeder from STAR WARS! A place that is the perfect family day trip in northern Illinois. Tag along with the BANCHI BROTHERS for another fascinating adventure! Wholesome fun family entertainment that is sure to excite and inspire your little one!

  • 10 Examples Of Leadership Told Through Harry Potter

    10 examples of leaders doing what they do best

  • harrypotter

    Which Horrible Dursley Christmas Gift Given To Harry Potter Do You Deserve?

    For those who have been a little naughty this year...

  • Which Bitchin Boba Bitch Are You?

    Are you more Jon? Or more Grace? Is there a difference? No, not really.

  • A Most Excellent Ranking Of TV Drama Theme Songs

    You know the themes to shows that get you hyped...

  • Who Should You Cheer For In The College Football Playoffs?

    Alabama? Clemson? Ohio State? Washington?

  • Seattle Drain Cleaner Featured In Magazine - BOB OATES

    We would like to thank Ken Wysocky for his great write up about us in Cleaner Magazine's December issue. You can read the full article below or check out the e-zine here. Bob Oates can divide his four decades in drain cleaning into two distinct chapters. One covers his days as a competent but …

  • How do you help a new employee understand the culture of your organization?

    The first help that you offer to a new employee is to open your organization to his contribution.First day in the company is a hand on his shoulders. The first mistake the other colleagues make is to explain him the rules.It is rather a routine.All people of the organization can be so accustomed with these rules and consider that is mandatory to introduce the new employee in the core.Sometimes a fresh eye can disturb this and comes with new ideas.So as a owner you must take care and train people to create a open environment for learning ,asking and contributing . Starting from the interview when HR verifies the employee knowledge about the company culture ,you may be sure about his minimal informations ,after you must assign a mentor and encourage conversations . A new employee will understand the culture when will feel confortable to ask and to act .If will not understand it means that the company restricts the behavior and the culture is something imposed rather a worship. A new employee is for a very short time new .It is important that not only understand the culture of your organization but to apply and share.The culture has a strong base,is like a history .The past is wrote but the future is in the new employee' s hands .Depends on your ability to inspire from top to executives .If you take care of your business will be like sharing a secret recipe with your employees.And this entails confidence. In a world where people want to work without restraint it is very difficult to keep a culture. The international mobility ,the desire to create own businesses ,the fabulous IT knowledge of young people, must determine you to adapt the collective beliefs, values and attitudes through innovation and motivational procedures. Happy customers ,profitability ,productivity and creativity are results of a positive influence that you as a owner ,emanate .Be the first who learn how to improve the awareness and identity ,build human capital and enhance quality of life and the culture of your company will be understood and appreciated from the very beginning.

  • Browser Push Notifications - A New Game Changer For Ecommerce

    Aggressive online marketing may be routine stuff now, but it's easy to forget how it's relatively still in its fledgling stages. Even so, browser push notifications are pretty new to the party, the new kid on the block, and marketers are just waking up to its full potential. However, more traditional communication channels like native push notifications and email are so popular and effective that there is reasonable apprehension in looking at a completely new channel. I mean, why fix what's not broken, right? However, in a time when online marketing stakes have never been higher, and your competitors are looking to squeeze every ounce out of each marketing channel, overlooking one with so much potential is something that marketers can ill-afford. On top of that, browser push notifications, when used just right, can work in tandem with other channels to increase reach and visibility exponentially. Let's delve into this a little deeper.

  • Which Rammed Ram Are You?

    A group of some of the most cultured and sophisticated rams in the Academic Village.

  • 7 Must See Classic Disney Movies

    We all have our favorite childhood movies that we made our parents constantly replay. Even as we grow older we still tend to love a good Disney movie. If you haven’t seen these seven classic Disney movies then you must watch them now!

  • Get Your Cameras Ready - The Best Activities At Sir Bani Yas Island For Shutterbugs

    Surrounded by the waters of the Arabian Gulf, Sir Bani Yas Island is a nature reserve that offers some wonderful opportunities for those who love nature photography. Here are some Sir Bani Yas Island activities you can try.

  • Which Holmie Are You?

    Are you cool enough to join our biker gang or nah?

  • 6 Months In Barcelona

    A short travel film about my time this year in Barcelona.

  • 10 Best Gifts To Get Your BFF

    It's tough finding the perfect gift for you BFF but this will help you guide your way. Your BFF deserves the best and you can't go wrong with these gift ideas.

  • Have You Told Your Mom How Much You Love Her Recently?

    We went around Campus to ask students if they recently told their moms how much they appreciate and love them! Result? Heartwarming emotions.

  • Home Care Services To Keep Seniors Safe And Comfortable

    Finding In home services for your parent or parents when they get elderly is one of the best things you will ever do for them. Doing this translates to helping them in ways. You should make it your business to do this too and not leave it up to them. It is quite obvious that they would prefer to stick around at their house because that is where home is for them. It, therefore, becomes essential to find for them in-home services. Make sure to see into it that all payments that need to be met for the services are met to keep them off from worrying about that.

  • Does The Media Affect Individuals And Their Gender?

    Hello friends! This is an article I wrote for my Women and Gender Studies Class. If you all could read it, and provide your input for me, that would be so helpful! Thank you!

  • The Cutest Trending Enamel Pins You Need In Your Life

    Enamel pins are trending like crazy on social media featuring everything from Kawaii cats to political statement pins. Here's a list of pins so darn cute if you're not a collector you're about to rethink the importance of flair!

  • Can You Name The 2016 Movie?

    How well do you know your movies: 2k16 edition.

  • NEW Naruto Online EVENT!

    Most Relaxed Classes: Kakashi

  • What % Quinn Blair Are You?

    Made by his bestest friend in the whole wide world Madi Rzepka.