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    We Know Your Hair And Eye Color Based On Your Color Preferences

    We're definitely going to get it right this time!

  • Winter In Lefkada

    Beautiful Lefkada although cold and rain! Local wine and traditional food can complete this nice mood.

  • Scientists have found a "hole" at the NASA measures to protect the cosmos from the earth lives

    The experts analyzed the current-astrobiologists measures that NASA has taken to protect other planets and the cosmos as a whole from contamination traces the life of the Earth, and found them in 25 "holes" that must be closed before the flight to Mars, according to The first flights into space and sending probes to other planets and other celestial bodies of the Solar System for the first time put before mankind such pollution problem. The gist of it is that we can casually bring on other celestial bodies "your" microbes and other life forms. If that happens, it will be impossible to determine whether there was, for example, on Mars or her own life was not there.

  • 10 Coisas Que Você Precisa Saber Se É A Sua Primeira CCXP

    Caro Padawan, a Comic Con Experience é uma jornada épica e tem seus segredos de percurso. Portanto, use todo o conhecimento desta lista com sabedoria e aproveite a CCXP como um jedi.

  • "7 Reasons Why The Word 'Bitch' Can't Be Reclaimed"

    Everyone already has a set definition of what the word 'bitch' means. Here are 7 pictures listed below to give you examples on why we should stop using the word. I did not find any posts that used the word as the reclaimed meaning, 'strong.'

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  • OMG, You Must Have A Nice Camera!

    More often than not us photographers are told that our photos must be the result of our awesome cameras, oh boy here we go.

  • Une Recette Inratable De Pâte À Gaufres Sans Grumeau Au Thermomix De Vorwerk

    Cuisinez une recette simple et rapide, détaillée, pas à pas, au thermomix de pâte à gaufre facile sans grumeau.

  • 12 Mind Blowing Ways To Eat More Fish

    Those delicious sea creatures

  • Filmes De Verão

    Selecionamos filmes que vão te deixar no clima das férias. Prepare a pipoca, o sorvete e aproveite! #fundacred #dicafundacred #cinema

  • How A Mental Illness Sneaked On A Soon-To-Be Psychologist

    'It's like drowning. Except everyone around you is breathing

  • 10 Motivational Fitness Quotes That Will Inspire You To Workout Harder

    When your muscles are aching as you take long strides towards the gym, you somewhat feel an intense urge to quit and give up what you once aimed for. The adrenaline along with the motivation that once ran through your mind, body and soul seems to have made its way through the system and out of your pores through sweat and blood, leaving you drained and feeling low. We bring you some of the best motivational workout and fitness quotes to help you get charged up and ready to grind again.

  • What Percent Of The Christmas Spirit Are You Feeling?

    Is this truly the best time of the year?

  • 5 Tips To Increase The Number Of Views On YouTube

    techniques to improve the numbers of views for your videos on youtube

  • Kenzie Wilson: Brains, Brawn & Ambition

    Kenzie Wilson is an impressive young woman from Cross Lake First Nation. In 2011, she was awarded first place in MFNERC’s Lighting the Fire Student Essay Contest for her essay titled “How Can Education Make My Life Better.” Highlighting the importance of incorporating land-based education into the curriculum, her essay received such widespread recognition that she was invited to participate in the final roundtable of the National Panel on First Nations Elementary and Secondary Education in Ottawa. Wilson was one of just three students who attended the roundtable discussion on how to improve education for First Nations students and recommendations to achieve this national priority. This extremely talented teen is also a boxer. She started training in middle school through an after-school program. While this might have been a challenge for others, Wilson successfully integrated boxing into her school life. She trained hard and it paid off. In 2015, Wilson made headlines again after she won the Ringside World Championships in Kansas City. Adding to this achievement, when the electronic music group, A Tribe Called Red, was looking for a strong Indigenous woman to feature in their new video “Stadium Pow Wow” they chose Wilson. As a major fan of the group, she was excited and felt humbled that they considered her. “It feels pretty cool that they see me as a strong Aboriginal woman,” she said. Wilson recently started studying kinesiology (the scientific study of body movement) at the University of Winnipeg. She believes this will be a great complement to her boxing career. “It’s learning more about exercises and getting a background in nutrition. After boxing, maybe I can go into a career in physiotherapy,” she said. Kenzie Wilson is a shining example of brains, brawn and ambition. At just 18 years old, she is a role model and a positive influence in her community. Undoubtedly, we will be hearing more about her success.

  • Tonsil Stones Elimination: Are Natural Treatments Efficient?

    Tonsil stones elimination can be done in a great deal of ways. There are natural and cost effective methods to eliminate stones as well as bad breath at last. However one of the best and most reliable methods is by taking preventive measures in the first place.

  • 10 Great Gadgets To Give Away

    We’ve already seen what to give to a nerd, a gamer and even the kitchen lovers with geek soul. What about people who do not have a particular liking for technology, but who would enjoy and make the most of a new gadget like any of us? For them we have prepared this guide.

  • 5 Tips For Making Business Videos That Will Go Viral

    Videos are no longer difficult to make today. You can use your phone to shoot it and simply post them on social media. However, for serious and professional organisations, creating a business video is not a joke especially if it is promotional.

  • Instagram Followers

    How to get it at a cheaper rate

  • Kid Ink Announces European Tour With Dave East & Dizzy Wright

    Kid Ink will be hitting up 24 cities in Europe beginning in March. Kid Ink released his RSS2 mixtape earlier this year, returning to his mixtape roots after a few years of releasing radio hits. Now he's heading out on a European tour where he'll surely perform some of his new material. Ink announced the tour on his Twitter and Instagram accounts earlier today. The 24-city Up All Night Tour will feature support from Dave East and Dizzy Wright. Tickets will be available Wednesday through the rapper's official website.

  • British Girl Group Little Mix Earn New Shattering Billboard Record With Newly Released Album 'Glory Days'

    Longevity continues to be the groups' best friend. Could 2017 be their full breakout year?

  • 5 Ideas To Make Your Overnight Guest Feel At Home

    Guest will always come around. You can’t stop them even when they only stay for a few days. Mother-in-laws, siblings, friends, cousins and the ones who simply breeze in without informing are the ones you should expect in a typical Nigeria society.

  • 10 Things you should know before travelling to Malaysia.

    Before you get all excited and hop on your flight to Malaysia, read these 10 things that you need to know about Malaysia.

  • DIY: A LED Night Light

    Feels like a science fiction

  • Sri Lanka Bucketlist

    Sri Lanka is a great destination to head to if you’re on a tight budget (not a skinny jean tight type though). Here are some places that you NEED to add to your bucket list when visiting this beautiful pearl in the Indian Ocean!

  • Hijab Optional, Blackface Not

    For some reason, this university organization thinks that black people want to opt out of their skin color, but they just can't.