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  • Are You Really Who You Think You Are?

    Which member of The Agricultural Research Group are you?

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  • The Real World Of AI Banking

    An Accenture report indicates that within the next three years, banks will deploy AI as their primary method to interact with customers. With the advent of Chatbots, personal assistants, and robo-advisors, this may not be too hard to imagine.

  • What Is Your Melancholy Play Personality?

    A quiz to find out which character from Sarah Ruhl'sMelancholy Play you REALLY are!



  • 7 Songs That Were Banned For Stupid Reasons

    Lets face it swearing Plagiarism and sexual innuendos are common practice in the music industry. But sometimes certain songs are picked on and are banned for the strangest of reasons. Lets look at some of these examples.

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  • 21 Reasons You're 30 And Single

    You do you girl. You don't need no man.

  • Which Tau Chapter Mu Beta Psi 2017 Grad Are You?

    The Tau Chapter graduating seniors are a pretty rad and eclectic bunch, which one are you?

  • 8 Things Only A RPLS Student Taking Program Planning Would Understand

    The crazy adventure of planning an event by Casey Schulz

  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Riga

    Riga is the pearl of the Baltic States and is definitely worth your visit. Here are 7 reasons why.

  • What Should You Have For Din With Your Pals??

    dinner is a tricky business -- there's opinions flying left and right, incredible products at the one and only (TJs), and cravings galore

  • 10 Things You May Not Have Known Were Scandinavian

    The (former) Vikings blow my mind every day.

  • The Hardest 90s Sitcom Quiz You'll Ever Take

    Can you identify the source of these quotes from the best 90s sitcoms?

  • Rockford Systems Launches "Selfie For Safety" Campaign

    Recognizing that the future of American manufacturing lies with today's youth, Rockford Systems, LLC today launched its "Selfie for Safety" campaign to help raise student awareness of the importance of machine safeguarding and to help fund the upgrading of safety equipment in the machine shops of several high schools in Rockford, Illinois, where the company's headquarters is located. The community service campaign launches today in observation of the 2017 World Day for Safety & Health, an annual event that focuses international attention on the prevention of occupational accidents. Hosted on Rockford Systems' Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages, the campaign encourages students, machinists, Do-It-Yourselfer's, manufacturers or anyone who uses machinery and values safety to submit a "selfie" of themselves standing next to their favorite machine. For every "Selfie for Safety" it receives Rockford Systems will donate money towards conducting a full survey of a local high school's machine shop to determine the safeguarding equipment required for OSHA/ANSI/NFPA 79 compliance, as well as the purchase and installation of that equipment. Everyone who posts a Selfie for Safety will receive a free Rockford Systems t-shirt and be recognized by their peers for their contribution. The company hopes to expand the Selfie for Safety program to include additional high schools nationwide. "Our goal is to fully safeguard all four public high-schools in our hometown of Rockford, IL within the next 3 years," said Carrie Halle, Vice President of Marketing for Rockford Systems. "We will also be teaching proper safety techniques to students who are the future of American manufacturing." HOW TO PARTICIPATE Follow these 4 easy steps to participate in the "Selfie for Safety" campaign: Take a selfie standing next to any metal fabrication machine (either at work*, school or home) Post your pic on Rockford Systems' Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook pages Tag your pic #selfieforsafety Get a FREE t-shirt by providing your fulfillment information** at Your participation will show the world that you care about machine safety. As your partner in safety, Rockford Systems looks forward to promoting the safe future of American manufacturing. For more information, visit *Please check with your company's social media policy. **Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing, while supplies last, limit one shirt per person

  • What Member Of The Crazy Quint Are You?

    Ever wondered who you relate to the most in the upper quint? Take this quiz to find out what batshit crazy member of the quint you are!

  • Which Music Festival Are You?

    University Program Council (UPC) brings you #NXNT featuring a variety of up and coming artists such as The Marfa Lights, Jessie Frye, DREAMERS, and machineheart! Don't miss UNT's coolest music festival of the year this Friday, April 28th from 5-10pm in the Union and Library Mall!

  • Program Planning: The Countdown Of The Week Before An Event To The Day Of

    Getting down to the wire of your event? Finished one? Well this will hit the nail on the head for you. Program Planning: Events... Even...eve...eventually... EVENTUALLY, We Will Get This Over With!!

  • Who Are You On SHU's Campus?

    are you a greek person, athlete, or just a regular dude

  • 11 Things You Didn't Know About Composer Michael A. Levine

    Composer Michael A. Levine has been in the music industry for over two decades now with his most recent work ranging from Resident Evil: Biohazard's famous theme "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" to the new LEGO DC Super Hero Girls animated shorts. We wanted to learn more about Michael, so we asked him to reveal 11 things people might not know about him.

  • The 10 Best Upcoming Artists In 2017

    The music industry was consistently enthralling throughout last year. We heard both captivating and tenuous songs. 2017 picks up from where it stopped and these new artists are indeed poised to make this year their best ever.

  • Pick A 2017 Trend And We'll Remind You Of A 2007 One

    This'll make you cry... of embarrassment.

  • Which Member Of Sigma Kattle Are You?

    Which sigma kalf r u?

  • Would Your Family Win Family Feud?

    Take this quiz to see if Steve Harvey will be handing you and your fambam $20,000!

  • Are You More An Izzi Or An Elana?

    which souley are you??

  • Spring Fling 101

    It's that time of year again! Tomorrow is about enjoying the beautiful spring weather, dancing to the music that you ~LUV~, and spending time with your friends! Time to get out of the library for ~5 Hours~, and out of the classroom before the paper writing and final studying begins (or continues). The day is full of excitement: use this checklist to make sure you're ready! It's never ~Too Little Too Late~ for a fun day!