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  • 5 Things That Would Change If I Woke Up As A Cooked Spaghetti Noodle

    I was fork deep in a bowl of spaghetti when I looked at a rogue noodle on the table and wondered: if I were a noodle, how would I walk around? Would I hop on my noodle body-leg or would I squish around like an inch worm? If a noodle sits down does it bend in half or coil like a snake?? These are the questions keeping me up at night. I only have some of the answers, but I hope that each day I will come a little closer to the truth. Here are some things that would change in my life if I woke up one day as a cooked spaghetti noodle.

  • 5 Resources That Will Make You Better At Parental Control

    The higher rate of Smartphone usage among teens and kids have significantly increased the child bullying cases on social media.

  • Finals Week As Told By Crazy Ex Girlfriend

    Whoop-dee-frickin'-doo, an 'A'. What's an 'A'?

  • The Unrealistic Lives Depicted on Television

    Versus The Lives We Live Off-Screen

  • 5 Duty Free Items That’ll Make Your Flight A Breeze

    Flying can be frustrating if you haven’t brought along enough comforts to get through your journey. If you’ve booked a last minute flight and have rushed packing or just want to pick up some little extras, duty free shopping can take your plane journey from stress to #blessed.

  • How I Survived University (and How You Can Too)

    It's honestly not all bad. But here's eleven pieces of advice, based on my years.

  • Which Member Of Pangea Are You?

    Take this fun quiz to find out which member of Pangea you are!

  • Tiny House Also A Sweet Home

    The big house is a present of luxury many people dream of. However, the tiny house could be warmer and more like a home.

  • Several Beautiful Designed Balconies

    When your balcony is still used to dry clothes, someone else's balcony has turned into a beautiful garden.

  • Who Group Me-D It?

    The MAR edition.

  • Which Male Non-Distance Runner Are You?

    It's time to find out which Male Non-Distance you are!

  • Are You A Rose Or A Thorn?

    The answer is probably clear.

  • Hamilton Musical Prank

    Raise a glass to an epic wake up prank using Hamilton: An American Musical!

  • Which O'Connor Member Are You?

    See who you are

  • 9 sinais de que você é de Humanas com alma de Exatas

    Se fórmulas e equações não são a sua praia, mas você acha que uma continha uma vez ou outra não faz mal a ninguém... O QG do Saber te entende bem! ;)

  • Stuff To Remeber When You Web Scrap

    At present, We scraping is an important task for almost all sector but very rare people know how to do it exactly. you know usually web scraping for e-mail collecting, real estate listing, to review specific products, to create another website with scraping, and its scope much more. In this post, I have discussed web scraping especially how I do it with Basically, we know web scraping is really time costing task, due to that, It's better to break all the data to be loaded into different pieces to be loaded. we do if some pieces of data can't be received because of the website or connection overloaded, then the other pieces are not influenced and you can save them for further processing. sometimes you have to use statistics when we scrap a ton of information, statistics really help us. I always suggest my student setting some metrics and evaluating the quality of the output by them. for example, if you scrape user information, you may check how many makes and females we got. If the difference seems to be odds, we go to check the algorithm. this not the big issue, but you know scraping bigger websites can be a challenge if you do it wrong you or if you go to do it with a poor experience. It's simple, Bigger websites contain large amount data, strong protection, security, and huge pages. I have learned a for past 5 years in web scraping and i know well how to get done big website with a single kiss. that is why I have discussed on web scraping, and in this post, you will learn the exact method of web scraping even you will know how to get done a big website with just a kiss.

  • Get To Know Your First-Aid Kit!

    Starting your career in aquatics can be quite intimidating. The very notion of being responsible for the lives of others may take some time to get used to. However, don't be alarmed! All lifeguards, such as myself have gone through this kind of feeling. For this reason, I made this quiz to give instructors, lifeguards, and Deck Supervisors the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the common items they will need to use in any first-aid situation. I did refer to the internet for some of these results to get a more academic answer to the use of certain objects. This quiz is designed the give aquatic staff a refresher on what things are called, what they're used for, etc. if the case may be an individual may be too scared to ask fellow co-workers or whatever the situation may be. I want this to be a fun, interactive, and new idea for anyone to try. I hope you enjoy this quiz! :D

  • The Cambridge Youth Dance Program Performs "Stand In The Light " April 28 & 29 In Boston

    Dance and multimedia imagery are woven together to tell powerful, true-life stories of social injustice. Seventy-five young dance artists of CYDP Dance Company, a non-profit empowering diverse individual to pursue dance as a career, remind us all to believe in our limitless ability and the power of the human spirit.

  • Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz

    Are you Gryffindorable or Ravenclawesome?

  • Which Raney Floor Three Resident Are You??

    Take the quiz to find out. Also included: one archer resident.

  • 14 Mouthwatering Corn Recipes You Need This Summer

    Nothing like sweet corn to have you grinning from ear to ear.

  • What ~thotsgiving~ Gc Member Are You??

    R u ML, Jannnerz, or Chris Ryan??? How messy of a bitch are you??? find out!!

  • 10 Things You Experience While Attending The LA Times Book Festival

    It's that time of year when Book Nerds of every age gather at the USC Campus to celebrate their favorite pastime


    "Love Don't Go" by Ibrahim Jawara One of those (originalsongs) that hits home... I wanted this song to have numerous meanings so good luck drawing your own assumptions... Your input is greatly appreciated. I am sure the words alone speak for themselves...Join me On my YouTube Channel (Jmusic- Singer and Songwriter's Channel)

  • Which RVH 2017 Senior Are You?

    From the frosh... xoxo

  • Which God Or Goddess Are You?

    Since the question came to me...

  • Signs-Birds Flying By

    A Lot on my Mind!! Luckily I have these words to live by and the reason I remain strong and hope its the same for you the listener. "Signs" Just another original song with strong words for you and I As always, Jmusic singer and songwriter's channel for those who are motivated by music in a positive way.