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  • Gastroparesis- What Is It?

    Think back to the last time you had a stomach bug or food poisoning. It probably only lasted a few days at most; but felt like forever. Just stop and imagine- what if it DID last forever? For me and many others worldwide, that’s exactly what we’re facing. A lifetime ahead of feeling like we have food poisining. Every. Single. Day.

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    Do You Have An Embarrassing Email Horror Story?

    We've all hit "send" without a second look.

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  • Arod Somebody Drops Hot New Track Ft. Moneybagg Yo

    Although currently incarcerated, Arod Somebody will not be stopped. He is more focused on releasing quality music than ever! He dropped his last single "Whatchu Know" featuring Shy Gizzy and produced by Don Gotti to awaiting fans and is following up with his latest hit ""Everybody" Nothing can slow this icon in the making down! More music coming soon! Check out the single here:

  • Looking To Start A Podcast? Guitar Center Has Got A Starter Kit For You

    Future Podcasters of the world, unite! The Yeti Studio all-in-one professional vocal recording system gives you the tools to record with stunning quality and ease. Create like a pro using Yeti, the world's most popular USB mic, together with custom recording software from PreSonus and advanced studio vocal effects from iZotope. Start recording quickly with custom Yeti Studio templates for voice-overs, podcasts and music. Using Yeti Studio means more productivity, more creativity, and more professional-level content

  • Chopping It Up With Philadelphia Rapper Bang Bang

    1. Who are your musical influences? My music influences are Drake, Jeezy, Pusha T, Beanie Sigel, Lil Durk ,Moneybagg Yo and Meek Mill 2. What do you think the biggest problem is today in the music industry? I think the Biggest problem is politics nobody making music anymore they just jumping on what's hot. If they got followers or a platform they just pay people to shout them out. 3. If you were not an artist what job do you think you would be doing? Do you have any other passions aside from music? Man without music I will be in the streets. That's why i do music. I did the sports in school along time ago. I just try to motivate myself and tell myself this can change my life. 4. What message do you want listeners to walk away with after listening to your music? I want the Listeners to know my story. If you come from the hood and started with nothing you can hustle and come up. Always think big no matter how much you have at the moment. Think larger then life, because when you think big you win big. I always want to give them my mistakes so they know the consequences that come with those choices. Plus i wanna make hot Shit. 5. Do you prefer 90's music or today's music and why? I'm kind of torn between the 2 because 90's was so raw. But today's its crazy too. So I'm 50/50 6. Where are you from and how long have you been pursuing music? I'm from Philly(Germantown Section) I've been rapping for 3-4 years now. Its feels like 2, Do you feel your community is supportive of your music or not so much? Not really because street stuff goes on. So people cant support my stuff. They will listen but they wont tell nobody. But the Philly streets go hard with me. I just haven't doing my part with dropping shit on the regular. I'm in my bag now. 7. If you could sit down and talk with one musical icon dead or alive who would it be and why? It will be drake. His music is just so well put together. his song structure,beats and the engineering.I wanna see his process, how he get in his zone and I want to make some songs with him. Drake is my favorite rapper. 8. So what are you working on now? When can fans expect new music? Right now I'm working on my first official projects. I have 6 mixtapes. But this is the first one that has my 100% attention. I always straddle the fence with 1 foot in the streets and 1 in rap. I cant do it no more,so I'm all in this project. Im bring that fire too. I'm dropping in the spring 9. What advice do you have for anyone wanting to get into the music industry? Stay Down, Try to learn as many things you can that can benefit your career. Learn engineering,videography, beat making. Stay TRU to the music you like to make. I learn that the hard way. Make music your comfortable with . If people don't like it fuck it. I gave you Me.

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  • Top 5 Things That Are Driving Us Nuts On The Internet

    You see them popping up left and right on your social media Newsfeed. Here are the top 5 biggest (most annoying) stories!

  • Choose Your Music Preferences And Well Tell You Which TV Show To Binge

    Not just Stranger Things or Pretty Little Liars, instead rather unpopular Shows

  • Which Pantheon God Are You?

    Just because you're immortal, doesn't mean you're going to live forever

  • Ukraine has become the leader in the market volume of Bitcoin

    While the Ukrainian authorities are considering whether to recognize Bitcoin as a currency, the volume of the crypto-currency market in our country continues to grow. According to a large-scale study conducted by Citibank analysts, Ukraine is among the four countries in terms of the size of the Bitcoin market: it reached $ 2.5 billion, or about 2.5% of GDP. And this is without taking into account all the numerous altcoyins, such as Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, etc., notes In the neighborhood with Ukraine, Russia (5% of GDP), New Zealand (4% of GDP) and Nigeria (3.5% of GDP) were located. It is these states, according to Citibank, who will suffer most when the crypto bubble bursts. And that they will not doubt at all that this will happen.

  • How Should You Murder Matt?

    This is a joke, please don't actually murder anyone.

  • “You Become Who You Surround Yourself With” Words Of Wisdom With Dr. Josh Axe

    Dr. Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS, is a doctor of natural medicine, clinical nutritionist, chiropractic physician and author with a passion to help people get well using food as medicine. He operates one of the world's largest natural health websites. He is also the co-founder of Ancient Nutrition, a company which provides bone broth protein and certified organic herbal supplements. Today, we talked a little bit about his backstory, what his business does and five things he wished he had known before he started his business. Check out what he had to say!

  • 26 Reasons You Need To Do Dance Marathon

    Get ready for the best weekend of your life. Join us in our fight to end Pediatric HIV/AIDS and save $10 if you register by Friday!

  • Meet The Man Who Changed Men's Fashion: With Eric Niu Of Swaggle

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Eric Niu, Founder and CEO of Swaggle, a peer-to-peer closet sharing marketplace for men. Swaggle was 1 of the 6 companies that recently graduated from the Accelerate Baltimore’s 2017 Program. Prior to Swaggle, Eric was a management consultant at one of the top management consulting firms, and he also served in President Obama’s Administration as a young political appointee.

  • Official Mammals Of The United States

    Horses and whales and bears, oh my! Which warm blooded animal is the official mammal of your state?

  • Why Joining A Ministry Team Was ACA-MAZING!

    He got involved in a ministry team at NCC and it changed his life! Check out this NCCer's story—it could become your own!

  • ESTA Visa USA Requirement For Australians

    ESTA Visa is pegged around the principle of reciprocity, which ensures Americans receive similar treatment from the Australian government, therefore, advancing the integration and cooperation of the two countries.

  • Japan’s ASNARO-2 launched on third Epsilon flight

    Japan’s experimental radar imaging satellite ASNARO-2 was launched Thursday aboard the third flight of the Epsilon rocket. Liftoff – from the Uchinoura Space Centre – occurred at the opening of a twenty-four-minute, two-second window opening at 06:06:11 local time (21:06 UTC on Wednesday). Japan’s first launch of 2018, Wednesday’s mission was originally scheduled towards the end of last year, before an electrical issue with the rocket delayed its liftoff. Epsilon was tasked with deploying the ASNARO-2 satellite into a sun-synchronous low Earth orbit. Advanced Satellite with New System Architecture for Observation 2 – or ASNARO-2 – is the second in a series of experimental Earth imaging satellites operated by Japan Space Systems, formerly the Institute for Unmanned Space Experiment Free Flyer (USEF). A radar imaging mission, it follows the ASNARO-1 optical satellite that launched aboard Russia’s Dnepr rocket in November 2014. The mission is funded by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry through its New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO).

  • Five Books To Read On A Snow Day

    Top books for cozying up in front of a warm fire - who needs electricity anyway!

  • Is 2018 The Year That Men Embrace The Skirt?

    As gender fluidity enters the mainstream, designers from Astrid Anderson to Thom Browne sent models down the S/S 2018 runway in sculptural fabrics, grungy maxi-skirts, and athleisure enlightened looks. This isn't the first time designers have "debuted" skirts for men (Jean Paul Gautier did it in 1984) and it likely won't be the last. The question is - are men finally ready to show some leg?