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  • The Art Of Ballet: An Interview With Zoltan Boros

    Zoltan Boros is a professional dancer based in Savannah, GA. Zoltan has made his way around the U.S., performing in Texas, Hawaii and all along the east coast. In 2006 he was selected by the great dancer, producer and artistic director Jimmy Gamonet to perform at the International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi. He has performed at the prestigious A Chance in Life, a charity foundation in celebration of the arts. We got to catch up with Zoltan to ask him some questions about his career and his thoughts on the art of ballet.

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  • #MeToo And What You Can Do To Help

    Sometimes it feels like people's eyes are only just now starting to open to the patriarchal society we call home and how it adversely affects everyone, no matter their gender. Right now there are so many people posting #MeToo on social media, and it is both devastating and enlightening. As a woman, I felt proud of all my friends and family who stood up to reveal to the world just how pervasive sexual assault is. Then I felt the hurt of knowing so many people I admire and love have been hurt-- not because I didn't know how ubiquitous sexual assault is, but because I now know who it has affected in my life. And then I thought about my own experiences: the cat-calls and threateningly being followed down the sidewalk. The hand that tried to go up my skirt at a crowded party. The honking horns and the men who scream out of windows as they speed by. And I wondered if it counted, if I could post "Me, too" on social media or if my own experiences weren't "bad enough" to warrant a post. And I realized, this is one of the problems, that any of these experiences are considered "not that bad," normal, or a part of being female. A tax we have to pay for being born with certain genitalia. Something to deal with and protect ourselves from on a daily basis. Another issue is that we had to do this, to post "Me, too" in alarming numbers just so people would acknowledge there's an issue. But in the midst of everything, I felt comforted by all those reaching out to say "I see you, and I believe you." I felt comforted by all the men posting that they're reviewing their past actions and determined to change. I felt comforted by all the people who protected those who didn't feel comfortable posting their own stories because no, they don't owe the world anything and living as a survivor is just as brave as talking about it. I felt comforted by the outrage at a society that allows this to happen to us, again and again. So, for all those who expressed a desire to learn and grow, this is what you can do to help.

  • Which Sitcom Moment Made You Cry The Most?

    Get tissues. Seriously, you'll need them.

  • A Halloween Horror Night: The Survival Guide

    Ever the last person to leave your office? Here's how to survive the trip to your car.

  • Build A Day Of Meals And We'll Give You A Cozy Fall Drink To Make

    This is a very scientifically accurate quiz. Because, science.

  • Chiditarod 2017

    What happens when you mix a food drive, with shopping carts, creativity, costumes and alcohol... you get, the Chiditarod shopping cart food drive, this was our experience.

  • How Well Do You Know Hannah Drake?

    Do you think you know me? Do you think you know me better than I know myself? Probably.

  • Finding The Perfect Mattress - Sleep Through The Night And Feel Refreshed In The Morning

    When you're in the market for a great new mattress, it's true that the proof is in the pudding.

  • Book Giveaways: What Authors Need To Know

    Do you find as a published author you are always giving away your book to somebody for many different reasons?

  • What Age Is Appropriate To Introduce Technology To Kids?

    Parents are having a tough time figuring out when to let their children use technology such as tablets, mobile phones, and computers. When is the correct time to introduce these devices to kids?

  • The Art Of De Es Schwertberger

    The Art Of De Es Schwetberger video - YouTube #art #dees #artist #surreal #artwork #video #awesome #fantastic #amazing #interesting #omg



  • What Does Your Style Says About Your Music Taste?

    “ A particular way of life which expresses certain meaning and values not only in the art of learning, but also in institutions and ordinary behaviour” (Hedmidge, pg. 16).

  • 5 Quotes That Will Make You Second Guess Popular Culture Messages

    It is no secret that global media and popular culture have become increasingly familiar aspects of daily life. Even news and popular culture have overlapped and intertwined, as it is clear here on BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed has thus become a form of popular culture in itself, making it particularly relevant to this topic. This explains why this format has been specifically selected for the format for my assignment. The media’s omnipresence has come to shape our thoughts and understandings of numerous subjects, many of which are concerned with the concept of identity. People’s ideas about who they are and what unites them or distinguishes them from others are often developed and reinforced by modern media platforms. This sense of power can be both fascinating and frightening. Though popular culture does have the ability to use its power for good and not evil, it often depicts people and groups in a way that reinforces certain binaries and stereotypes. This is problematic in more ways than one, but ultimately because it can negatively impact the way that we understand identity. Here are five quotes from academic literature that will encourage you to think more critically about popular culture and the messages that it communicates.

  • Fill Your Playlists With Bops From These Afrobeat Artists

    WizKid made some noise in the United States when he teamed with Drake for "One Dance." Here's several others you should be dancing to on a regular basis.

  • The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Accounting To Boost Revenue

    At this time, these minds soon discovered we still have ways to go when bridging the gap between accounting and Artificial Intelligence

  • Find Out Which App You Should Download Right Now!

    Take the quiz to see which app you should download right now!

  • Which Brandon Are You?

    Brandon has juggled many different personalities throughout the years. Take this quiz to find which of Brandon's four biggest personalities you closest resemble!

  • Global Warming

    Climate has changed when the planet received more or less sunlight because of the change of its orbit.

  • Which Hocus Pocus Witch Are You?

    Come see Mothica perform for FREE! October 27th in TDU, doors open at 7p.

  • Taylor Swift Vs. Nicki Minaj, How The Pop Divas Found Success In Different Lights

    “Racialized discourse often refers to people of color as “beastly”: ruled by their passions and unable to control their violent rages” ( Condis, pg. 46)

  • 10 Creepy And Obscure Unsolved Mysteries

    Mysteries stir our curiosity, mesmerizing us until they can be solved. Though supernatural causes or conspiracy theories are more fun to think about, mysteries often end up with surprisingly banal explanations. However, there are cases which remain unsolved, perhaps forever, and they are often the most intriguing.

  • Ella Fitzgerald Or Lena Horne: Who Was It?!

    Find out how well you know Ella Fitzgerald and Lena Horne with this quiz!

  • Which Form Of Matt Lowry Are You?

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the incomparable Matt Lowry? Well, take this quiz and find out which Matt Lowry you are!

  • Who Will Olivia Pope End Up With?

    We have seen Olivia get hot & heavy over the years. Since it is the last season of Scandal. Who do you think Olivia will end up with?